Mortus Horn in Warframe – A Complete Guide

Our Mortus Horn Guide is here to help you if you’re having trouble obtaining the Mortus Horn in Warframe.

There’s more to Warframe than slicing and dicing your way through armies of faceless goons and logging in just for your Daily Tribute. Try violently spearing some innocent fish in a lake instead of killing senselessly. You get rewards from fishing for making new weapons in Warframe, one of the few non-combat activities in the game. Investing some free time into fishing is always worth it since it’s one of the fastest ways to gain standing.

There are only two places on Cetus where you can fish: Eidolon Plains and Orb Vallis. You can gain standing and rewards from the fish in both locations for building items for Warframe. Cetus and Venus operate in different ways when it comes to fishing. We’ll get into that later, but just be aware that the gear you’d use in one is not appropriate in the other. Below is a complete Mortus Horn guide for you.

Mortus Horn Guide: What is it?

By grinding down the horn of Mortus Lungfish into a powder, the Ostrons use it in herbal remedies. Freshwater fish commonly found in Cetus ponds such as Mortus Lungfish are the source of Mortus Horns.

Annectens Protopterus African lungfish may be found in West and South Africa’s freshwater wetlands, backwaters, and small rivers. These prehistoric animals are frequently referred to as “living fossils” since they have remained unmodified for approximately 400 million years. They aren’t naturally hostile, but they are very predatory and will attack any fish that they believe may be food. Although other large fish may be able to coexist in the tank with them. There is always the possibility that they may attack or be attacked by another fish.

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Mortus Horn Guide: Acquisition

Mortus Horn Guide

By cutting up Mortus Lungfish, you can acquire Mortus Horns. You can extract the various components by going to Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus, selecting the desired amount of Mortus Lungfish, and then selecting “Cut Fish.”. A Mortus Horn can be extracted from each Mortus Lungfish cut. Alternatively, Fisher Hai-Luk can offer Mortus Horns for Platinum by buying them in bundles of 10. Mortus Horns appear at night in the pond.

Mortus Horn Guide: Blueprints Requiring Mortus Horn

  • Ceno Greaves Blueprint: 20 Cosmetic types.
  • Ekwana II Jai Link Blueprint: 5 Zaw type.
  • Murkray Bait x20 Blueprint: 5 Gear type.
  • Vargeet II Jai Link Blueprint: 5 Zaw type.
  • There are a total of 35 Blueprints required.

Mortus Horn Guide: How to fish

Fisher Hai-Luk, an NPC on Cetus, is where you’ll get your first Fishing Spear. Your credits won’t work here, so you’ll have to earn some Standing first. Fortunately, it’s not expensive — just 500 Standing – so all you have to do is finish one bounty mission to get your hands on the spear.

Mortus Horn Guide
Warframe (Image credit: Steam community)

To discover a body of water, equip the Fishing Spear and travel to the Plains of Eidolon. By holding the weapon switch button and selecting it, you may now get your Fishing Spear. You toss your spear like a rifle, aiming down the sights and firing away. The spear should fly straight towards your crosshairs and (hopefully) right into a fish. You’ll need to make some quick adjustments when fishing for both travel time and height loss associated with Fishing Spears the farther they travel.

Fish are most easily caught when you aim slightly above them and lead them by a few pixels. Upon successfully landing a fish, the game will display your Warframe holding the catch and briefly listing information about its species, weight, and size in the lower right corner of the screen.

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you

You’ll notice that the amount of surrounding noise is substantially reduced while you have your spear out. This aids in locating fish since they often generate a splashing sound followed by some bubbling. To help locate their position simpler, you might wish to put on headphones. Fish will create this noise a few seconds before they come near the surface, so keep your spear ready and monitor the water around you if you hear bubbling.

Remember that while you have your Fishing Spear out, you are still vulnerable to assaults from nearby foes, and your weapons and abilities are disabled. Throwing the spear at adversaries isn’t a good idea because it barely deals any harm.

Make use of the powers of your Warframe and Sentinel

When you’re fishing, keep in mind that numerous Warframe abilities might come in handy. Dashwire by Ivara is a zipline that may be placed above bodies of water. This allows you to search the surface for fish from a greater viewing point. It also aids aiming since while firing spears from above, you don’t have to correct for gravity as much. The silhouette of the surrounding fish is highlighted briefly by Banshee’s Sonar. They do not, however, display on your minimap, nor are their weak areas exposed.

The Sentinel Oxylus has an ability called Scan Aquatic Lifeforms that appears to be tailor-made for this task. Others are less visible, but when employed correctly, they can help you improve your ability to find and catch fish. The ability is identical to Luminous Dye in terms of functionality. It illuminates fish both in the water and on your minimap, greatly accelerating the fishing procedure.

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