Is Pokemon Unite Venusaur good for ranked battles and raids? Find the best moves and held items for this S-ranked Pokemon.

In Pokemon Unite, the key to success is to have the best attackers in your party. Though supporters and healers are good, attackers are the best tanks for all 5v5 battles and ranked matches. With new changes to the ranked mode, you can power-up your squad with the top-tier attacking Pokemon. Venusaur is a formidable unit in Pokemon Unite and will be the best starting units for raids. It’s also one of the best counters for the Panic Parade event.

Trainers can unlock the Venusaur avatar for 800 Aeos Coins and 460 Aeos Gems. Venusaur attacks from range and excels in Sp. ATK. The weaknesses for Venusaur are support and movement speed, but you can boost the other skills with the best movesets and held items. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Venusaur build, evolution and abilities.

Pokemon Unite Venusaur Build

Pokemon unite Venusaur

Pokemon Venusaur is a massive tank and has an umbrella on its back. Venusaur walks slowly, but it deals colossal damage. In Pokemon Unite, Venusaur is one of the best units for ranked battles. It has plenty of moves and one special unite move and it excels in ranged battles. Here are the best moves for Venusaur,

  • Overgrow – Whenever Venusaur loses hp, it deals high damage
  • Seed Bomb – Throws a large seed and deals AoE damage
  • Sludge Bomb – Activate this move to hurl an unsanitary sludge and inflict an AoE attack. Sludge Bomb also stuns targets with poison effects and reduces opposite Pokemon’s def
  • Giga Drain – Giga Drain reduces the hp of opposite Pokemon in the Area of Effect and increases damage for your team. Giga Drain restores HP as well
  • Razor Leaf – Launches sharp-edged leaves and attacks constantly in the AOE
  • Solar Beam – Activate this moveset and blast a bundled besm of light and deal heavy damage to enemies
  • Petal Dance – This skill scatters petals and increases the movement speed of Venusaur. Petal Dance deals damage over time in the AoE zone
  • Unite Move – Verdant Anger – Throws an explosive giant seed to decrease the enemy’s mobility and launches heavy attacks

Best Held Items for Pokemon Unite Venusaur

In-game Shop

Held items enhance offensive and defensive stats for Venusaur. You can use three held items in a battle.

  • Shell Bell – Use Venusaur’s move and boost its HP while attacking. With high Sp. ATK, Venusaur will be able to retrieve more HP. The Shell Bell held item also boosts Sp. ATK by +24
  • Buddy Barrier – Buddy Barrier instantly grants a shield and HP bonus to Venusaur and the entire squad. This held item is the best defensive item for Venusaur
  • Muscle Band – Muscle Band is the best offensive held item for Venusaur. Attack and Basic Attack Speed will gradually increase.

Best Boost Emblems for Pokemon Unite Venusaur

Boost Emblems are special stats that can be unlocked from the Energy Rewards. The best emblems for Venusaur are,

  • Haunter – SPD +21
  • Draitni – HP+30
  • Snubbull – Attack +1.2
  • Magnemite – Defense +3.0

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Venusaur build, held items and playing style. Falinks will be the next Pokemon in Aeos Island.


Is Pokemon Unite Tier List Useful?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

Is Held Items Required for Battles in Pokemon Unite?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

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