We have brought you a Pathfinder kingmaker Guide with all the best tips and tricks. This guide will help you to survive in the game for a longer period.

To begin, you should be aware that Pathfinder Kingmaker is based on the Pathfinder Pen and Paper rules. The rules are incredibly complicated, which may turn off some players right once. Pathfinder might be difficult for beginning players owing to its significant emphasis on team-building and city-building. Character creation is the first step in the game, followed by dungeons and inventory management.

After the tutorial and the simple first level, there are very few instructions in Pathfinder Kingmaker. Players must cope with a powerful RPG in addition to party management, city development, NPC recruiting, and other chores. This Pathfinder Kingmaker guide gives various tips and tactics to help flesh out certain less-stated features inside the game, allowing you to go further in the game.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide: Attack and Defense

Melee attacks utilize Strength for Attack Rolls, but ranged assaults, including spells other than melee Touch Spells, use Dexterity. Finesse is a feat that allows you to utilize Dexterity instead of STR for Attack Rolls. Finesse is typically used to Dual Wielding characters.

The Weapon or Spell you’re employing determines how much damage you take. 1d8, 2d6, and so on are examples of such numbers. 1d8 denotes a single eight-sided die to be rolled (possible outcome 1-8). Rolling two six-sided dice is known as 2d6 (possible outcome 2-12). If relevant, Strength provides an Attribute Modifier boost. Except for Thrown Weapons and Composite Bows, no Ranged Weapons can benefit from Strength bonuses. After then, the enemy’s Damage Reduction stat reduces the overall damage dealt.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide
Pathfinder Kingmaker (Image credit: Steam)

Diplomacy is Crucial

Diplomacy tests are mentioned several times in talks, but the mechanics of diplomacy are never explained. On a player’s character sheet, there is no direct diplomacy skill. Diplomacy is regulated by persuasive skill, which explains why. Because the main character will be getting a lot of diplomacy tests when the rest of the party isn’t with them, it’s critical to invest some skill points in them.

Diplomacy will be crucial in managing the kingdom’s political administration both inside and beyond the country. It also gives for some excellent dialogue options throughout the game. On their voyage, players should surely consider keeping a reasonable level of persuasion.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide: Kingdom management

Pathfinder Kingmaker (Image credit: Steam)

Being a leader isn’t simple, and players will have to negotiate both international and home politics throughout the game. The kingdom map is used to administrate the kingdom. The map may be found on the table in the throne room or on the overworld map that connects the places. Because the mission giver requests an audience, several kingdom actions need the player to be in their throne room. 

Some of these activities can be performed by delegating responsibility to one of your leaders. The more essential objectives, on the other hand, will need the player to solve the situation on their own, whether by diplomacy or direct action. Players will be able to access their construction options from within the kingdom map. To achieve success, you must construct structures and purchase additional territories. Keep a watch out for instability inside your kingdom; if the settlement falls into disarray, the game is ended.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide: Combat

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide
Pathfinder Kingmaker (Image credit: Steam)

Combat may be harsh at times, and if your team isn’t properly set up, some confrontations might be too difficult to handle. That’s why the Difficulty Option is always available to tweak these parameters to make the experience more enjoyable. Reloading encounters is an important part of the learning process, so expect to do it a lot. Sometimes that’s the only way to figure out what you’re up against.

For good reason, the Spider Swarm adversary is a popular obstacle for inexperienced players at the start of the game. Weapon Damage has no effect on the Spider Swarm. It is vulnerable to Fire abilities and Alchemist Fire, both of which are difficult to get by the time you encounter this foe. In this instance, deferring the meeting until you have the necessary tools to cope with it is the best option.

Combat Log is very helpful

Check the Combat Log periodically to see how high your opponents’ AC and DR (Damage Reduction) are, especially when fighting with difficult adversaries. This will help you decide who to prioritize and whether or not it’s worth it to try the encounter right now.

Preparing for warfare and recognizing your priorities go a long way toward surviving a conflict. Scouting ahead with a stealthy character and then sending in your Tank first when the fighting starts is a wonderful strategy to encourage many foes to attack the Tank, allowing everyone else to focus on their roles.

Buffs and Spells

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide
Pathfinder Kingmaker (Image credit: Steam)

Every combat requires buffs and crowd control abilities. Buffs like Bless may be performed outside of battle, so start buffing your team with longer-lasting spells anytime you see an adversary. That way, you won’t have to perform it in the fight, giving you more time to strike your adversaries.

Use spells like Sleep on adversaries you don’t want to focus on straight away as soon as the conflict starts. Because one or two adversaries are unable to operate for an extended period of time, there is less incoming damage and more emphasis on those that pose a greater threat.

Flanking is a crucial part of battle since it grants +2 to Hit and activates Sneak Attack. Flanking benefits are activated when two or more adjacent characters attack it, therefore focusing on adversaries for speedier kills is a smart idea. If there is an adjacent adversary, ranged assaults, casting spells, and drinking potions all-cause Attacks of Opportunity. You may take advantage of this by dispatching someone like Amiri to deal with Ranged and Spellcaster foes. She generally dispatches them quickly, making the remainder of the fight a breeze.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Guide: Inventory management

In Pathfinder Kingmaker, keeping track of your inventory is a continual challenge, but there are a few things that can assist. There will be a shared inventory available while the group is together, which will serve to evenly distribute the weight among the players. A bag of holding, which will increase 200 pounds to the player’s weight limit, is one of the most important goods that players should obtain as soon as feasible. These bags are available for 25,000 gold from your kingdom’s merchants.

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