Rage of Destiny Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for this Idle RPG

Here is a Rage of Destiny Guide that will help you build a powerful team and dominate your opponents.

IGG has released a new action strategy RPG called Rage of Destiny. Rage of Destiny has more in common with a plethora of loosely similar action strategy games than a lot of other action role-playing games. Graphically, the game is excellent, the character designs are brilliant and memorable, and the amount and quality of content are astounding.

What distinguishes Rage of Destiny from other action strategy RPGs are the unique aspects included in its features and game types. Rage of Destiny promises that players, whether novices or veterans, will have a fascinating and engaging experience. There are adventures and challenges contained inside its enormous fantasy universe. No matter how vigorously players strive, they can only gain small amounts of progress with Rage of Destiny. The total progression is, however, heavily influenced by the number of time players can devote to the game.

Rage of Destiny offers several unique features and gameplay mechanics that may take some getting accustomed to. The tutorial session is a quick and easy method to learn the basics. Unlocking new features and game types always comes with useful explanations. You may also view information on each page or window you visit.

If you are new to the realm of Rage of Destiny and want to begin your experience, this is the place to be. We’ve got you covered with our Rage of Destiny guide. It features a slew of tips, techniques, and methods for overcoming each obstacle you come across.

Rage of Destiny guide for campaign

Rage of Destiny guide
Rage of Destiny (Image credit Rage of Destiny on Playstore)

The campaign is the most linear mode of the game, but it is also the most essential one. Once players get through one or two chapters, they realize it’s the same thing over and over again, so they get tired of playing the campaign. Campaigns are necessary, however, for increasing reward amounts in the AFK rewards system and from your inventory items. In order for their accounts to grow stronger, players must advance continuously in the campaign.

Rage of Destiny has an auto-combat and auto-progression campaign option, allowing players to leave their game running forever. The auto-progression will only halt when the game reaches the end of a chapter. If your squad dies during the campaign, the stage will be retried. Reaching the highest stage that your squad is capable of climbing ensures that you get a huge quantity of resources the next day. This is why you should complete at least 15 stages or 1 chapter every day.

Another crucial incentive to proceed as far as possible during the main campaign is because it acts as a key to unlocking some Rage of Destiny’s material and features. The crusade has many open features, but many elements are behind campaign milestones.

Although the opposition team’s power grows with each successive level, you may find that certain later conflicts are simpler for your team to deal with. There is a boss at the end of every level. If you complete the chapter, be sure to press “next” to continue to the next chapter and accumulate more idle prizes.

Rage of Destiny guide for a Balanced Team

The appearance of some champions in Rage of Destiny may make them appear stronger than their peers. This makes them the top choice for your main team. This is especially true for damage-dealing units since they dominate even most team-based strategic battles.

To succeed through Rage of Destiny’s many challenges, it is important to have a well-balanced and synergistic team. And simply combining the most powerful characters won’t likely bring success. Furthermore, some characters may appear weak on their own, but when teamed up with the right unit, their true value becomes evident. In addition to the rarity grade, other traits are critical to consider when evaluating a character’s ability.

Hero rarities can be classified as normal, rare, elite, and mythic. You should avoid investing your effort in characters of normal grade. The ability to raise their rarity grade is not available as they only have two skills. Elite grade heroes can have up to 3 available skills, and rare grade heroes can upgrade to elite grades. Some elite champions can be upgraded to Mythic, while it is not possible for others. In the Hero menu, the album feature allows you to verify this.

The faction of each champion should be taken into consideration when choosing your main team. In Rage of Destiny, there are six factions, including four normal ones and two special ones. They act like the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” by giving the disadvantaged faction a 25% damage boost.

How many members are in a team?

You will always have 5 members on your team, and you may build a full synergy of allied faction bonuses around different faction combinations within your team. When it comes to ordinary factions, deploying three troops from the same faction offers your entire squad a 10% gain in ATK and HP. Adding two troops from the same faction to your trio instead provides everyone with a 15% HP and ATK boost. 

Having four heroes from the same faction deployed grants everyone a 15% ATK and a 20% HP boost. A full squad of heroes from the same regular faction increases each member’s ATK and HP by 25%.

There are many more than 5 champions to gather for any of the main factions, and selecting ones to consider should be based on their class and function in the squad. On each hero’s page, there are symbols in the top right corner that indicate their faction, type, class, and role. Types can be STR, INT, or AGI, and the type of a unit determines the sort of damage it can deal and the gear it can equip.

Completing your daily tasks

Claim daily rewards, complete expeditions, and finish campaigns in the game. Participating in these game modes earns the player rewards the following day. Diamonds, the most valuable resource in the game, can be earned by placing high in the Arena, for example. Their team or collection can be enhanced by summoning new heroes for the Kingdom.

Daily resets are also possible in some modes. Trade Route, Dragon’s Nest, and the Dwarf Treasure (Guild) are some others. Each day, players can climb Floor 6 of the Dragon’s Nest, granting them access to a variety of awesome resources and equipment. Other game modes offer plenty of useful rewards, but they take less time to complete than Dragon’s Nest. Before the game resets each day, you should always aim to finish the game’s content to 100%.

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Rage of Destiny guide for Upgrades

Rage of Destiny guide
Rage of Destiny (Image credit: Rage of destiny Twitter)

It’s a thrilling experience to be able to recruit new champions and expand your army. As you make modifications to your team roster to secure players that are more suited to the squad, a sense of improvement in terms of their fighting performance may be equally gratifying. The variety of upgrading choices available for each character extends the adrenaline-pumping experience even more.

A champion’s total fighting power depends largely on their level. Combat units do not get experience points or level up. However, leveling them up using basic resources is the simplest and most fundamental way to make them stronger. Gold and Hero EXP are the two fundamental resources required for leveling up.

Every tenth level may be more expensive. But it is justified because this milestone either unlocks a new skill for the champion or raises the level of an existing one. Given that leveling up prices increase as the champion’s level increases. A typical and sensible method would be to split resources as evenly as possible between all 5 of your major heroes. You can, to some extent, prioritize some above others. Front-row victors always get first dibs on augmentation operations, according to us.

While each level for any champion results in an improvement in stats and fighting power. Rating them up results in a greater boost in strength. Ranking up advances the hero to the next grade, delivering massive stat bonuses across the board.

Resonance Crystal

In addition, Rage of Destiny contains a Resonance Crystal function that may be located inside your kingdom. This feature allows any of your characters to inherit your fifth-highest level character’s level. You will only be able to level up two more heroes using this approach; but, collecting enough crystal coins from AFK prizes will allow you to unlock extra slots.

With the Resonance Crystal function, you won’t have to reset certain characters just because you changed your team lineups. There are other game types and challenges that demand you to have more than 5 high-level troops. This feature prevents you from spending money on more than 5 champions.

Join a Guild

Rage of Destiny players can also improve by joining a guild and adding friends. There are currency exchanges available for both games. If you wish to raise your character’s power rating, you can pick up some rare equipment in the guild shop.

Players can also earn Friendship Points by adding friends. Through the Summoning Portal, you can summon new heroes using these points. It is less likely that friendship summons will drop Elite Heroes, but that shouldn’t matter, since even rare heroes are useful for fusion materials needed to increase the rank of heroes already owned by you. Even if you don’t like socializing, these benefits alone should sway you to become a friend or join a guild, even if you don’t interact with them.

Always double-check your inventory

Rage of Destiny guide
Rage of Destiny (Image credit Rage of Destiny on Playstore)

The presence of multiple game modes and features to discover and enjoy within Rage of Destiny’s environment is undoubtedly part of what makes the overall journey fascinating and engrossing. As a result of the abundance of things to investigate and participate in, it is easy for novices to overlook less obvious features and places.

Your inventory or item bag contains a range of resources that are not immediately available to you, and some of these goods must be researched and even clicked on before they can be used. One of the item kinds you should constantly keep an eye out for is resource supplies, which provide you with an hour to a 24-hour supply of certain materials. It is possible to obtain large quantities of gold, hero experience, and even mystic dust by consuming these items.

However, using these resources when you need them and being able to execute additional upgrades might help you proceed not just through the campaign stages but also through the many obstacles along the way. You may use these resources for hero upgrades in this regard.

Similarly, hero soulstones from numerous sources have been accumulated in your item bag. You can summon a champion of that grade if you have 60 of either the rare or elite variety. Progressing through the Atonement Tower will very certainly award you a fairly large number of these soulstones, and there is no use in hoarding them. When these things become available, be sure to summon heroes from them, since you will never run out of extra heroes to rank up current ones.

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