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Mutant Year Zero has a few introduction stages before the adversaries get extremely difficult, but for some players, this may not be enough time to find out how to balance the game’s two dynamic methods. Even with suggestions enabled in settings, certain approaches may not be immediately apparent. Due to the lack of complete descriptions of strategies, some trial, and error may be required in the early stages of difficulty spikes.

The game combines real-time stealth with a challenging and robust combat system, making for a learning curve that is relatively steep. Mutant Year Zero offers something new to veterans of the turn-based genre and may take a little getting used to before the player hits their stride.

Mutant Year Zero Guide: Map

Time freezes in Mutant Year Zero while moving between locations on the map or when you’re on the map screen. There will be no chance contacts at that time. Use this and return to The Ark as frequently as possible. Weapons can be stocked or upgraded at the base. The maps in the game are not produced at random. Every place in Mutant Year Zero is the same. 

As a result, planning your actions throughout subsequent playthroughs should be easy. In theory, you can avoid some adversaries along the road, but you should never do so. This might lead to encounters with opponents that are of a higher level than you, making it tough to beat them. Try to clear every area you’ve been to. Remember the optional places highlighted with the skull and the suggested level on the map. Return to them after your crew has been leveled up.

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Kill enemies to recharge your abilities

Mutant Year Zero is distinguished by a novel method of replenishing the protagonists’ active powers (mutations). They do not recharge by waiting for a number of rounds after you use them (regardless of whether the action was successful or not). Instead, you must eliminate adversaries (usually two or three kills is enough). Remember this strategy and look for easy-to-kill targets. It’s worth noting that on regular difficulty, the cooldown timer is refreshed after each encounter.

Use stealth technique

Mutant Year Zero (Image credit: Steam)

Players go through the Mutant Year Zero level in real-time, and the game switches to turn-based combat when the adversary detects them or when the player decides to ambush. It’s critical to use the spotlights on the characters sparingly. When they are activated, the characters move quicker and can locate concealed riches much more quickly; but, the enemy’s radar is much larger. When the spotlights are turned out, the characters move in stealth, which is always preferable when opponents are around.

When the player detects a bunch of adversaries, they should plan their approach. Thinking about which side flank is best and which regions give excellent cover is critical to securing an easy victory. The opponent will not have a turn to strike until the heroes are unveiled; take advantage of this. 

Even after selecting ambush, there is still a buffer time before assaulting, therefore employing turn-based only abilities before an encounter can assist supply players with the edge they require. It’s also vital to note that even if an adversary appears to be alone, reinforcements are frequently nearby. So, even if it appears that you are winning the numbers game, the tide of the war may shift in an instant. Always use a subtle approach.

You can use only three characters in your team

At first, the only characters accessible are Dux the mutated duck, and Bormin the boar. After completing portions of the main tale, you will be able to find new party members. Because only three characters may participate in a conflict, it’s best to be properly prepared and ensure that all party members use a variety of weapons and skills. Fortunately, you may alter your party at any time between encounters. It’s especially handy when confronted with adversaries who may be readily dispatched by an inactive team member.

Mutant Year Zero Guide: Explore

Mutant Year Zero (Image credit: Steam)

Taking a break from battle, it’s important to remember that the only method to collect goods in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is to explore. Because the levels aren’t very large, it never takes up too much time, but it’s always necessary. Players will come across rubbish that can be traded in for weapon upgrades as well as more valuable garbage that can be utilized to improve team skills. 

Furthermore, the world is packed with medkits and grenades, both of which you can never have too many of, as well as unique helmets and armor. These latter-mentioned rarer goods grant stat bonuses and benefits, so if feasible, have one for each member in your group.

Because the level cap is too high, Mutant Year Zero levels are sometimes locked. Players should be careful to retrace their ways and return to these regions after they’ve leveled up. There will undoubtedly be treasure and maybe rarer stuff. Using the map to expedite travel makes what may be a tiresome task short and enjoyable.

Mutant Year Zero Guide: Combat

Mutant Year Zero (Image credit: Steam)

It is advantageous to be as stealthy as possible for the duration of the conflict. Dux is armed with a silent crossbow from the start, allowing him to take down adversaries in range without alerting other enemies. Players can attack after a scavenger has traveled far away from his companion and is no longer on their radar. Picking out foes one at a time with quiet weapons makes battling the entire group much simpler. 

When compared to a 3v5, a 3v3 is a piece of cake. Selma also carries a quiet weapon (a handgun), so keep her and Dux apart for optimal stealth. Because all characters may change their armed weapons, it’s preferable to provide each of them with a quiet weapon if you wish to adopt this method.

Taking up the proper positions is another important aspect of turn-based fighting. When the character obtains half-cover or full-cover benefits, the game highlights this. Despite the fact that the adversary may fire through cover, it is vital to assume a stance behind a wall or rock to gain the hit and critical hit boost. Gaining the high ground in combat improves the characters’ chances of hitting, hence taking shelter on the high ground is typically the best bet.

Mutant Year Zero Guide: Use grenades

Though the major pillars of Mutant Year Zero’s turn-based strategy are weaponry and player skills, there is a third aspect that is equally essential to winning battles: grenades. Prior to a conflict, each character can equip two grenades, thus players should make good use of these slots. 

Change things up by using two different objects, such as a Molotov cocktail and a grenade, or a grenade and a smoke bomb. To maximize damage, throw these while adversaries are clustered together. Remember to have those smoke bombs on hand for when your heroes suffer burn damage; they cancel out the consequences.

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