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In September 2019, the game Children of Morta was launched. It’s an action role-playing game with a roguelike twist. Players will unlock additional members of the Bergson family as the game proceeds. There will be a total of seven playable characters in the game. Members’ playstyles and gameplay mechanics differ, and as the game goes, players level up, obtaining rewards for themselves and other family members. In order to clear Mount Morta’s tunnels of countless foes and bosses, players must cross a succession of randomly produced dungeons.

Individual dungeon runs are interspersed by visits to the Bergson family home, which occasionally advance the story or allow players to hear the extra conversation. Some of the tales take place after the game’s events have occurred. Below is the Children of Morta guide with some best tips and tricks.

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Children of Morta Guide: Explore

Each time you enter a dungeon, make sure you investigate every inch of the terrain. You’re probably missing out on a lot of great stuff if you rush into the boss chamber as soon as you find it. Not only will you most likely uncover relics, runes, and graces that will give you an advantage when you do decide to face the boss, but you may also miss out on key unlockables like research tablets, which can be used to purchase permanent improvements.

Ranged characters will be a great help

Children of Morta gameplay
Gameplay (Dead Mage)

Try switching to one of the two ranged characters if you have difficulty using swords, daggers, fists, or hammers. Even if you can pick off enemies while keeping a safe distance from them with Linda’s arrows and Lucy’s fireballs, you can change the game. There are a few skills that Lucy has that greatly increase her chances of survival. Unless you’ve been hit in the last five seconds, her decoy ability and protective ward allow her to absorb any damage from an enemy attack.

Children of Morta Guide: Local Co-op

Children of Morta’s co-op mode is one of the game’s most distinguishing features. Players may choose from a variety of heroes, which will grow in number as the game progresses, and go it alone or with a companion. It can be simpler in other aspects, such as the ability to be revived on the spot. The game, on the other hand, scales the difficulty, or at the very least the number of creatures it summons. It’s also worth noting that this is exclusively for local multiplayer.

Children of Morta Guide: Gems

Gameplay (Dead Mage)

Aside from gold, jewels may also be found. These can be discovered in chests, stolen from defeated foes, or earned as a prize for completing in-dungeon activities. They can only be used to open specific chests initially. 

If the occurrence is discovered early in the game, players can rescue a merchant. He’ll take diamonds in exchange for his stuff. While it may be tempting to spend every gem on a chest, if one’s health is in good shape, we recommend reserving those valuable resources for the store. He generally has some nice stuff with him.

Family buff

Contrary to popular belief, we believe it is necessary to play with everyone at some time. There are two major causes for this. One, as characters progress in their talents, they will advance to new tier levels, which will offer permanent bonuses to the whole family.

As a result, raising everyone’s skill level will benefit the family. Another reason to experiment is that later in life, family members will fall unwell, lowering HP. They need to rest, thus they aren’t being played. As a result, it’s critical to try everyone out as a backup.

Be sure to explore the entire floor before you leave

Children of Morta gameplay
Exploring Children of Morta (Dead Mage)

Aside from monsters, many other things might happen at random when you enter a dungeon. That is to say, a wide range of occurrences can occur. They can sometimes lead to dungeon prizes, like a boost for saving a caravan of merchants. On the other side, some circumstances may result in permanent assignments at the Bergson mansion. One of the first was rescuing a wolf cub, which eventually became the family dog. Basically, we’re attempting to emphasize that no stone should be left unturned.

Play solo

If you’ve been playing only in co-op mode with a friend and are having trouble even reaching the boss in each level, we’d recommend going it alone. You’d think that having a second player would make the game easier, but the game becomes significantly more difficult in two-player mode, with far more adversaries and far fewer healing potions dropping.

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Children of Morta Guide: Glowing gate

This one seems a lot more like a dirty trick than the others, but it’s a valid strategy in a game as difficult as Children of Morta. As you go through the levels, you’ll come across chambers with glowing barriers across the doors; these rooms generally contain amazing stuff, so they’re always a pleasant surprise. 

Another reason to be happy if you come upon one of these doors is that opponents cannot travel through it. Your projectiles, on the other hand, have the ability to do so. If you find yourself in a tight place, you can lead your adversaries to a glowing gate and hide behind it while you take them out with your bow or spells.

Switch characters

Different Characters
Characters in the game (Dead Mage)

If you’re stuck on a level and can’t seem to progress with your favorite character, you might want to try switching to a new one. Each of the Bergsons may acquire special bonuses that extend to the entire family as you level them up, so it’s certainly worth it to continually swap up whose character you’re playing as. 

Furthermore, if you make several failed efforts with the same character, they may get ‘corruption fatigue.’ This depletes a percentage of that Bergson’s maximum health, which worsens as you use them more, but improves if you rest them and switch to another character.

Three key strategies

Children of Morta gameplay
Gameplay (Dead Mage)

There are three key strategies for surviving in the dungeons. First and foremost, practice reading the skill cooldown meters. When an ability is complete, press the button! Second, master the art of dodging.

John can deflect damage with his shield and dodge, but his evasion is poor. The majority of the other characters are nimbler, and players may duck through opponents. The final component of this trifecta is understanding when to flee. Because not all monsters hunt all the time, reducing the herd can sometimes assist.

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