Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher Guide – Best Build For PvP and PvE

We have brought you the Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher guide. We have also given the best build for PvP and PvE.

The Ogryn Tribes’ epic, Skullcrusher, is a Force affinity epic. Due to the buff he provides, he is the only epic champion with a counterattack, which is why he is one of the most desired champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. This buff is a tried and tested technique for dealing massive damage against the Clan Boss. Clan Bosses are the best place to obtain skill books and shards. 

As far as Raid: Shadow Legends is concerned, only two other champions have full-team counter-attacks, and those are Martyr and Valkyrie, two Legendary champions. Besides his counter-attack buff, Skullcrusher also gives the team an Ally Protection buff as well as an Unkillable buff to himself. This enables your team to stay alive for a longer period of time. Below is our Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher guide that will help you to learn more about this champion.

Skullcrusher gameplay
Skullcrusher gameplay (YouTube)
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What are Ogryn Tribes

The Ogryn Tribes are Subhuman giants with enormous bellies and strength, yet they are lazy, dumb brutes that are easily enslaved. Nonetheless, these terrible giant oafs frequently demonstrate that raw power and stupidity often triumph. They govern Felwin’s Gate, which leads into the Kingdom of Aravia, together with the Skinwalkers.

Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher Guide: Skills


His Attack 1 is Heal reduction, but it’s only a minor version, so you don’t want him to use it, especially against clan bosses. Skullcrusher landing heal reduction, on the other hand, is quite handy if you’re having trouble dealing with fire Knights. So it all depends on how you want to utilize him. 

But, for the most part, he won’t want to land heal reduction because he’s mostly employed in clan bosses. Everyone likes defensive-based champions, therefore he does all of his damage on defense. It implies they take less damage while still dealing a lot of harm.


In terms of his A2, Stonewall gives all allies except this champion a 50% Ally Protection bonus for two turns. For two turns, all allies except this champion get a Counterattack bonus. This champion gains the Unkillable boost for 1 turn.

Because of the allied protection and shared damage, you effectively tank this champion up, allowing your attack dealers to stay alive in engagements for longer. It also lets them to counter-attack, which makes him unkillable if they’re wearing lifestyle gear, which heals and backups him anyhow. As a result, once he’s suffered all of the allied protection damage, he’s unkillable. It is really tough for him to die.

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Unshakeable (passive skill)

Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher skills
Skullcrusher (Plarium)

For the arena, his passive is really quite cool. At the start of each turn, it reduces the duration of all debuffs on this champion by one round. He can’t be stunned out of the game, and he can’t be frozen out of the game either. You know you can’t keep him out of the game by making him sleep. He just starts to self-cleanse those deep buffs.

Stunned by the clan boss is the only danger here. Furthermore, if the clan boss stuns him, he will not regain his cooldowns. You don’t want him to be taken down by clan boss since he still doesn’t have his cooldowns.

Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher Guide: Best build for PvP

Skullcrusher is not recommended for PvP, however, here are the builds you can go with:

  • Blastproof (defense)
  • Rejuvenation (defense)
  • Deadly Precision (offense)
  • Keen Strike (offense)
  • Tough Skin (defense)
  • Shadow Heal (defense)
  • Resurgent (defense)
  • Life Drinker (offense)
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Raid Shadow Legends Skullcrusher Guide: Best build for PvE

  • Bring it Down (Offense)
  • Delay Death (Defense)
  • Solidarity (Defense)
  • Methodical (Offense)
  • Retribution (Defense)
  • Deterrence (Defense)
  • Warmaster (Offense)

Best Artifacts for Skullcursher

Artifacts for skullcrusher
Artifacts for Skullcrusher (Plarium)
  • Set: Defense, Weapon Attack %
  • Set: Defense, Helmet HP %
  • Set: Defense, Shield Defense %
  • Set: Defense, Gauntlets Defense %
  • Set: Life, Chestplate Defense %
  • Set: Life, Boosts HP %

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