The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide will help you with all its tips and strategies on important parts of the game. So do not miss it.

A first-person perspective is used to experience the action in this game, taking place in the small, open world of Red Creek Valley. Since the game does not take you step-by-step through every part of the world, this guide will be of assistance if you encounter any difficulties. 

Despite the short length of the game, the puzzles associated with the brutal murders, and the hints hidden in the thick jungle, may cause some difficulties. Our guide will help you get through all the puzzles that the developers have prepared for you briefly. There are some general hints that you should learn before diving into The Astronauts’ game world. We are providing you with a guide on difficult situations in the game so that you can complete it with ease.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: Murder in the mine

Go to the Carters’ residence, which is next to the dam, then follow the shoreline to the chiseled-in-the-rock tunnel. Continue on the right branch until you reach a hill with a closed door. Inside, the road is linear at first, so you won’t lose your bearings, and the side tunnels are brief. You must locate the elevator that will transport you to a lower floor. You’ll arrive in a cave with railway tracks after exiting the elevator, where you’ll have to solve another crime.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: IGN)

A pickaxe stand may be found in the cave on the right; check it. Start the vision mode when you’ve successfully oriented the camera and organized the dispersed words – you’ll see where the missing pickaxe is (as of now, it is dark). There is an elevator shaft just next to the stand. The elevator must be started. A control panel is located on the left; select up. 

The elevator will emerge from the sea, and within you will find a woman’s body, which you should examine. Outside the chamber, follow the tracks. A mining steam engine may be found behind a mass of rubble at the fork. Start the engine by entering it.

Stop the engine, grab the tool, and return to the elevator’s nearby stand. Place the pickaxe in the appropriate location. Now approach the body and touch it; light beams will appear, which you must approach to begin putting the events in chronological order. They’re all inside the loop of the tracks, so locating them won’t be an issue.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: The forest of traps

Ethan Carter sends messages to Paul Prospero as a last resort when he has no one else to turn to. Prospero said that the boy’s messages appeared to be ordinary fan mail until Ethan starts describing things that ordinary people shouldn’t see. Paul then sets out to track down Ethan and solve his puzzle.

You emerge from a tunnel after hearing this narrative, strolling through a misty woodland on railroad tracks. To obtain the Steam accomplishment, immediately return to the tunnel and pass to the other side. You’ll wind up in the same position, no matter which end of the tunnel you escape from – this region is packed with traps. You’ll be able to utilize your sensing ability for the first time after triggering them. When you detect all five traps, a scene appears that provides further information about the region.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: Steam)

Left side traps

After exiting the tunnel, turn left and proceed to the back of the clearing. A swath of grass slides away to expose a hole surrounded by wood and metal spikes. From the hole, a bloodied branch protrudes. The second trap is located just north of the pit. As you approach the bear trap, it will snap.

Right side traps

After exiting the tunnel, turn right to find the first trap. When you approach the location, a clumsily constructed bundle of logs and spikes falls from the treetops. The second trap is towards the end of the tracks and resembles a catapult, only instead of throwing something, it smacks someone with its numerous lethal spikes. 

The final trap necessitates some walking. Stick to the rails until you reach the damaged bridge, but don’t cross it yet. Before the woods cease, turn right. It will bring you down a trail that will take you to a clearing with a view of a valley. The trap is located near the back of the area, close to where you came out of the tunnel. It’s another odd catapult-style trap.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: House of portals

Now you must enter the right-hand home, the one closest to the dam. There is a route leading up to the home that is not overgrown with grass – enter the structure as soon as you reach the top. There’s a letter on the table that you should read. When you close the door, a blue gateway will open in its place. 

You’ll trigger identical ones everywhere throughout the home when you pass it. Your mission is to use the portals to reconstruct the Carter House’s interior. The activities are shown by blue bursts of light if they are successfully done. You only get one chance to make a mistake (the screen flashes red), after which you must restart the puzzle!

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: Spaceman

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: IGN)

Turn left as you approach the railcars. You should start looking for a fir cone in this woodland. The cone will change into a grenade when you hit Inspect, and you will take it. After that, look for a four-screen post. Every time you glance at a screen, a hand will appear. To reveal a guy in a spacesuit, click the third, first, second, and fourth screens.

You’ll have to re-do the screen problem if you lose sight of him. The spaceman will guide you to a spacecraft if you keep up with him. Enter the realm of light. You’ll be going across space after the spaceship takes off. Look around the capsule, and then look in the seat for a note.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: Witch’s House

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: Steam)

If you travel into the forest behind the larger home on the hill, you’ll hear a woman say she can see into the future and that people flock to her for that. She does remark, though, that she is interested in the past, and that you must answer her question if you wish to discover her home. As you approach a light, you are taken to a drab and brown woodland, where a voice asks you many questions. You’ll be transported into the wilderness until you reach a tent. 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: Murder at the Dam

You will reach a dead-end if you follow the tracks all the way down. Turn left, and you will come across a walkway with bubbling green water. You can leave the mines by walking through them. As soon as you exit, begin heading in the direction of the building on your right. Make a point of returning to the cliff-side elevator before entering. It’s tucked away behind the mine’s entrance. A pair of scissors may be found here. Bring them along. 

You’ll discover a case for an emergency axe and a damaged door as soon as you enter the building. Dale’s body may be found in the room. You’ll locate the axe alongside the body, and you’ll be able to replace the scissors. Return downstairs after getting the axe and placing it in its case. You now have all you need to return to Dale’s body and sense his body.

 Vanishing of Ethan Carter
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: IGN)

Sequence of events

  • By the mine entrance, Dale is prepared to assault Travis with the axe.
  • Travis wields the axe, as Dale defends himself by raising his hands.
  • Travis approaches Dale with the axe, who is on the ground.
  • Dale closes the door to the room where he will be assassinated.
  • Travis approaches Dale with the axe, and Dale defends himself with scissors.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Guide: The Vandergriff House

 Vanishing of Ethan Carter house
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Image credit: IGN)

Shut off the last turbine in the dam control building if you haven’t already. As a result, the river’s water flow will be slowed, exposing a spot where you can cross the stream. Return to the building where Dale was assassinated. The location where you can cross the lake is to the left of the entrance.

Follow the route until you reach the lake, and then the burned remnants of the old Vandergriff house. Enter the house and walk to the right side. You’ll come upon a location where you can sense things. In the revolving stones, write the name Corvus. Begin with the C on the stone that is connected to the center by a line. Descend inside the chamber.

Ed, Ethan’s grandfather, is curled up and died here. When you initially perceive his body, you notice that he appears to be calm. Four memory pieces are released when you touch his body.

  • While Ethan watches, Ed enters the room.
  • Ethan is rearranging the table.
  • Ed and Ethan are attempting to unlock the door.
  • Ed is curled up in a fetal posture.

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