We have brought you a Prey Beginner’s Guide that will help you with the best tips and tricks so that you can have a better gaming experience.

A lot of this game will feel familiar to you, as it contains elements from a dozen well-known titles. But it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to figure out how everything works right away. If you play Prey for the first time, you’ll discover that it’s not a simple game. In the early hours, when you figure out how the game works, it can be downright nasty. 

But don’t worry; Prey’s gameplay design allows you to use a variety of workarounds and tactics to make the game a lot simpler to play. That is why we are here. Our Prey Beginner’s Guide will help you with the best tips and tricks.

Using Psychotronic scanner as night vision

Your high-tech scanner does a lot more than simply detect imposters, provide you benefits, and investigate Typhons. Okay, so that’s a lot already, but still. To some extent, putting it over your eyes provides you night vision. So, if your flashlight battery dies, just press the R3 button and use the greyscale of your psychotronic scanner to traverse Talos-1’s treacherous surroundings. As long as the laser lines don’t become too distracting, it’s a terrific technique to avoid being taken off guard when your torch goes out.

Prey Beginner’s Guide: Recycler

Prey explore
Prey (image credit: Steam)

All of that rubbish, those flowers, and those used cigars in your pockets are food for the recycler. Recyclers collect all of that garbage (along with anything else you throw in there, such as additional weapons) and transform it into raw material. Exotic (Typhon components), mineral (metal), organic (flowers and food), and synthetic materials are available (plastics).

Because your inventory capacity is limited, as your armory of weapons grows, so does the space in your pockets for rubbish. This is why we recommend knowing the location of the nearest (operational) recycler. When you convert rubbish into raw materials, it will stack in your inventory and take up less space.

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Prey Beginner’s Guide: Gloo Canon

The Gloo Cannon will be one of your most powerful weapons, despite its appearance as a simple means to hold mimics and phantoms immobile. Its primary function is to freeze foes in place, but it also provides a damage boost when struck. One of the most effective strategies to take down foes in the early game is to freeze them and then attack them.

The Gloo Cannon’s second secret function is to travel through space. If you’re having trouble going past a barrier, consider utilizing the Gloo Cannon to erect some temporary steps so you can entirely bypass it. It’s a little difficult to get accustomed to at first because it doesn’t always attach to all surfaces, but it’s a fun way to explore Talos I.

Keep stock of ammo

Prey ammo
Prey (image credit: Steam)

Ammo conservation may seem like a no-brainer in any game, but it’s extremely crucial in Prey. In this game, ammo runs out quickly, and some later-game adversaries may behave as bullet sponges for the unwary.

Trying to utilize your wrench as much as possible is a wonderful method to save ammunition. It’s a smart idea to use the wrench against tiny opponents like Mimics, but it’s also useful for sneaky confrontations. You’ll forget you ever needed ammunition after you put some Neuromods into stealth damage.

Another smart strategy to save ammunition is to use objects found in your surroundings. Adding Neuromods to your ability to lift heavy objects also allows you to toss those things at any foes in your way. To quickly wipe out Typhon, consider striking explosive canisters and enticing foes towards electricity. As you explore Talos I, you’ll discover production blueprints for several sorts of munitions, which will make stockpiling a sufficient quantity much simpler before the larger foes arrive.

Prey Beginner’s Guide: Read Emails

This point is connected to the previous two: Examine any and all computers you come across. You’ll start to find optional objectives and keycodes to rooms you didn’t have access to after enough prying through other people’s correspondence. Aside from emails, certain computers — generally those in remote locations — will have a detailed map of the area available for download. This will assist you in discovering even more chambers to investigate.

Prey Beginner’s Guide: Mimics

Prey Beginner’s Guide
Prey (image credit: Steam)

The Mimics are one of the most dangerous adversaries in Prey, although being quickly replaced by even more dangerous foes. They may imitate things in the surroundings to conceal before attacking the player, as their name suggests. This may appear strange, but there are several telltale signs that may help you spot and cope with them.

To begin, keep an eye out for items that shouldn’t be in your area. There’s a good probability that a random trashcan on the floor or an inverted cup is a mimic ready to attack you. When you’re dubious of anything, it’s also a good idea to whack it with your wrench. If you’re sure it’s a mimic, a fully charged wrench hit will knock them out in a single hit.

Mimics also produce a skittery noise when they’re close by, so if you remain motionless and listen to the environment, you’ll be able to detect one. The Psychoscope also features a Mimic Detection 1 chipset, which allows you to see disguised Mimics.

Do not miss any room

Prey Beginner’s Guide
Prey (image credit: Steam)

At any point in Prey, you’ll have a rather simple destination to reach, and the way to get there will be (relatively) easy as well. However, taking the straight route isn’t always the best option. There are rooms, doors, and diversions all throughout the place. There are good reasons to examine each one. Behind each door might be new (or more) weapons, ammo, valuable rubbish, blueprints, or even keycards and door passwords. Peeking in whatever area you can is the greatest way to get ahead.

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