We have brought Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide with all the tips and tricks for you so that you can improve your gameplay.

Neon Abyss is a fast roguelike action-platformer in which you play as part of Hades’ ‘Grim Squad’ and run and gun your way into the Abyss. Each run diversifies the experience, and every option changes the ruleset, thanks to endless item synergies and a unique mechanism of dungeon evolution. Prepare to unleash the wrath of God! 

There are no online multiplayer or co-op elements in Neon Abyss. To defeat each game’s chambers, two players would need to work together due to its zaniness. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Because of the game’s design, it’s incredibly simple for many local players to join in.

You could pass the controller around and have each person finish one area at a time. You may even have one person take the wheel and dare the other players to go further than the previous player. Even though Neon Abyss lacks official multiplayer capabilities, it’s simple to enjoy in couch co-op with a little effort. Unfortunately, there is no way to play this game online. The game has got a 79 rating on Metacritic based on critic reviews.

Neon Abyss places you as a part of the ‘Grim Squad,’ a task force set up by Hades himself to penetrate the Abyss and fight the New Gods, combining intense run-and-gun action with complex, roguelike features. Death isn’t the end, since each time you die, you’ll gain greater strength than before. When you get used to it, you’ll find it easier to get further into the dungeon each time, but at first, it’s tricky. In case that fails, take a look at the Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide with tips and tricks below.

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide: Hidden rooms

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide
Neon Abyss (Image credit: Neon Abyss on Steam)

There’s always something worthwhile in a hidden chamber. It’s a matter of luck, and depending on how excellent it is, it might be a game-changer for your prospects of success. You may locate them in the levels by glancing at the walls. Look for a golden light with little flakes emerging from a break in the wall to find a secret area. To get access to the interior, use a grenade to blow it open.

If you locate the lidless eye powerup, you’ll have an easier time finding them. This will reveal the whole map, revealing all the secret sections and automatically blowing open all the barriers.

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide: Pink Crystals

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide
Neon Abyss (Image credit: Neon Abyss on Steam)

You can use the pink crystals to open doors to the shop, chests, and to clear the large diamond things that turn red when shot. A meter will fill up on the bottom right of the screen. When you spend lots of crystals, the purple amount will fill up. When the pink door turns red, the red amount will fill up. Upon filing, you will receive a message informing you of a strange sound from afar. If you see this, it means you’ve unlocked a special room.

In return for a power-up, you will lose a heart in the red chamber. It will be given to you without stealing a heart from the pink chamber. It’s better to spend the crystals because they’re so prevalent. When I might have been cashing in on this simple source of stuff, I spent a lot of time just leaving them behind.

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide: Guns

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide
Neon Abyss (Image credit: Neon Abyss on Steam)

The best part about getting a new gun is getting to try it out. If you like your previous gun, don’t hesitate to go back to it. While there is a lot of strange and fantastic weaponry in Neon Abyss, they aren’t always better than your basic weapon. With a few upgrades, the Seagull, which you start with, may become a devastating weapon. 

Please try out any other weapon pick-ups you come across, but don’t assume that just because something is new and sounds fancy, it is better than what you already have. Many weapons have valuable extra abilities, such as the ability to utilize crystals to level it up in one area or the ability to use dodge roll. However, the trade-off frequently comes at the expense of a weapon that is less effective. See what works best for you, and if necessary, swap back to your prior gun before exiting the level.

You can change the difficulty to hard or easy

Neon Abyss (Image credit: Neon Abyss on Steam)

At times, the difficulty may be rather harsh. You can alter the difficulty at the bar if you’ve had enough and merely want to beat the game. You may also make it harder if you find it too easy. By default, the game is set to normal. Go to the bar and turn left instead of right to alter the difficulty level. On the wall is a neon light with a cheerful face. Change the game’s difficulty by interacting with it.

Directly challenging the boss is not a good idea

boss fight
Neon Abyss (Image credit: Neon Abyss on Steam)

When you enter Neon Abyss, you’ll see a red door with a demon’s head above it, indicating that you’re about to enter a boss fight. Don’t proceed until you’ve investigated the rest of the level. You might be missing out on boosts, pets, hearts, and shields that could make a significant difference in your battle.

Because you’re already maxed out, you could encounter hearts or crystals in an area that you can’t pick up. Those pick-ups don’t vanish; they’ll remain in the level as long as you’re in it. So, if you run out of health after killing the monster or in a particularly difficult room, go back and pick up whatever is left lying about.

Neon Abyss Beginner’s Guide: Gold Triangle Doors

Whether you have a lot of keys or are trying to find them, it’s all a matter of chance. If you come across a key, you should use it to open the golden triangle-shaped door. You’ll have a higher chance of slaying the boss after the stage if you obtain more power-ups from these areas. A door like this should never be overlooked.

At present, Neon Abyss is free on Epic Games, so grab it quickly.

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