Rite of Dawning Quest Guide for Destiny 2

We have brought you a Rite of Dawning Quest Guide for Destiny 2 that will help you to understand the quest and its details more easily.

The Dawning, Destiny 2‘s winter holiday event, has arrived. Guardians can convert their adversaries’ corpses into tasty delicacies to get resources and new weaponry. This year’s celebrations included a new Stasis Sword and cosmetics for players to hunt. It provides both new and returning Guardians an incentive to attend.

The Dawning hasn’t changed much in comparison to past years. Snowballs have reappeared, imbued with Stasis’ power to freeze and shatter your adversaries. Eva’s new enhancements make target-farming for loot a lot simpler. This guide will cover every facet of the Dawning event in 2021, from treat recipes to the greatest Dawning weapon rolls available this year.

Dawning Quest Guide: How it works?

The Dawning is a seasonal occurrence that takes place between December 14th and January 4th. Eva Levante, everyone’s favorite loot-giving grandmother, wants Guardians to make festive sweets. The sweets are for other NPCs to spread Christmas happiness. You may turn resources dropped by fallen opponents into sweets using Eva’s Holiday Oven. This allows you to gain presents such as Masterwork materials, planetary resources, and even new weaponry.

The Dawning is one of Destiny’s most generous events when compared to other events. Almost every monster you defeat will drop an ingredient that you may use in Eva’s Holiday Oven to gain prizes. Making treats is quite simple, and the benefits are ideal for beginner Guardians or seasoned Guardians seeking to accumulate resources for The Witch Queen expansion.

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Dawning Quest Guide: What is new?

Dawning Quest Guide

Snowballs are back 

Snowballs have returned from the very first Dawning event, and you may discover them everywhere across Europa, as well as in the weekly Nightfall attack (excluding Grandmaster Nightfalls).

On impact, they discharge a burst of Stasis, destroying adversaries and freezing adjacent foes.

Snowballs improvements may be purchased from Eva Levante.

Two new missions added

After completing her introductory quest, Eva will give you two further objectives, allowing you to gain a Dawning-themed shader and the new Zephyr Sword.

New Sword

Zephyr, a new Stasis Sword that can roll with Cold Steel and inflict Stasis with powerful Sword strikes, is now available. This sword has a slight chance of being dropped by Dawning Gifts.

Before you may use the weapon, you must first finish a Dawning Quest.

The perk pools for dawning weapons have been revised

New benefits have been added to Glacioclasm, Cold Front, and Avalanche.

In Eva’s Holiday Oven, two new recipes have been added

You can craft Ascendant Apple Tart and Timeless Starwort Thins.

Dawning Quest Guide: Recipes, Holiday Oven, and Essence Of Dawning

Dawning Quest Guide
Eva’s Holiday Owen

Holiday Oven

When you initially enter the Tower, Eva Levante will assign you the chore of making a batch of Gjallardoodles for Zavala. Eva’s Holiday Oven, an inventory item akin to the Splicer Gauntlet or Hammer of Proving, may be used to do this. The oven may be found under the Quests menu. To start the menu, inspect the oven.

You may mix different materials in this menu to make snacks for sellers around Destiny 2’s numerous locations. Every recipe calls for three things: an ingredient, a rare ingredient, and Dawning Essence. Ingredients can drop from fallen foes, with the type of ingredient varying depending on the adversary and how they were killed. The Essence of Dawning may be obtained through a variety of activities. In a moment, we’ll go through both resource kinds in further detail. For the time being, bake one set of Gjallardoodles with the ingredients Eva supplied you.


After you’ve made a treat for the Dawning, you’ll be able to see the recipe for that treat. You may see a list of every dish you’ve discovered by hovering over the recipes area of the Holiday Oven. You may manufacture duplicate goodies fast by crafting treats straight from this menu. Once the recipe has been discovered, there’s no need to manually input all of the components.

Essence Of Dawning

You’ll need Essence of Dawning no matter what kind of treatment you’re planning to make. The Essence of Dawning appears to have vanished from Lost Sectors. Wrathborn Hunts is perhaps the finest farm for this resource, dropping 15 Essence each clear. Each quest takes little more than a minute to complete, so this is a simple method to collect enough Essence to produce a few sweets. Wrathborn Hunts also generate snowballs, which are ideal for completing one of Eva’s weekly bounties.

Dawning Quest Guide: How To Farm Dawning Ingredients

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

Dawning ingredients are dropped by almost every dead opponent, albeit the sort of ingredient varies depending on the enemy type and the weapon you’re using. Jump into dense Lost Sectors like the Tangled Shore’s Kingship Dock or Europa’s Perdition if you need a boost of ingredients. Popular kill farms, such as the Thrall corridor in the Shattered Throne dungeon or the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid, are also excellent sources of materials.

Complete bounties from Eva Levante if you don’t want to expressly forage for materials. Each prize comes with a different sort of ingredient and a Dawning Spirit. In the end, ingredients shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re actively playing Destiny 2.

Dawning Quest Guide: Rewards

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Destiny 2 on Steam)

Dawning Gifts, packages containing Dawning-themed weaponry, Masterwork ingredients, and planetary resources, may be obtained by turning in goodies and completing activities. The Dawning is linked to four weapons, three of which are returning from prior years with updated perk pools.

In addition, by completing this year’s Dawning tasks, players can obtain an Exotic Ship. Moments of Triumph, a Triumphs-themed event that debuted at the Dawning, also offers the chance to obtain a Sparrow and Ghost Shell. Eva Levante can also offer packages that allow you to target-farm various Dawning weaponry. Eva sells upgrades that boost your chances of getting the weapon and rolls you want.

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