World of Tanks Blitz Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

In the world of tanks, you might face difficulties. Do not worry because we have brought you a World of Tanks Blitz Guide with tips and tricks.

The player is given command of a single armored tank or self-propelled artillery vehicle and thrown into a conflict on a randomly generated terrain. The user has control over the vehicle’s movement and firing, as well as the ability to communicate with other players via written or voice chat. A basic random match is won by either destroying all the other team’s vehicles or by staying in the enemy team’s base for long enough without being hit by another tank.

In May 2013, Wargaming released World of Tanks Blitz, a mobile version of World of Tanks for tablets and smartphones. The game allows for 7v7 combat as opposed to 15v15 battles on the PC. We have a guide for you with all the tips and tricks to conquer the world of tanks.

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World of Tanks Blitz Guide: How to start?

When you initially join World of Tanks Blitz, you will have three tanks available to you. They all have light armor, which makes them vulnerable but quick. You may feel helpless against bigger tanks, but every member of the squad has a function to play, and for new members, that task is frequently scouting. You may also assist by attempting to remove the treads on larger tanks. It’s crucial to know what part you’ll be playing throughout the preparation process, so you know what sort of ammunition to bring with you.

You’ll be more focused on scouting and using your agility to get around the larger tanks while employing the starter tanks. Bring lots of AP rounds and a few HE bullets in case of an emergency. 50 AP bullets and 5 to 10 rounds of HE ammunition should be more than enough for one round. As you progress to bigger tanks, you’ll want to pack extra ammo because you’ll be spending more time in the thick of things.

Two types of experience points

As you play, you’ll get many forms of experience. The first type is unrestricted, meaning you may use it on any tank, whilst the second type can only be used on the tank that earned it. This means you’ll have to buy pretty much every tank in the line you want to go down because you’ll need to gain experience with the one before it in order to progress. If you’ve maxed out a tank but still want to use it, you can convert its experience points to free experience at a disadvantageous exchange rate.

World of Tanks Blitz Guide: Use Speed

World of Tanks Blitz Guide
World of Tanks Blitz (Image credit: WOTBlitz Official site)

While it may seem obvious to always pick tanks with the maximum armor and HP, this toughness comes at the expense of their speed. Heavy and medium tanks are big and slow, while small tanks can easily outpace them most of the time. This is very crucial to understand at the start because your first few vehicles will be light tanks, and you will be easily destroyed if you are not cautious.

Fortunately, light tanks’ speed is useful for more than simply getting from point A to point B faster than the competition; in the proper hands, it can also be used as a fighting weapon. Light tanks, in particular, are so fast that they can run circles around heavy tanks so quickly that their turrets can’t keep up, thereby making them defenseless. 

As a result, when playing with light tanks, a smart battle tip is to constantly utilize your speed to your advantage and to NEVER remain in one area, unless you’re sitting behind cover. Also, when outrunning the attacker, attempt to go perpendicular to them, so they have a tougher time firing at you.

World of Tanks Blitz Guide: Tank Types

Light Tanks

Light tanks are quick and easy to damage, making them ideal for reconnaissance. On the HUD, they’re represented as a solid diamond. This is the sort of tank that all three of the beginning vehicles are, and the best method to help out if you’re driving one of them is to look for opposing tanks. When you find one, it adds the tank to the map for all of your teammates, which is a useful feature. 

The agility of a light tank is another benefit. You may simply loop around bigger tanks and attack them from the back, where their armor is weaker. You won’t see many more light tanks after you get over a certain point in the tech tree, thus they’re largely for beginners.

Medium Tanks

In every way, medium tanks are in the center, and they can fulfill a variety of duties in a hurry. On the HUD, they’re represented by a diamond with one slice across it. You’ll get at least one of them relatively quickly after starting and depending on your playstyle, this might end up being your favorite type of tank due to its flexibility. You must be cautious since light tanks can outmaneuver you and huge tanks can outgun you, but that is the essence of the jack-of-all-trades.

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Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks can absorb a lot of damage, but they move like a mule in molasses. A diamond with two cuts in it is their HUD icon. It takes a long time to unlock your first heavy tank, which is probably a good thing considering they are notoriously difficult to master. The goal of a heavy tank is to shield its allies from hostile fire by drawing enemy fire. This tank moves slowly, and if your treads are taken out, it won’t be long until they loop around to your vulnerable spots, so be cautious.

World of Tanks Blitz Guide: Do not shoot at the front armor

World of Tanks Blitz Guide
World of Tanks Blitz (Image credit: WOTBlitz Official site)

In the front, where the armor is thickest, almost every tank is difficult to hit. Don’t try to do a justice shot by shooting their gun because the turret is generally well-armored. The sides, particularly the back, are usually highly susceptible. To observe which areas of the tank are weak, use the zoom option. 

If a component is solid red, you won’t be able to use your shots to pierce it. Make use of your agility if you’re in a light tank. On the other hand, keep an eye on your back and flanks. Even when withdrawing, keep your back to the front.

World of Tanks Blitz Guide: Position matters

If you shoot from an unusual angle, your rounds can bounce off the opposing tanks. When it comes to AP rounds, an impact angle of fewer than 70 degrees will ALWAYS result in your projectiles bouncing off and causing limited damage. While HE bullets can mitigate this cost, they have limited penetration and deal minimal damage when bursting against the hull.

Always aim to position oneself in a straight line directly toward an enemy’s rear or flanks while shooting at them. Shooting diagonally at your adversary increases the likelihood of your bullets bouncing off.

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