Sifu Guide – Things you should know before you start the game

Are you a Kung-Fu fan? Then this game is for you. In our Sifu guide, we have covered all the things that you should know before you start.

Sifu is a difficult game in which you must learn the art of Kung-Fu while pursuing vengeance against those who murdered your family. The protagonist has a magical talisman that allows them to resurrect after death, but each death increases their age. 

Your aim is to complete the game before your talisman loses its power and you die of old age. Since Sifu is one of the most challenging games to date, you’ll want to be prepared with as much information as possible. Our Sifu guide will help you to know everything before you start.

Start with the first level to get accustomed to how things work

When you go through the first level of Sifu, you’ll discover that things are quite challenging. It is, however, by far the simplest level to accomplish. As a result, you’ll need to go through it a few times to become acquainted with how parrying, evading, blocking, and experience function.

This will be even more helpful when you begin the second level, The Club. Things really pick up here, with more difficult adversaries, a more difficult encounter, and a considerably longer wait until you acquire a keycard for the shortcut. If things become too difficult, return to the first level and brush up on your fundamentals.

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Sifu Guide: Invulnerability-Frames

You can use some attacks to make yourself invulnerable to other opponents for a short period of time while the animation plays out. These are known as invulnerability frames (i-frames), and you should make maximum use of them. The Triangle + Circle finisher, which occurs when you shatter an enemy’s Structure, is one of the most prevalent techniques in this category. 

This technique not only takes down your opponent instantaneously, but it’s also a good strategy to prevent being hit by someone else. Similarly, holding the Circle button on a downed enemy will give you i-frames for a short time.

Sifu Guide: Permanent Unlocks

Sifu Guide
Sifu (Image credit: PlayStation)

The game features a few ways for you to carry over progress if you feel things are a little too roguelike and not enough roguelite. These methods include shortcuts and permanent unlocks.

There is a category below the move options where you can spend XP to permanently unlock it. If you want to keep the skill permanently, you will need to put XP into it five times. Sifu can be defeated by mastering the moves and not spending XP on them every time you run. Furthermore, replaying previous missions can also provide you with more XP.

As you go through Sifu, you’ll discover keys that lead to level shortcuts (or even previous levels). All levels have a shortcut that allows you to swiftly go to the boss from an early point in that stage, thus we encourage revisiting a level as soon as possible to finish it with a lower age counter.

Sifu Guide: Block, Parry, and Dodge

Most enemies cannot be defeated by merely pummeling them. You’ll be blocked, parried, and dodged if you try it. Instead, for greater outcomes, learn to combine your attacks with a good defense. To parry an opponent, you can hit the block button followed by an attack on a regular basis. Even if the timing of your attacks isn’t perfect, stopping an opponent boosts their Structure, which is just as crucial as lowering their health.

Grab Your Opponent

Sifu Guide
Sifu (Image credit: PlayStation)

The ability to grab after parrying an attacker by pressing square and cross at the same time is one of the tools you’ll have from the start. This causes your character to drive whichever enemies are parried in the direction you’re targeting. This move is useful for transporting enemies across the battlefield, but it also serves another function.

The main objective for using the grab is to attempt to fling adversaries from great heights. Both you and your enemies are extremely prone to stumbling, even off a tiny balcony or down several stairs. Almost every level has locations where you can throw foes, so if you want to get rid of enemies quickly, try throwing them about a little.

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Dodging is VERY Crucial

Dodging is very crucial
Sifu (Image credit: PlayStation)

If you are new to Sifu, you may believe that the key to beating your opponents is parrying and blocking. Yes, but dodging is equally important. You can dodge an attack by moving in whatever direction your enemy attacks from when you hold the block button. A shimmer will appear around your enemy when you do this at the right time, allowing you to perform a combo on them.

If you dodge and open up to a combo, any boss in Sifu will be much weaker than if they parry and block in order to break down their structure meter. Trying to throw off your opponent every once in a while may seem like the riskier move, but it’s actually better to let your opponent attack you.

Sliding Kicks are Very Helpful

The Sliding Kick is the one you’ll want to grab as quickly as possible. After running, this technique allows you to sweep your opponent’s leg, and practically everyone is easily knocked down by it. It’s the game’s most useful technique, especially when paired with a punch while the opponent is down. Some adversaries will block it, but virtually all of them will collapse instantaneously, allowing you to kick the snot out of them right away.

Sifu Guide: Structure System

Sifu Guide
Sifu (Image credit: PlayStation)

Let’s speak about the Structure system because it’s something that’s easy to ignore. A bar at the bottom of your screen rises each time you block an assault. This is the Structure bar, and if it fills all the way to the top, you’ll be shocked for a short while, leaving you vulnerable to terrible strikes. 

Enemies have a Structure meter as well, and it will fill up even if you block or parry their blows. Use this to your advantage, especially against a difficult-to-hit opponent. It’s ideal to block their blows, load their Structure meter, and then deliver a lethal strike of your own against these opponents.

Maintain a low Structure meter at all times. To get the fight to lower back down, you could back away during it. While you’re not sprinting or attacking, the Structure meter will go down. You can regain structure by using the environment as cover.

Use Focus Wisely

In Sifu, the attention meter will be your closest buddy. You may gain concentration by blocking strikes and fighting back, which you can then utilize for special attacks on foes. These can’t be blocked, and they’re in great condition for follow-up attacks. You’ll start with a nice one, and you’ll be able to unlock more as you go.

These maneuvers are fantastic but don’t use them just for the sake of it. They’re meant for Sifu’s toughest foes, not the haphazard grunts that can be dispatched with a few strikes. You’ll need them especially for the boss fights, which might already feel unjust.

Sifu Guide: Weapons

Sifu (Image credit: PlayStation)

You may utilize weapons in Sifu, which is a kung-fu game that focuses on hand-to-hand fighting. Swords, staves, bats, pipes, and sticks are among the things scattered across each stage. The fact is, if you play your cards well, you can often start many fights with a weapon. Before moving on to the next area, go return to an earlier region to get a metal bat, or search about the room to see if you can find a pipe that can aid you in the battle ahead. 

Even boss bouts allow you to bring weapons. Keep in mind that weapons do break, but there are ways to make them last longer. When you’re younger, make increasing weapon durability a priority. Shrines, which are symbolized by little green dragon sculptures, may be found on each level. 

These Shrines provide you with stat enhancements like higher Structure, more Focus bars, and the opportunity to earn additional Focus after a successful dodge or parry. Certain boosts, such as the one that offers increased weapon durability, are, however, restricted to particular age groups. This category may only be utilized if your Sifu is 25 or younger, so make the most of it first.

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