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Top Eleven is reportedly one of the best mobile online soccer games in the world, with over 250 million registered managers. PvP battles, in which you control your own fictitious club of players, are quite popular. You may develop it by making signings and training your current players, and you can participate in a number of leagues and championship cups against other human managers.

Unlike the majority of other games in this genre, this one doesn’t try to boost the ante by incorporating real-life players and clubs. Instead, the goal of this game is for you to manage your own football team from the ground up. As you progress through the leagues, you’ll be able to overcome human-controlled teams.

Top Eleven Guide: Squad Lineup

The Lineup tab allows you to see your whole roster and get a quick overview of where everything stands right now. From left to right, you’ll be able to see their present position, uniform number, favorite duties, age, conditioning, and, finally, moral and star quality. You’ll also notice the Spec field, which indicates whether or not a player has a particular talent. You’ll also want to look at each player’s qualities, which will come in helpful when it comes to arranging your squad selection and strategies, which we’ll go over later.

In addition, Top Eleven uses the phrase tactics to refer to the different tendencies seen in each match. In what way would you like to focus on your passing? What kind of offensive mentality or style would you like to use, and are you willing to force counter-attacks? You can scroll through both offensive and defensive tendencies here, and that applies to both offensive and defensive strategies.

A good squad is not always a very powerful team; a good squad may also be a 90-95 percent rated team; below this percentage, a squad is deemed ordinary. At the same time, if the team does not have sufficient bench depth, they may suffer during a vital match or season owing to player suspensions.

Top Eleven Guide: Go to the matches!

Top Eleven Guide

The game’s trend reveals that if the manager attends the game, the team has a better probability of winning. As a result, athletes should aim to attend games whenever feasible. They can use rescheduling options for the home match to schedule the matches at a time that is convenient for them.

Attending a game may also assist if a key player is injured or suspended and a formation or strategy adjustment is required. If they are not present throughout the game, the injured players will be replaced by players from the bench. The player’s spot will be vacant if he or she is suspended during the game due to a red card. As a result, in many circumstances, attending the game is critical to securing a victory.

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Top Eleven Guide: Have Patience

Championship-winning teams aren’t made overnight, and you’ll need to put in some time on the practice field to help your players grow. However, just sending your squad onto the practice field and having them run up and down is unlikely to result in glory. Instead, devote the necessary time to determining which training routines are most appropriate for your squad.

You can tailor sessions to the areas in your team where you’d like to see the most improvement, so it’s a case-by-case basis. Young players will obviously progress at a faster rate than older players, making training significantly more helpful and essential to their development. Put in the effort, especially if you have young players on your side, and you might have a strong team.

Top Eleven Guide: Formation

Top Eleven Guide

There are no stock formations available in the game where you can select a 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or 5-3-2, click the Auto button, and let the AI figure out who should be in your starting lineup. You must make all adjustments on your own. This entails dragging and dropping each player to the spot on the pitch where you want them, as well as dragging and dropping players to and from the bench.

The beauty of this basic no-spoonfeeding configuration is that the varieties of formations you can make are practically limitless. It will all be determined by your chosen playing style as well as the positional strengths and weaknesses of your team. When it comes to the players you assign to fulfill a certain function on the field, however, there are some constraints. 

You can’t expect a right midfielder who doesn’t know how to play on the left or center to do well in either position. Expect a striker to play well as a defender at the back, and a full-back to come upfront and play well as a forward.

When moving a player around, be aware of the exclamation marks that may appear. This suggests you’re putting them in a position or side with which they’re unfamiliar! When you don’t have any other options owing to a lack of depth, this can be done. However, considering how poorly out-of-position athletes perform, you should do all possible to prevent this predicament.

Manage your finances sensibly

Top Eleven Guide

It is all too usual for clubs to overspend only to find themselves in the throes of a financial crisis and in danger of going bankrupt. To avoid becoming a cautionary tale like Portsmouth, Parma, and Fiorentina, a realistic budget is crucial (even if they have spectacularly rebounded).

Top Eleven has a Finance component to assist you in managing your club’s finances and avoiding debt. Contracts should only be signed if you can keep them when it comes to money. Sign contracts that reflect your commitment to Top Eleven. Sign the contracts that reward you for logging in every day for the remainder of the season if you know you’ll be doing so.

Earning more money, on the other hand, may be a delicate balancing act. Make sure that your ticket prices are evenly distributed. You don’t want them to be so cheap that your supporters won’t come to the stadium, but if they’re too costly, you won’t be able to pay your wages and add to your transfer fund.

Use the Top Eleven community to your advantage

Use the Top Eleven community to your advantage

Community spirit is absolutely essential on Top Eleven to the success of both managers as well as the game itself. To the players and to the future of Top Eleven, the community is extremely important. There have been a lot of changes made due to the valuable feedback received from the community.

Managers may communicate, learn, and compete with one another through an active forum and social media platforms. There’s a community website where you can look for Top Eleven groups all around the world or form your own. There’s also a monthly YouTube series in which game authorities present a player’s everyday life and how they interact with the game and football. You must embrace the community spirit in order to get the most out of Top Eleven.

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Preseason preparation is crucial

In Top Eleven, winning the Cup is a huge accomplishment, because, unlike the League and Champions League, it begins on the first day of the new season. Starting your preseason training as soon as possible will be a significant assist in getting the competition off to a good start. After your final encounter of the previous season, consider playing friendlies and experimenting with formations so that you can start the current season with a sound game plan.

Failure to prepare means planning to fail in Top Eleven. It’s time to hit the training ground, as well as the Transfers department if your club needs to be strengthened, on the first day of the season. It’s an excellent strategy to advance if you go into your first few Cup games with your team bonuses maxed out at 10% and powerful players leading the line. Consider rotating your players throughout League play in the latter stages to keep them fresh.

It’s critical to understand your opponents’ flaws. Examine your opponents’ formations to determine if there is a chance to offer a player who is better equipped to counter them some playing time.

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