Best Technology in Icarus – A Complete Guide

We have brought you a guide to the best technology in Icarus. The right technology can provide many benefits.

In Icarus, there are four tiers filled with countless technologies that you can unlock. You can unlock additional blueprints as you progress in the game, which will allow you to craft items that will help you survive on such a harsh planet. You will learn about some of the best technologies in Icarus in this guide. Furthermore, you can survive and complete prospects with the technologies mentioned. In time, you will probably have unlocked many blueprints, so this guide is for those who just started and aren’t sure yet which blueprints to unlock.

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Tech Tree in Icarus

The tech tree determines what you can do with practically all the game’s content. It’s how new weapons, armor, and tools are unlocked. You gain access to prefabs and material kinds for construction. Basically, the tech tree unlocks practically everything you can create or produce in the game. It’s crucial to achieving the greatest progress in the game, therefore understanding how it works is essential.

How the Tech Tree works

Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

To continue through the tech tree, you must raise your character’s level by gaining experience from almost any activity in the game. When you level up, you get three points that you may use to upgrade your tech tree. Each point may be used to unlock a node on the tech tree, giving you access to a specific item. There are branches in the tech tree that function as requirements for other goods.

For example, before you can spend points unlocking wood construction prefabs, you must first spend a point unlocking the carpentry bench. In addition to having access to the tier and meeting all the conditions, some nodes need the unlocking of certain skills or levels. Each tier has its tech tree, which is determined by the character’s level. The structure isn’t dissimilar to a tech tree found in other video games, but it’s important to properly comprehend it. You’ll observe that, because of the tech tree’s branching, it’s best to specialize within your group. 

Multiple individuals putting points into wood building prefabs, for example, isn’t a good idea because each copy may be used for anything else. This is very significant because once you achieve higher tiers, you may keep your tech points and use them to unlock higher levels. You might, for example, have one of your party members not spend any points on tier 1 until they’ve unlocked tier 2. They’d be able to access a significant quantity of tier 2 technology right away, allowing your squad to advance more quickly.

Best Technology in Icarus: Healing Items

Icarus health
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Basic Bandage

  • 40 Fiber

Heat Bandage

  • 40 Fiber
  • 10 Charcoal
  • 4 Oxite Ore

Suture Kit

  • 10 Fiber
  • 5 Bone
  • 2 Leather


  • 8 Sticks
  • 6 Rope
  • 2 Wood

During a prospect, it is impossible to stay away from deadly creatures. Whether you fight or escape, you may sustain some damage as a result of the encounter. Bandages, as well as other healing items, should be unlocked as a result of this. You might suffer anything from a tiny quantity of blood loss to a fractured limb as a result of your injuries. Damage-based status effects, on the other hand, are remedied. It’s recommended to unlock these blueprints ahead of time so you don’t run out of healing supplies if you are hit.

Best Technology in Icarus: Tools And Weapons

Best Technologies in Icarus
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier One

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Bone

Tier Two

  • Iron
  • Steel

Tier Three

  • Platinum
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon

Tier Four

  • Titanium

Tools and weapons are crucial in Icarus. Any tier should prioritize tools and weapons as the first blueprints. The more tiers you unlock, the stronger the materials you can use to craft tools. By crafting these items at the beginning of a new prospect, you will greatly increase your chance of survival. Axe, Pickaxe, Knife, Repair Hammer, Sickle, Fire Whacker, and Bow and Arrows are among the most essential tool types to have on hand.

Best Technology in Icarus: Bedroll

Icarus house
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier: One

  • 20 Fur
  • 20 Fiber
  • 10 Sticks
  • 10 Leather

In addition to serving as respawn points, bedrolls also serve as places to sleep to skip the night. Icarus players are aware of the importance of respawn points if they die. Having a respawn point always ready is important. You never know when you’ll die. You can respawn in your own house by setting up a bedroll instead of traveling to a random location on the map.

Best Technology in Icarus: Campfire

Icarus bonfire
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier: One

  • 24 Stone
  • 8 Fiber
  • 8 Sticks

Camping fires provide heat and a way to prepare raw food, such as meat and fish. Cooked food provides additional benefits to your status, though you can just eat berries. The importance of having a source of heat cannot be overstated. By using heat, you can prevent cold-based status effects that slow down the regeneration of health and stamina. Heating your surroundings will also make you more comfortable in bed. If you have a bedroll and do not have a nearby heat source, you will not be able to sleep through the night.

Best Technology in Icarus: Wood Construction 

Best Technologies in Icarus
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Throughout the four stages, several sorts of construction materials are accessible. You can build thatch and wood structures at the first tier, but you should focus on unlocking the wood variety.

Thatch is extremely brittle, and it will quickly shatter in a storm. Although wood might catch fire, it is more durable than thatch and can be used to construct a shelter. You may also build stone and concrete constructions as you reach higher stages; both of these materials are extremely robust and can withstand a storm.

Best Technology in Icarus: Water skins

Best Technologies in Icarus
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier: Two

  • 12 Leather
  • 10 Fiber
  • 4 Bone

Water skins let you gather water and transfer it to locations where there isn’t any, such as the desert and cold biomes. Water skins leak easily, but you may also get schematics for more modern water-carrying containers like the thermos.

Best Technology in Icarus: Oxidizer

Best Technologies in Icarus
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier: One

  • 12 Fiber
  • 20 Leather
  • 8 Sticks
  • 10 Bone

The importance of oxygen cannot be overstated. If you’ve just made a new character and are in the middle of your first prospect, you’ll need to replace your oxygen supply using oxite ore.

You’ll have the opportunity to unlock the oxidizer as you advance. This is a device that allows you to insert oxite and convert it into oxygen. Oxygen-producing and storage gadgets are extremely helpful since they allow you to swiftly refresh your air supply without having to rely on mined materials.

Best Technology in Icarus: Rain Reservoir

Best Technologies in Icarus: Rain Reservoir
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus on Steam)

Tier: Two

  • 24 Wood
  • 80 Stone
  • 8 Sticks
  • 8 Leather

This is a rainwater collection and storage device. You can get dysentery from drinking water from a river or stream, despite how easy it is to do so. Rainwater, on the other hand, is a safer source of water since it does not cause diarrhea. Rain reservoirs are also beneficial if you live in a location where there is little to no access to water. It’s worth noting that these reservoirs will only fill if it’s raining heavily.

You should now be aware of the most crucial blueprints to get into Icarus! Overall, the most important things to look into are those that will help you survive. If you come across a design that seems cool but isn’t practical, look into other blueprints first. They could come in handy.

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