We have brought you the Salt and Sacrifice guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

Salt and Sacrifice broadens the realm of Salt and Sanctuary. You play as a Marked Inquisitor tasked with slaying Mages that wander the planet and pose a danger to civilization for the rest of your life in Salt and Sacrifice. 

You’ll need to prepare for each expedition in Pardoner’s Vale, a center full of compassionate Inquisitors. In every rotting nook throughout numerous settings, find powerful fighting weapons, dangerous ranged weapons, protective armor, and charms. Within the Alterstone reality, Salt and Sacrifice is set in a different time and place. If you are new and want to know more, then read our Salt and Sacrifice guide below.

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Salt and Sacrifice Guide: Grappling hook

The grappling hook is the most important part of the game. Without it, it is not possible for you to progress further in the game. You can grapple points around each map and jump and hit the corresponding button when a hook range is available. Keep in mind that you must face the direction you intend to travel.

Salt and Sacrifice Guide: Crafting

Salt and Sacrifice rely heavily on crafting. To make items like a Potion that restores your health, you’ll need to acquire Materials. These things will be one of your most valuable allies in the game. As a result, make as much as you can.

Salt and Sacrifice Guide: Level up 

Your HP is increased, and you receive a Black Starstone when you spend your accumulated Salt. Using this, you can unlock weapon, armor, and Rune Art nodes, in addition to increasing your base stats in the Tree of Skill. You can spend multiple points at each star node, and gear proficiency soon starts requiring more than one Starstone.

Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay
Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay (YouTube)

Learn the map

There are some shortcuts in the area which are not shown on the map. For this, you should have good map knowledge so that you can reach the shortcuts easily. One of the shortcuts near the first Obelisk in the desert level. To get to the shortcut, you will have to go from below.

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Unlock more locations

While you progress through the game, you will unlock more locations. All the locations lead you to a different place. Therefore, it is good to unlock new locations and explore to find some useful things in the game. This will even help you to know more shortcuts.

You can use Summoning 

You can now summon players to your game and have them join you regardless of whether they are online or local. The only requirement is that both players be online at the same time. This will help you to win fights, and you can enjoy it as a multiplayer game.

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Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay
Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay (YouTube)

Choose your equipment wisely

When it comes to combat, equipment plays a crucial role. Despite this, armor pieces still have a certain amount of weight, and athletic maneuvers, such as rolling, can be affected by heavy gear. In addition, it was demonstrated in the gameplay footage that the character is able to execute fast and smooth rolls, even when she is wearing heavy armor. Therefore, you can try it on your own and see if it’s working or not.

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