Just Die Already Guide – 10 Things You Should Know

We have brought you the Just Die Already guide that will tell you 10 things that you should know. Follow the guide to have smooth gameplay.

Want to play as an old man? Just Die Already is a survival game in which everyone is old and has been kicked out of their retirement home. The game has all old characters who do not have any children. You have no pensions and no one is there to look out for you. 

Therefore, it is you only who will have to take care of yourself and survive in the game where everyone wants you to Just Die Already. But how will you survive? To help you, we have the Just Die Already guide with some tips that you should know. 

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Just Die Already Guide: Bucket List

The bucket list has the list of all the objectives in the game. You will unlock more objectives when you complete the current ones. By doing this, you will get items such as wearables, tools, guns, JDA tickets, and much more. To access the bucket list, all you need to do is press B (in PC).

Just Die Already Guide: JDA Tickets

If you want to make some purchases from the blue vending machine, you will need the JDA tickets. The machine sells items such as weapons, tools, and more. You will also get clothing that will help you speed, fly, and other abilities. In addition to all these, you will get items like musical instruments which will be unlocked upon the progression of the game. Keep in mind that there is only one blue vending machine on the map.

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Other vending machines

There are two more vending machines in the game. One is Red and the other is yellow. The Red vending machine is for guns, bombs, rockets, and other weapons. The Yellow Vending Machine is for clothing, wearable, apparel, and other usable items such as rocket packs. You can find these across the entire game’s area.

Gameplay (Curve Games)

Just Die Already Guide: Bird Wing

One of the game’s most mysterious flying items is the bird wing. It’s a one-handed gadget that can also be used with other items, such as a butt propeller. You can find it opposite the main entrance of the Zen garden. Explore the area until you find the bird wing.

Sacrifice body parts

There are some places in the game that will ask you to sacrifice some of your body parts in order to proceed further. It will show an X sign and some body parts will be marked in red. This indicates you’ll have to give up those parts of your body. Now, many people get confused. For example, if the sign is shown for the parts below the knees, you just have to sacrifice those parts of your body and not the whole legs.

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Unlock gun stores

You can unlock the gun stores in the game. At the City Center Docks follow the cables and go from the locked doors then fly with the butt propeller to the metallic grid ledge. You will find the eclectic boxes. Open the electric box and you will get what you were looking for.

Gameplay (Curve Games)

What are the Golden Keys?

The golden keys are used to open the locked chests and the golden gates. If you see a wooden chest that has a golden lock on it, you will need the golden key to open it. There is no specific golden key for each chest or gate. Any key can work anywhere. However, the problem is that you cannot use the key again once you used it. The key will vanish when you use it on a chest or a gate.

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Co-op is very beneficial

There are many benefits if you play any objective with another player. Playing solo will be more challenging, and sometimes it will feel impossible to complete some objectives. For example, when you sacrifice your limbs for an objective and you will further require it, then you will feel helpless. On the other hand, having a partner with you will be very beneficial.

Play with other friends (Curve Games)

A Real Trapper challenge

For this challenge, you will need a golden key to unlock the door. There will be seven bear traps in the store which you will have to step on. It will clamp onto your body once you step on them. After these seven, you will find the remaining three in Zen Garden’s inner yard. 

Body Dunker challenge

This challenge will be very easy if you play with another player. Playing solo will cause you a lot of time and brainstorming. Therefore, it is recommended to play co-op. The easiest and quickest technique is to have a friend cut you into a stump and then fly you into the hoop & dump you down in there.

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