Beginner’s Guide for Control – Best Tips and Tricks

We have brought you a Control Beginner’s Guide with the best tips and tricks. Follow these steps properly and win the game easily.

Remedy Entertainment continues to improve, following up the fantastic Quantum Break with the even superior Control. Control’s mix of gunplay and telekinetic skills creates some of the greatest action gameplay in recent memory, and the game expands on that fighting system with Metroidvania-style exploration.

Control, on the other hand, isn’t like typical third-person shooters. To help you get started with Control, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tips and techniques.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Heal

This one should be done first because it is very crucial but not very obvious. When you visit a Control Point, our main character Jesse will replenish her health. This means that if you’re in the middle of grueling combat and need to take a brief break, simply check your map and run to a nearby Control Point. 

The adversaries will not respawn, and you will be in fighting shape once again. If a battle is proving too difficult, it’s also worth hurrying, disregarding combat, and forcing the animation to unlock a Control Point, since even if you die, you’ll be able to Respawn and utilize it to fast refill HP.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Dialogue

Control Beginner’s Guide
Control (Image credit: Steam)

There are various NPCs dispersed around The Oldest House, and many of them are eager to chat to you and offer you vital side missions that will help you increase Jesse’s talents and lead you to fascinating mysteries. Aside from that, the dialogue in this game is fantastic, and if you enjoy the world you’ve been dropped into, you’ll want to return to Emily at the main hub as well. You’ll find NCPs scattered throughout the sectors on a regular basis to catch up on new topics and unravel the mysteries behind the FBC. 

Also, when you’re chatting to a key character who is locked in a cage later in the game, keep talking to them until they start repeating themselves. I know, it’s a little hazy, but trust me on this one: there’s a big reward.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Aggressive Gameplay

Control Beginner’s Guide
Control (Image credit: Steam)

Above all, it’s critical to maintain your aggressiveness in Control. Instead of automatically regenerating life or health packs, foes drop little blue shards when killed, which refill your health. The solution is straightforward: Killing foes fast helps you to refill your health more quickly.

This is significant since Control normally does not provide enough health to finish a fight. Although employing your numerous skills and ducking undercover is crucial, the most important thing is to keep the combat moving. Consider lesser adversaries to be health packets. Focus on the weakest adversary first, rather than the strongest. Take note of where they landed after they’re down and circle back there when you need some additional health.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Launching ability

Launch ability
Control (Image credit: Steam)

You gain the Launch ability early on in Control. This allows you to use telekinesis to pick up objects or chunks of rubble and fling them at foes. Despite the fact that you have a shape-shifting rifle, Launch is your most potent strike. Objects thrown at enemies deplete opponent shields and may gravely harm bigger Hiss monsters. For telekinesis, you only have a limited quantity of rechargeable energy, so don’t use it all at once. However, tossing a few boxes at the start of a battle can make things a lot simpler.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Abilities

Because the Service Weapon uses a cooldown rather than a regular reload, excessive fire may cause the weapon to overheat. Make sure to save your ammo and instead use your abilities when your ammo runs out. Launching things at foes causes the same amount of damage as a clip of bullets. So you’ll want to start incorporating the abilities into your playstyle as soon as you have them.

Do not stop moving

Control Beginner’s Guide
Control (Image credit: Steam)

Without any indication of difficulty levels, every player will have a comparable fighting experience. Enemies enjoy rushing you, getting in your way, and generally bothering you – not to mention the fact that some varieties can fly. As a result, you must be constantly on the move. Because Control lacks a cover mechanic, the easiest strategy to avoid being shot at is to avoid being in the same area as your adversaries.

Use your Evade ability to move fast and effectively across the battlefield, preserving your health and gaining ground on adversaries. Remember that while the Shield power is active, you can still walkabout, but you won’t be able to perform any aggressive maneuvers.

Control Beginner’s Guide: Hidden areas

Control has a number of Hidden Areas that are tough to locate and don’t always display on your ostensibly comprehensive map. So when you have the all-important Levitate ability, make sure you return every single place (really) and float about up above looking for nooks and crannies. This is especially true in the multi-story Research industry. 

No surprises here, but the Hidden Areas are where you’ll find Control’s greatest Easter Eggs and ability points, which are essential if you want to maximize Jesse’s ability tree and supercharge her abilities.

If you are fighting, take cover

Control Beginner’s Guide
Control (Image credit: Steam)

Control’s boss encounters may be as cruel as its design, and getting used to them takes time. As a result, the game is often fairly difficult and necessitates rapid thinking, quick escapes, and energy conservation in order to avoid a swift death. As a result, when Control traps you in a room with a hulking beast, you’ll need strategies. 

There is no guilt in exploiting the environment. Maintain a shattered environment between yourself and the monster, and appear regularly to toss rubble at him, diving under cover when you need to heal. This method can help to level out the odds of checkpointing being difficult.

Control is free on Epic Games currently. Grab it quickly.

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