You will need Ducats in Warframe guide to know the best way to get it. We have also mentioned the way to farm it.

Prisma weaponry, Primed Mods, and other special products may only be obtained by purchasing them from Baro Ki’Teer. You’ll need a lot of Ducats and Credits to accomplish so. Obtaining it, however, is inefficient when compared to other currencies. 

If you’re wondering how to earn Ducats in Warframe, you’ve come to the right place. Our Warframe Ducats Guide will show you how to amass a large amount of this cash.

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Ducats in Warframe Guide: How to get them

Missions, killing foes, and selling goods all yield credits. When you reach the “endgame” levels, you’ll have millions in your pocket. You’ll need them to make goods in the Foundry, in addition to buying helpful stuff. Ducats, on the other hand, may only be acquired through the conversion of Prime Parts and Blueprints. One Part can provide up to 100 Ducats, although conversions can yield as low as 15 Ducats depending on the item.

Farming ducats is inefficient and reliant on chance. When compared to Credits, you only get a few. They are, however, obligated to trade with Baro Ki’Teer. In Warframe, there are only two methods to get Ducats. The first method involves opening Void Relics and converting the Prime Parts therein into Ducats. Follow these procedures if you need a reminder on how to open Void Relics and convert Prime Parts:

Ducats in Warframe Guide
How to get Ducat
  • Play some Void Fissure missions if you have Void Relics.
  • After you’ve opened the Relics and completed the assignment, pick the prize with the highest rarity, which is normally marked with a gold band.
  • Return to your Orbiter if you haven’t already.
  • Take a look at your Star Chart.
  • Join any session by finding a planet or moon with a Relay.
  • Enter the Relay once you’ve arrived.
  • Two Kiosks will be available in the vast space in the middle.
  • To access the menu, use the “Interact” button.
  • Select the Prime Parts you want to convert, as well as how many of each you want to convert, if appropriate.
  • To obtain your Ducats, go to “Sell Items.”

There is a problem

This is a 100% freeway. Some gamers have difficulty with repeating the same quest, which may get monotonous. With Void Traces, you can always boost the possibilities of the rarest prizes dropping, but it’s not guaranteed. In general, the rarer the prize, the more Ducats you’ll get in return.

If an award valued at 100 Ducats was “downgraded” to 65 Ducats, the exception applies. Changes can occur at any moment, and this might have an impact on your award values. Old Relics are vaulted, and new ones are released, affecting the prizes’ starting worth. To avoid this, make sure to hunt for the most valuable prizes and conduct a thorough study.

Look for “Radshare” squads if you want the highest odds. When Tenno joins these teams, they all agree to upgrade their Relics to Radiant, which increases the likelihood of getting the finest prizes. This raises your chances of receiving them and saves you a lot of time.

To improve your Relics with any relevance, you’ll need a lot of Relics and Void Traces, but a Resource Booster should help you farm Void Traces faster. The second option is to just purchase Ducats from other Tenno. When Baro Ki’Teer arrives or arrives shortly, many of them will begin selling prime junk. It’ll cost you some Platinum, but if you’re in a hurry, it’s a viable choice. You can convert your prime junk into Ducats once you have it.

Ducats in Warframe Guide: How to get Baro Ki’Teer?

Every two weeks or bi-weekly, Baro Ki’Teer arrives. When you check into the game, you’ll get an inbox message telling you when and where he’ll be. Many Tenno will throng to the relay where he will make his great debut even before he comes to see his magnificent arrival. You may just type “when Baro” in the Region Chat if you’re wondering about where and when you’ll find him. The information will be sent to you by a bot.

Baro doesn’t usually show up in the same Relay at the same moment. He alternates between the two. Look for his emblem on the Star Chart 24-hours before he’s expected to appear if you want to know where he’ll be next. Follow the course of the moving symbol to see which Relay he’s going to and which he intends to attend.

Ducats in Warframe Guide: How to Farm Ducats?

Ducats may be obtained by opening Void Relics. The only way to open them is to complete Void Fissure quests. Before the Void Fissure missions are replaced with others, there is a limited period. As a result, relic farming missions are often updated. You may keep track of these changes by monitoring the top-right corner of the Star Chart regularly. The following are some of the most common quests for unlocking Void Relics:

Ducats in Warframe Guide
How to farm Ducat


You can continue in the same mission and open Relics many times if you survive. Some teams are on missions for hours since the longer you stay, the more Void Traces and goodies you obtain. Certain Survival missions reward you with additional Relics that you can open later.

Try to select a suitable squad in Recruiting Chat to ensure your survival during these assignments. To secure your survival, discuss the squad’s Warframes and weaponry. Otherwise, you risk failing and losing everything.


Interception missions aren’t the most popular way to farm Void Relics, but with a little planning, teams can achieve objectives with ease. You can access the Relic sooner if each capture point is kept without being lost. In Interception missions, Warframes with strong AoE stats excel. Hydroid can simply turn into a pool of water to keep attackers away from the spots. He doesn’t even have to do anything other than eliminate the stray stragglers.


Perhaps the most popular missions are capture missions. Many Tenno squads will carry their high Damage Per Second (DPS) Warframes and weaponry since capturing a single adversary is all that is required. They have the ability to knock down and grab their prey in a matter of seconds. You can find yourself initiating the same task twice before you realize it if you receive a fortunate tileset. If everyone is powerful, even random teams can complete the assignment five times in ten minutes.


Exterminate missions are similar to Capture missions, except instead of capturing a single adversary, you must kill enough adversaries to accomplish the task. Ember, Volt, and other warframes with strong DPS and AoE are excellent alternatives. After you seize the target, Capture missions might occasionally turn into Exterminate missions.

With this sort of task, combining your most powerful Warframes and weapons with huge areas of attack is critical since you may swiftly cut a bloody path through the throngs of foes. Volt also offers all Tenno a boost in speed, which affects attack and running speed.


Another technique that might help you swiftly cultivate Ducats is defense. The waves of opponents rushing to attack the objective will be quickly dealt with by a team of Area of Effect (AoE) Warframes. You can clear a wave in under a minute if one of your Tenno has a Speed Nova build.

You get to open and extract a Relic every five waves, so if you’re quick, you can open two of them in under 10 minutes. Defense missions are preferred by certain Tenno since they allow them to level up their equipment and maybe get Void Relics as a reward.

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