Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Are you a Ninja fan? You can play as Ninja now. Read our Raid Shadow Legends Ninja guide to know more about the Ninja Champion.

In Raid Shadow Legends, Ninja is an affinity champion of the Shadowkin faction who specializes in Attack Magic. On July 1st, 2021, Ninja was introduced as a special collaboration with Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, and professional gamer, Richard Belvins aka Ninja. Ninja was only available for a limited time for free to all players between July 16th, 2021, and October 15th, 2021. The Ancient Shards and Sacred Shards will not be able to summon him.

While Ninja provides some AoE control for waves, it also has a strong A2 for killing bosses. He is great for Clan Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, and Doom Tower Bosses with his A1 decrease defense, his A2 multiple HP Burns, and his A3 that also reduces the Cooldown of A2. The below Raid Shadow Legends Ninja guide will give you some of the best tips and tricks for him.

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Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Guide: Skills


Aims at 1 enemy. Places a 60% DEF debuff for 2 turns if it has a 45% chance of doing so. Fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 15% when used against Bosses.


Attacks randomly 3 times. A 75% chance exists for each hit to place HP Burn for 3 turns. Additionally, this Champion is buffed for 2 turns with Perfect Veil. If used against bosses, this skill will activate any HP Burn debuff, including those placed by this skill.

Cyan Slash

Aimed at all enemies. The Freeze debuff will be placed on the target for 1 turn at a 75% chance. If the player targets a Boss (not all enemies), the target’s DEF will be ignored by 50%. This will also reduce the cooldown of the Hailburn skill by one turn.


When all three of Ninja’s Active Skills are used in a single round, an enemy’s ATK is increased by 10% (up to 100%) and his C.DMG% is increased by 25%. Multiple enemies can be affected by this effect at the same time. ATK and C.DMG will increase by 20% and 10%, respectively, for Ninja when fighting Bosses.

Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Guide: Use Shatterbolt first

Ninja’s Shatterbolt (A1) is a skill that provides damage increases to your champions by debuffing the enemy’s defense. In the case of boss raids, this is ideal, especially if a sidekick like Clan Boss isn’t available.

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Raid Shadow Legends Ninja Guide: Hailburn has a lot of things

Raid Shadow Legends Ninja
Ninja (Plarium)

Hailburn causes the Burn debuff three times based on randomness, which is already a fantastic debuff for bosses, but it gets better. The Burn debuffs that have recently been applied to the Boss are activated immediately if Ninja applies this skill to him. By using three attacks on the boss, you can deliver more than 9% of their maximum HP in damage. Seeing that from just one champion is impressive.

Freeze the enemies

As an AoE attack, Cyan Slash can take out your opponents by freezing them. Freeze is strong in most areas of the game, but bosses tend to resist it, so you would believe it wouldn’t work against them, but you can be wrong about it sometimes. Using Freeze to fight bosses totally changes the dynamics of battle. The Ninja’s attack becomes a single-target attack that bypasses a Boss’s 50% Defense if it is used against a Boss.

Things to keep in mind

Ninja Playing his character (Ninja)
  • The Shadowkin faction’s Ninja champion is a legendary grade champion based on Attack and Magic affinity. 
  • In the game, he is a viable unit for any type of dungeon because he has an Attack of 1509. 
  • Due to his unique skills, he does differently against boss units such as clan bosses or dungeon bosses such as dragons, fire knights, spiders, and ice golems. 
  • The fact that he is so good at clearing dungeons and performing well in clan bosses makes him a great choice for newer players. 
  • AOE freeze attacks with his third ability, Cyan Slash, allow him to deal considerable damage to bosses and control over initial mob waves. 

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