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Time jumping is an important aspect of the gameplay in Cris Tales, an action-packed turn-based RPG. A unique ability is available to each of the playable characters. As the game’s primary mechanic, manipulating time is important. As you can see on the screen, there are three sections: the present in the center, the past to the left, and the future to the right. 

With the help of Matias, Crisbell must accomplish a series of missions in the story. Using her time powers, she must utilize insights from the past in order to change the present. But walk carefully; your decisions will have an impact on the individuals you meet and contact with, perhaps altering their lives and destinies.

Cris Tales Guide: Moving Time the Right Way

Surprisingly, time in Cris Tales is a double-edged blade. By either advancing or regressing to their prime form, certain foes are genuinely improved. This may sometimes make a bad position worse since you’ve spent around while also strengthening the adversary. Unfortunately, there is no definite method to determine when to make the proper decision; in general, terrifying things become less scary and vice versa, with some exceptions.

Keep an eye on the turn counter

Keep an eye on the turn counter
Gameplay (Modus Games)

Combat turns are quite crucial. Both allies and foes have forthcoming turns that you can observe. You may also examine the results of any healing seeds you’ve sown. Always keep an eye on the following few turns to both forecast what your opponent will do and assess what you need to do. For instance, if no healing seed appears, you must heal any weak teammates.

Based on the enemy’s turns, you should decide whether or not to assault. If a group of two or three is approaching, make sure you and the other parties are prepared to withstand the onslaught. This will come easily as you play, but keeping an eye out early on can help you avoid problems in late-game confrontations.

Put an end to hard fights

Do not fight if not required
Gameplay (Modus Games)

Certain randomly generated combat will be more difficult than others, like in any RPGs. It might be due to a large number of adversaries, a single formidable foe, or something else. Because levels, save points, and towns do not heal your team, only inns, potions, and tents can, it’s nearly always best to avoid encounters that will severely harm your squad. This will make it easy for you to learn and improve, especially because the difference in experience is rarely worth it.

Cris Tales Guide: No Autosave

no autosave in cris tales
Gameplay (Modus Games)

The only feature that’s missing from Cris Tales is automatic saving, instead of giving you the choice to save manually. Especially since you never know what may happen during battles and in-game sequences, it’s always a good idea to save before entering them. Also, it’s advisable to back up your saves. If your save file gets corrupted, you could lose a lot of progress, so make sure you’ve updated your save file.

Bosses are puzzles

bosses are puzzles
Gameplay (Modus Games)

The bosses in Cris Tales are all different riddles that you must solve in order to progress. In this game, there’s no such thing as striking a boss hard enough till it dies; you’ll need to plot carefully if you want to make it through the bouts. You’ll lose if you don’t, and you’ll have to revert to the last save. Given the length of some boss fights, this can be severe punishment.

Take the time to study each boss’s attack patterns and pay attention to the important places that must be attacked. Work on injuring limbs if there’s a weak area that’s only noticeable after a limb has been harmed. Alternatively, if you need to utilize time to harm a monster in any way, figure out how to weaken it in order to do so.

Time travel mechanic

Cris tales time travel
Gameplay (Modus Games)

The most fascinating use of Cris Tales’ time-travel mechanism is in battle. Enemies alter according to the time period in which you’re facing them. Moving ahead and backward in time might weaken or strengthen foes, but that’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. It has the potential to create some fascinating scenarios. 

Moving ahead in time after using a water strike on a mechanical enemy in the past might result in the adversary rusting up and being easier to defeat. Examining foes will give you a better sense of how to use the time-traveling mechanism to your advantage.

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