Do you want to know how to beat Druddigon in Pokemon Go? Our guide will give you some tips and tricks for this battle. 

If you want a Druddigon or Shiny Druddigon, you will have to beat Druddigon in Pokemon Go. However, defeating him will only be possible if you are having a strong team with you. Additionally, to win this fight, you might also need to invite your friends to the raid in Pokemon GO. Druddigon is a third-tier raid boss, so it is not that difficult for you to beat him alone. However, if you want to win this battle quickly and very easily, call your friends for help.

The chance of getting a Druddigon or Shiny Druddigon totally depends on how you win the battle. There is no guarantee that you will get the Shiny Druddigon. Therefore, you will just have to try it a number of times till you get it. But how to beat Druddigon in Pokemon GO? For this, you will need to read our guide below that has some best tips and tricks for this battle.

Druddigon fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Druddigon

As a Dragon-type Pokemon, Druddigon is vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type moves. Druddigon’s attacks can also be used on Dragon-type Pokemon, so players should pay attention to this fact. Players are likely to win the raid fight as long as they use Pokemon that are strong against Druddigon. Below, we have listed the best Pokemon you can use against Druddigon.

  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Garchomp: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Galarian Darmanitan: Ice Fang and Avalanche
  • Dialga: Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor
  • Dragonite: Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Palkia: Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

It is always the best option to use shadow versions of the Pokemon to increase the chance of winning. However, the regular Pokemon can do the job as well.

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How to capture Druddigon and use it

If you really want to catch the Druddigon, we recommend you to use a Golden Razz Berry or a normal Razz Berry before you throw the ball. If you want to increase the candies upon capturing Druddigon, use a Pinap or Silver Pinap Berry. In this way, you can get the best rewards from the battle.

Druddigon’s best move is Dragon Tail which is very fast and if you want a charged attack, then Dragon Claw is the best choice. You can change the moves by fast TMs and Charged TMs. What are TMs? Well, they are rewards that you get for some special research tasks and even for winning battles.

Druddigon fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (YouTube)
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So, this is how you will beat and can capture Druddigon in Pokemon Go. It is not a difficult battle so do not take stress about it. You can use the recommended Pokemon or any other that you feel is right for the job. If you are still confused then just read our guide and do it the same way we mentioned. The victory will be in your pocket for sure.

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