How to complete Prowler Quests in Fortnite

Want Prowler in Fortnite. Our guide will tell you how to complete Prowler quests so that you can get all the rewards.

We all know that Fortnite introduces many Marvel characters, anime characters, and several other famous characters. Fans always have fun playing with these characters as it is something new for them. Playing a battle royale with one of the best characters is another feeling. Similarly, Prowler, a new marvel character has come to the game, and you can unlock its skin easily. 

In the Quests menu, you’ll see the new Prowler Quests. Nine quests can be found in total, and most are fairly self-explanatory. Three of the nine challenges must be completed to unlock the Prowler skin. There are also some emotes, sprays, banners, and more players can earn from these quests. To know how to complete Prowler quests, read our guide below.

Prowler (YouTube)
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How to complete Prowler Quests

Below are the quests and rewards you will get after completing them.

  • Complete 3 Prowler Quests – Prowler Outfit
  • Collect 3 Different Weapon Types of Epic Rarity or Higher in a Single Match – Prowler Banner
  • Complete 7 Prowler Quests – Slash and Smash Emote
  • Mod a Vehicle, Then Drive it 500 Meters In a Single Match – Prowler’s Grasp Emoticon
  • Search 7 Chests Before Taking Damage in a Match – Sky Prowler Glider
  • Do 500 Damage to Opponents While Crouched or Sliding – Energy Claw Pickaxe
  • Get 3 Headshots on Opponents With a Thermal Weapon – Mark of the Prowler Wrap
  • Use a Spray at the Daily Bugle – Prowler Tag Spray
  • Collect 300 Bars – On the Prowl Loading Screen

It’s easy to see that each Prowler quest revolves around its abilities. Since Prowler is known to be a thief, the majority of his quests revolve around acquiring Bars, opening chests secretly, and so on. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to complete all the challenges and earn all the rewards.

Get the Prowler Outfit

You will be able to wear the Prowler outfit in the game after you have completed three out of those quests. The Slash and Smash Emote will also be yours if you complete all seven challenges.

Thermal Weapon Quest

kill with thermal weapon
Using a thermal weapon (YouTube)

The only option in the thermal weapon quest is the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. If players seek out and defeat Huntmaster Saber, the thermal rifle will drop. However, it can also be obtained by searching chests and can appear as floor loot. 

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Mod a Vehicle Quest

Search garages and find some off-road tires. This will help you to mod your vehicle. When you will throw the tires on the car, it will be counted as modded. Yes, it is that simple.

Collect 300 Bars Quest

In order to complete this quest, all you have to do is use the Bounty Boards that are spread over the map. There is also the option of defeating a boss named Gunnar in Command Cavern to collect more. Once he drops the keycard, a room containing safes and gold bars can be unlocked.

We have explained the necessary quests. The other remaining quests have nothing complicated. It defines exactly what is needed to be done. Therefore, complete the quest and enjoy lots of rewards.

collect gold bars to complete Prowler quest
Collecting bars (Youtube)

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