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Plarium’s role-playing game Raid: Shadow Legends features a fantasy theme. The story of the game takes place in Teleria, an imaginary realm conquered by the Dark Lord Siroth. As a Telerian warrior, players must defeat the Dark Lord and restore harmony to the land. You will assemble an army and fight in settings such as castles, dungeons, deserts, and temples, defending yourself against enemies and possible allies.

Shards, vessels carrying the souls of former warriors, are collected as players progress through the game. Shards are divided into four categories. Silver, which is relatively cheap to gain, and Gems, which are considerably more difficult to obtain, are the two types of currency accessible in the game. Energy is required to complete any of the campaign levels or dungeons. 

Without Energy, campaign progress is impossible. After the first day, the player must be careful not to waste it because it runs out soon. To help you out, we have the Raid Shadow Legends guide with a lot of things that everyone should know.

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Understand the game

In the core of the game is a story-driven single-player campaign consisting of twelve levels, each with seven stages and three difficulty levels. A multiplayer component, the Arena, determines player rankings in conjunction with the single-player campaign. In addition to joining Clans, players can also fight a Clan Boss together. This gives them access to advanced rewards.

Do not let your first choice of Champion sweep over you

Characters in raid shadow legends
Characters in the game (Plarium Games)

As the hero of the story, you will be able to save one of the four title Champions after the brief battle tutorial ends. No matter what you decide, don’t worry too much about Athel, Elhain, Galek, or Kael. You’ll be able to unlock them all along the way. To start, pick a faction that you identify with the most or a Champion you are drawn to the most.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide: Affinity system

Raid Shadow Legends features four types of Affinities, and you’ll need to master each of them if you wish to succeed. While the first three Affinities are balanced with one another, the fourth has neither advantages nor disadvantages in relation to the others.

  • Magic (Blue): Advantage to Spirit, a disadvantage to Force.
  • Spirit (Green): Advantage to Force, a disadvantage to Magic.
  • Force (Red): Advantage to Magic, a disadvantage to Spirit.
  • Void (Purple): No advantage or disadvantage.

You won’t always have fun with Autobattles

gameplay of shadow legends
Gameplay (Plarium Games)

It is crucial that players understand how the synergy between Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends grows as the game becomes more complicated, difficult, and technical. You should take the time to study your new Champion’s skills by leading your squad into battle in Manual mode in order to fully comprehend the effect they can have on your squad. 

Just playing auto-battle will not give you any fun. You might not even understand the skill of the champion you are using. You can also review their capabilities in the Champion’s profile by clicking on the Skill tab.

Never hesitate to upgrade

Skills and equipment both fall under this category. As you progress through the game, upgrade your champion to be competitive. By using Tomes, you’ll be able to improve your characters’ skills, earn experience, and upgrade their gear as you progress. Keep your characters in fighting shape by upgrading and enhancing them throughout the game.

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Raid Shadow Legends Guide: Special events

combat style
Special events in the game (Plarium Games)

Though monthly battle towers may seem intimidating at first glance, the rewards that they offer are often exceptional and shouldn’t be overlooked. Newer players might not be able to reach the top of their first or second towers. With only the items they were provided when they signed up, they should be able to climb most of the way there.

The first time you participate in a tower, you should select the normal difficulty setting, and you should note the time left before it resets. Even after reaching the top of the boss room, and even after the player has reached their limit, they can still farm rare items from the boss floor. In order to do so, they will need enough Silver Keys.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide: Aura

Every Champion on a team has a passive skill called an “Aura” that increases a specific stat. Champions in the position of “Leader” will be able to project their Aura in combat. Don’t forget to equip your Leader with an Aura! You should make good use of the Auras of the starter Champions.

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Daily tasks and challenges will give you rewards

pvp battles
Gameplay (Plarium Games)

There will be daily challenges and rewards for players in Raid: Shadow Legends. For new players, it is recommended that they open the app daily at the very least for the login rewards. In addition, daily challenges often offer rewards that make them worth completing.

New players need extra help most during the early game, especially if they intend to remain free-to-play. Results may vary depending on the RNG. Due to their simplicity and the fact that the login rewards do not require actual gameplay, most of them are worth doing.

Are you rewarded by joining a clan?

Clan members get access to chest gifts, which are usually more valuable than those given to lone players. Joining a clan is also quite straightforward, and owing to a large number of players, many clans have little or no qualifications for membership. 

To take advantage of these clan chest prizes, new players should join a clan as soon as possible. It’s just as easy to leave and join another clan later on, so new players shouldn’t be concerned about being bound into a clan they join when they first start playing the game.

Complete with three-star

get 3 stars in your battle
Gameplay (Plarium Games)

In Raid: Shadow Legends, Mastering the three-star completion system is a significant part of the grind. As players score more stars on each mission, they receive more impressive rewards. You will earn more and better rewards by returning to a mission and attempting to earn a three-star campaign rating. You’ll also be rewarded based on how many stars you collect throughout the game, so the more you collect, the better!

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