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Borealys Games’ Mages of Mystralia is an RPG dungeon crawler. The game features a lovely cartoony graphic style that offers an appropriate feeling of playfulness while juxtaposing the potential carnage inflicted by the player’s armory of spells. The game’s magic system is based on crafting principles, so all spells are customizable. The major meat of the game is experimentation. Aside from that, the game features a basic plot and isn’t especially difficult, making it ideal for someone trying to unwind.

Players assume the character of Zia, a young girl who finds she was born with magical abilities, in Mages of Mystralia. That would be fantastic if magic hadn’t been outlawed in her realm for so long. Zia’s skills lead her on an incredible journey as she tries to master her abilities and discover her ultimate potential. She encounters other exiled mages along the road, and she discovers ancient runes that can be combined to create a variety of new spells.

Mages of Mystralia Guide: Haven

Talk to the enchanter to get the task of finding 4 magical lily bulbs hidden around the world (and he gives you the first one for free). These bulbs are your mana potions (they fill mana from 0% to 100% for the cost of one bulb), and can be used when your mana pool runs out just before it starts to regenerate on its own.

The number of flowers in the garden indicates the number of bulbs you can carry at once. For now, you can only carry one, and you can resupply bulbs at a cost of 20 soul beads each time you use one in combat. Teleporters (there are three total: Haven, the Rise, and the Highlands) are located on the far left side and cost 10 soul beads peruse after unlocking at least two of them.

Two fountains, one for health and the other for mana, can be found on the south side of Haven. These fountains accept four purple soulbeads for each upgrade, and there are five upgrades in total for both health and mana. You will need a total of 40 purple beads to max out health and mana. In addition, the first seal puzzle may be found here, and completing it opens the path to Mystral Woods (to the right from crossroad).

Mages of Mystralia Guide: Mystral Wood

Mages of Mystralia Guide
Mages of Mystralia (Image credit: Steam)

Upon entering, you see a gang of goblins harassing a traveler, so show people you are a friendly mage by helping her. In the path, you may see unlit fireplaces. Lighting them up with a fire spell will reward you with 5 soul beads.

Next is a quick trip to Greyleaf where there is not much to do besides telling the father of the girl you saved what has happened. The road to Ratchel is now clear of broken wagons, and all of her wares can be found in mystral woods. However, the fourth bag is available only because it is in an unreachable section.

To lower the bridge, press the switch quickly and clear the goblins out. The road is blocked by a breakable boulder (marked with a fire sign), but you lack the rune needed to make spells erupt on impact. Fortunately, there are explosive barrels nearby, and all you have to do is strike them to set them off.

Mages of Mystralia Guide: Runes

Mages of Mystralia Guide
Mages of Mystralia (Image credit: Steam)

Zia can find runes while traveling across the land of Mystralia. Runes may or may not be available to a specific Focus, but they may be combined and utilized to create new Spells. The Detonate Rune, for example, can only be utilized by Immedi spells, but the Random Rune may be used by any spell. A variety of “links” exist in Runes that allow them to communicate with the basic spell or other Runes. In general, the more Runes you have, the more Mana you’ll spend.

Types of Runes

Behavior Runes have a big impact on how a spell works. In rare situations, Behavior Runes might take the place of a spell’s default function. Actus spells, for example, are immobile by default, but the Move Rune forces them to fly in a certain direction. The backbone of spells is Behavior Runes, which provide the majority of the ties that other Runes can bind to.

Augment Runes have an impact on other Runes as well as the main spell. Augment runes, unlike other runes, do not raise a spell’s Mana cost. Under the correct circumstances, the Inverse and Random Runes can even lower Mana costs. When specific criteria are satisfied, Trigger Runes cast an Immediate, Actus, or Creo spell. The Rune utilized determines the trigger conditions for a spell, such as Impact, which requires the spell to impact an adversary or surface. While spells can be activated by themselves, they still cost mana.

Trigger Runes can be used to trigger spells up to four times every manual spell cast. This trigger restriction applies to spells that are triggered by other spells as well. The combined spell stops triggering after the fourth trigger. This trigger limit is ignored by Periodic and Proximity.

Mages of Mystralia Guide: Spells

Mages of Mystralia Guide
Mages of Mystralia (Image credit: Steam)

A simple spell can take on a variety of shapes and essences. The Orb, which forms a ball of fire, water, wind, or earth, is the simplest shape to comprehend. But that’s all; you generate the orb and it floats in there ineffectively for a few seconds without any changes.

It becomes a traditional fireball (or waterball, or whateverball) when the motion modifier is applied; it goes ahead in a straight line until it collides with a wall or an adversary. To make it curve, even more, we may add the left or right modifier to the move instruction. This might be employed in warfare to hit an adversary hiding behind cover, or in puzzles to hit a target past a tricky wall.

Depending on whether Runes are connected directly or indirectly, spells might have drastically different effects. An Igni Actus spell with the Move and Right Runes, for example, can launch a straight-moving fireball starting to Zia’s right, or a fireball that bends to the right in front of Zia. The distinction is whether the Right Rune is related to Actus (the former) or Move (the latter) (the latter).

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