Moonton developed Mobile Legends Adventure. We will discuss the game, tips, and strategies that you should know to advance in the game effectively in this Mobile Legends Adventure Guide. 

Moonton, the studio behind the massively successful Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has today launched Mobile Legends Adventure, the sequel to its RPG. This is an idle game where you acquire heroes from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The bad news is that Mobile Legends Adventure does not have every hero from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The good news is that they may be included in future versions, and the game remains enjoyable to play. The other good news is that if you pre-registered, you’ll receive some great pre-registration goodies to help you get started.

Mobile Legends Adventure appears to be a really simple game, and it is. You gather the heroes, form a squad, and utilize them in different fights. The sad fact is that it isn’t as simple as it may appear. The good news is the same as that of bad news! That’s what makes Mobile Legends Adventure so engaging and enjoyable. You’ll need to think about your existing Power vs. your enemy’s Power, which heroes to keep on your present team, and which heroes to dismantle. Check out more helpful tips and tricks in our Mobile Legends Adventure Guide.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide – Tips and Tricks

Powerful resonance buffs

Mobile Legends Adventure guide
Mobile Legends Adventure

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, Resonance Buffs are a series of team buffs that are granted to your heroes if specific circumstances are satisfied. This is one of the strategies to give your squad a decent boost or a significant boost. The Resonance boosts may be seen in the top left corner of the game at any time while putting your heroes. 

Five conditions can grant you a Resonance Buff. While configuring your team, each of these is discussed in the Resonance Buffs section. So, if you see a significant gain in Power after putting heroes, there’s a considerable possibility you activated a Resonance Buff! Even if power isn’t the deciding factor in most situations, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have as much as you can obtain!

Strategies in the Arena

You’ll rely on methods and tactics more than power in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Collecting and building up as many heroes as possible is also a great motivation to do so. As a result, you’ll be able to pick the most effective strategy for you.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide
Mobile Legends Adventure Guide

The first thing you should do when you press the Battle button is to take a peek at your opponents. It’s not just about their strength that you should be concerned about. You should concentrate more on their group. If you understand how certain heroes function, you can counter them and win even with a lesser Power. Your Power will always dictate who you choose as your opponents. This is reflected in the Arena Rankings. This is also what you’ll see if you’re defeated by a player with a lesser Power than you.

Strategies for campaigns

The Mobile Legends: Adventure Campaign is rather simple to navigate. In general, the higher your Power, the further you can travel. The major strategy, on the other hand, is to get as far as possible as rapidly as feasible.

The more you progress in Mobile Legends: Adventure, the more material you may unlock. The other two components are seen in the lower right corner of the screenshot above. Instant Rewards provides you with a daily dosage of Idle Rewards worth 2 hours. With 50 gems, you may purchase another 2 hours of Idle Rewards. The best advice is to preserve your diamonds, take advantage of the free stuff, and flee!

Additionally, there is a box for Idle Rewards in the bottom right corner. As long as you leave it alone for 12 hours, you may collect it whenever you want. During idle time, you’ll only be able to build up your Idle Rewards box for up to 12 hours. As you progress in the campaign, you will have a greater chance of receiving more prizes in the Idle Rewards box. 

As you advance through the levels of a chapter, you may earn awards that rise every 5 levels. Awards are given every minute, so please keep that in mind. You may find that they quickly pile up depending on where you are in the campaign!

You can play through the reset time

There is a time of day when Mobile Legends Adventure’s server resets, just as with many other mobile games currently available. The game will then be available again at that time. Time Portal, Arena, Tower of Babel, Labyrinth, and Tavern are the content in question here. The idea here is to go through two days of content in a short period by playing through the reset time.

guide to mobile legend adventure
Mobile legends adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a game that you may play on your phone or tablet. If it takes you 2 hours to accomplish all of these aspects of the game, you should finish 2 hours before the server reset time. Then, after the server has been reset, you may repeat the process. Of course, this depends on where you are. 

For many users, the server reset time for some locations would be at a very convenient time of day. In certain areas, a server reset would be quite dark and early! Best wishes! Those who are in an “excellent location” have a decent chance of accumulating a large sum of money in a short period. Individuals who do not have the opportunity to play regularly can benefit from this.

The Portal for Having a Good Time Is Getting More Popular

Adventure is all about your gains in Mobile Legends’ Time Portal. They’re not difficult to get, which adds to the enjoyment! The goodies located in the Starsoul Hourglass in the bottom right corner of the Time Portal section are ultimately your main goal here. 

Regrettably, doing so takes some preparation. In the Time Portal screenshot below, notice the reset time in the lower-left corner. That’s how much time you have to earn stars in the Starsoul Hourglass to unlock cards. The Chrono Stars you earn in the Trials and Crusade segment accumulate in the bottom right corner of the Starsoul Hourglass, allowing you to open the Starsoul Chest.

One of the reasons for collecting many heroes is the Trials section of Mobile Legends: Adventure. You can build up your heroes as well. All trials have rules attached to them. Every “trial” has its special rewards as well! One “trial” might have a rule prohibiting damage dealt by male characters. You will see the target register “Immune” if you add any male heroes to your team at that time. They can’t deal damage.

lucky draw
Mobile legends lucky draw

You can still use them to tank for the female heroes, if necessary. In some games, the rules state that only ranged heroes or tech heroes can deal damage. No matter what happens, there are still heroes who can help the “damage dealers”. There are two types of power: yours and your opponent’s. The Trials provide you with many Advance Essence Pots and Hero EXP Pots.

The Crusade phase of Mobile Legends: Adventure pays you much more! For some reason, your opponents appear to have little power! Because it isn’t tough, it won’t take you long to go through it. There are nine battles in all. A chest may be found in the bottom right corner of the screen, which can be accessed after every third combat. 

The catch is that you may only unlock the chest after each combat. In other words, after a battle, each hero on your team retains their present status. You can still win even if your Power is low. You can play as long as you have enough heroes. Crusade is an excellent way to get hero pieces and BP.

In the Labyrinth

The game also includes Labyrinth, a survival-style game. To collect the prizes, you must traverse numbered floors. There are several reasons to acquire and level up as many heroes as possible.

Overall, Mobile Legends: Adventure kept you on your toes by revealing surprises under every tile! It is possible to click on the highlighted tiles to uncover attack spots or rewards. Clicking on surrounding tiles won’t be possible when you uncover an attack spot. In some cases, you will find a fountain (with a green leaf) and in other cases, you will find extra heroes to use.

Some spots have equipment chests that will grant you Equipment Coins. Your goal is to remove all the tiles from each map. There is only one attack per map. There is a key in the spots’ pocket that provides access to the next floor. At that place, are a few bonus tiles with Rail Guns or Bomb bonuses. The bombs should be used carefully. The highest-level attack spots get the benefit first. Once that spot is destroyed, it will be much easier to deal with the next one.

collect heroes in the game
Mobile legends Adventure guide

The first strategy to employ here is to refrain from using the fountain until the current floor has been entirely cleansed. You’ll be able to replenish some HP for your heroes before moving on to the next floor in this manner. Because this is a survival mode, your heroes’ present status is preserved for each combat.

The next strategy to employ here is to form teams using your “lesser” heroes and any extra heroes obtained by first clicking tiles. The aim is to save your major squad heroes for the top floors of the current dungeon, where things might get tricky as you progress through the levels.

Finally, before assaulting, click on as many tiles as you can. Use the Freeze bonus to unlock the ability to click on locked tiles that surround an attack site. You may utilize this to attempt to find as many perks as possible to assist you out.

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