Want to know everything about Shindo Life Raion Azure? Our guide will give you all the details that you need to know.

Raion Azure is an Eye Bloodline in Shindo Life. Players who owned the Bloodline Bag game pass can purchase this Bloodline for 799 Robux. Raion-Azure’s moveset revolves around pulling, location switching, and illusion casting. All this makes it a great choice for team battles. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Shindo Life Raion Azure.

Raion Azure gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Shindo Life Raion Azure Mode

Activating Raion-Azure’s mode begins at Stage 1 by holding Z (on PC). As long as they meet the bloodline’s level requirements, they can toggle between stages by holding Z and pressing the stage’s corresponding number. The user of Raion-Azure’s mode, in addition to speed boosts and passive teleportation, will also experience significant performance boosts. The mode requires 40 MD per second to operate.

This mode’s second stage allows the user to either fly while holding down the spacebar or descends while holding X, which drains approximately 1800 stamina per second. This is quite much, so use it carefully. 

Rengoku Style: Inferno Engage

This move takes a 22-second cooldown. Users hold out their hands and pull nearby enemies close to them, causing their enemies to impale themselves on spikes. These spikes have white flames around them and deal burning damage.

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Rengoku Style: Vanishing Replacement

This move takes an 18-second cooldown. When the user presses the relevant button, their right eye is covered, while their left eye emits blue light, and they emit a white aura. Clicking on an enemy will then swap them with the user while shooting white flames and lightning in their original position inflicting damage on the swapped enemy. While using this technique, the user is immune to any damage.

Raion Azure gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Rengoku Style: Eternal Death

This move takes 22 seconds cooldown. In the end, the user casts an illusion on nearby enemies by glowing blue and emitting a white aura from their left eye. While the enemy is seeing themselves being impaled by the user with a Copy Style: Lightning Blaze, they take damage. A person affected by the illusion is still able to use their abilities.

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Shindo Life Raion Azure Mode: Stage 2  

While Pressing “Z”

This move takes a 25-second cooldown. In this mode, when the user presses Z, before going toward the cursor, he will gather a ball of lightning in the right hand. When you will strike with this attack, a giant lightning explosion will take place.  

While Pressing “Q”

This move takes a 30-second cooldown. When the user presses Q, it is similar to the first stage’s Z attack, but this time it shoots three arrows.

Raion Azure gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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While Pressing “E”

This move also takes a 30-second cooldown. In this mode, when the user presses E, a lightning arrow shoots into the sky, creating a lightning ball that then shoots down a barrage of lightning arrows that create lightning explosions. Moving the cursor to the desired location allows the user to determine where the arrows will land.

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