We have brought you the Fire Emblem Three Houses guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in your gameplay.

Fire Emblem Three Houses can be confusing because of their complex tactical battles, extensive class system, and specific features. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you and your students could be at a great disadvantage. In order to have a good gaming experience in this RPG game, you must be aware of its multiple parts. Below we have the Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide with some tips and tricks that could give you an edge in the game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide: Recruit

Following your selection of a house, you will be assigned to a group of students. You’ll be able to recruit students from other houses eventually. To recruit someone, you must first speak with them and do a basic skill check. They will decide to join if your bond and skills are strong enough. It’s best to recruit all of your favorite characters as soon as possible because you never know where they’ll wind up later in the game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide: Lost Items

You must return the items that have been lost. It will tell you who they belong to in a brief explanation. Returning a lost item to a student or professor increases your relationship with that individual. They’ll be more motivated if they’re in your class.  

If you are retrieving a lost item for someone who is currently at full motivation, you should wait until their motivation begins to drop. You can then go back and return it to again increase their motivation. The location where someone was last seen a month ago is frequently where lost items show up. If you’re still unsure, look into who could have been in the area.

Officer's academy

Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide: Terrain

The fire emblem can be greatly influenced by the terrain. Standing near the fire will naturally harm characters over time, and sand makes moving some units very hard. There are, however, ways to make the terrain work in your favor. Some classes, such as the bishop, are fire-resistant, and mounted units can temporarily dismount to enhance Traverse sand.

Share meals with your students

Sharing a meal with your students will result in a great benefit for you. This is an excellent way to develop your bond with them, increase their motivation, and improve your professor’s level. So, whenever you get a chance, share meals with your students.

Support Levels and Conversations

Support levels and conversations function the same way they did before. As you fight and bond with your students, you’ll unlock conversations that rank up support levels. You will learn more about your students and gain a stat benefit if two or more students are close to each other on the battlefield. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses gameplay

Renown points

Completing quests allows you to get a lot of renown points. These renowned points can be utilized by talking to the priest and praying to four statues in the cathedral. It’s a simple process. Each statue has a bow, sword, lance, and axe. This will help you earn skill bonuses as well as other stat boosts. 

Manage abilities before battle

Remember to manage your unit’s abilities before the battle. As a character advances through the skill levels, they have access to abilities that relate to what they’ve learned. When using an axe, for example, you’ll have better stats, and when using magic, you’ll have better avoidance. The abilities must be manually equipped, therefore make sure you have abilities that match the unit’s current class and loadout before starting the battle.

Repair Weapons

You’ll eventually find a blacksmith in the marketplace. You can upgrade and repair your weapons here. It’s important to remember that repairing weapons costs gold and smithing stones. It will be good if you don’t repair every weapon because it takes up a lot of gold resources. However, there are some weapons that are worth repairing later on. You can also turn rusty weapons found on the battlefield into useful resources by forging them.

Use ZR

Using ZR to see the range of your enemies is arguably one of the most crucial battle tips. Purple outlines appear around tiles when you press the ZR. If one of your units is inside one of those purple tiles, the enemy is within range. If there are Pegasus units on the battlefield, you can keep this on for the duration of the battle as it will be beneficial for you.

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