The following Icarus beginner’s guide, tips, and strategies will help you get the most out of the game.

Icarus is a survival game created by RocketWerkz, a new game development studio founded by DayZ creator Dean Hall. It was planned to be launched in June 2020, but it was postponed many times before ultimately being released on December 4, 2021.

The planet Icarus is “humanity’s worst blunder,” since it has been converted into something weird by a terraforming mishap. You’ve been given the task of traveling to the planet (either alone or with a company of eight), accomplishing missions, and leaving within a certain time restriction of several days.

Face and defeat a ruthless PvE world out to tire you out or destroy you apart. Icarus is a planet with a temper, from its poisonous atmosphere to its ferocious species and game-changing weather events. Everything relies on preparation and forethought. Whether you’re looking for a source of oxygen, stalking your next meal, or stocking up on supplies for a long trek into the woods, we’ve got you covered.

Below is the Icarus Guide with 10 tips to help you survive.

Icarus Beginner’s Guide to Start

Icarus Guide
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

After exiting the landing pod, immediately begin running west and slightly south, grabbing everything on the path, until you reach a lake with a small island. This lake will prove to be your most valuable buddy. The resources you need will be available to you, including food, supplies, water, and safety. The area does not have any fish, which is good. You will not get poisoned by swimming in it.

You must now be level 1 with 3 talent points. Use them to purchase a knife, a bow, and stone arrows. The search has begun. Find wolves or bears, shoot them once to get their attention, and then flee into the water. Animals will try to hunt you down and chase you down in the water. Swim backward and start stabbing the animal in the head with a knife as it gets near.

It will deal 190 damage to the head in 2-3 swings, so you can take down any wolf. For a bear, you will need 10-13 swings. If you swim backward from them, they cannot attack you, so you are 100% safe in the water. Take your prey down and skin it. As you gain experience, meat, furs, bones, skins, you’ll soon start begging for another wolf for yourself!

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Icarus Beginner’s Guide for Torch

Icarus Guide
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

Dropping the torch is a quick and easy way to see more clearly in the dark. This will let you see further and more clearly than if you carried it. It’s important to remember that stumbling on the torch might result in burns. You may use torches to light up trees and plants, among other things. If you’re not cautious, you may even ignite yourself on fire!

Because of torches, you can end up setting your base on fire! It might also happen by chance if lightning strikes your base. Whatever the reason, a Fire Whacker can put out the fire quickly and effectively.

The following actions will assist you:

  • As a rookie, a fire whacker is useful for putting out fires.
  • This may be used for the majority of the game.
  • Substitute fire extinguishers for this later in the game.
  • Keep fire whackers on hand, though, since they may come in handy at any time.

How can you avoid the fire?

Fire in forest
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus Steam)

You can keep flames from spreading to your base and other structures. Fire plays an important role in this game, and staying away from it is a must in Icarus. Here are some fire-prevention tips:

  • Place lightning rods to keep lightning away from the bases.
  • Lightning Rod is a Tier 2 technology that may be produced from the bench.
  • Lightning will not set fire to stone or concrete bases.

Icarus Beginner’s Guide for Healing

Animal hunt
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

In the game, you may prepare several types of raw meat. You will gain immediate HP and regenerate benefits if you consume them. More significantly, if you’re running short on health, it’ll offer you a quick heal. I was not shocked because this is an idea I’ve seen in previous survival games. Since this is a beginner’s tutorial, I figured I’d share it with everyone. The following are some reasons why healing is so important:

  • In a fight, it aids in gaining an instantaneous HP increase.
  • Assists in farming while dealing with animals with higher HP.
  • There are other acceptable approaches later on, but for a novice, this is a good alternative.

This is beneficial for a newbie who is just getting started with Icarus, as there aren’t many healing options in the early stage. Bind this to a button and use it in a pinch until you can find a reliable healing source.


Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

Immerse yourself in a world that appears to be familiar yet isn’t. Initial mining permits for roughly 64 square kilometers of hand-crafted terrain have been issued to the First Cohort of prospectors. There are many secret nooks and resources to mine, as well as a variety of biomes to explore. To stay alive, make use of the resources available to you. It is possible to harvest every tree and to voxel mine every rock.


Icarus guide
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

Master both the planet-side and orbital tech branches. To defend yourself and help your goal, use the planet’s resources to create handcrafted tools, structures, and machines. Then, with your treasure – rare exotic elements that you can build into sophisticated technology – return to space. Choose which tech to use on your next drop as you go so that you may travel further, collect quicker, automate manufacturing, and survive longer.


You do not have much time on Icarus, so make the most of it. No one is allowed to enter the orbiting space station. If you don’t return to your drop-ship in time, your character’s development and technology will be lost to planet Icarus. Drop sessions might last anywhere from an hour to several days, depending on the task and location. Every drop has a specific purpose and time restriction, but it’s up to you to figure out how to overcome the obstacles.

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Icarus Beginner’s Guide to Level up

As you go through the game, the level of difficulty will begin to increase significantly. Before you go to Mission 2, I strongly suggest you level up to ten. For a rookie player, the levels in this game might be intimidating, therefore bear the following in mind:

  • Beginners should aim to reach Level 10 as quickly as feasible.
  • Play the game on easy – don’t go to medium or hard.
  • Gears are essential for medium/hard missions, and they aren’t easy to come by.

In a squad of 7-8 people, you can make an exception and play medium/hard mode. If you’re a solitary or duo/trio player, you’ll probably find these challenging to complete.

Icarus Beginner’s Guide to Farm XP

Icarus beginner's guide
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus)

For newbies, the XP question comes as they proceed through the game. You might be wondering how to farm XP in Icarus. The solution is straightforward:

  • Animal farming is the most efficient way for a newbie to get XP rapidly.
  • Take out the most basic hunting equipment and go hunting.
  • For Deer’s XP, a bow and arrow is a decent alternative. – Due to their low HP, they are easy to slay.
  • Hunters can hunt Bears, Buffalos, Wolves, and other creatures for more XP, but they are more difficult to kill.
  • Animal levels are helpful to determine XP gain. The more Animal HP you have, the more XP you’ll get.

Finding caves

Icarus guide
Icarus (Image credit: Icarus Steam)

As I previously stated, caves are a significant source of precious metals. But can you locate caves in Icarus, and if so, how do you find them? Well, there are a few places to seek out these caves:

  • It is visible due to a depression in the rock.
  • Behind the walls of Stone Mountain
  • Edges of Hills
  • Cliff Sides

If you see these constructions, begin breaking into them. These can also be buried behind ordinary stone walls, though I haven’t tried it. They are usually found in such depressions. After it was discovered, a hole was dug. Normal caverns can also be found hidden in plain sight. These are the ones you’ll come upon rather than having to dig through the rocks to find.

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