Leafeon Pokemon Unite: The Best Build For This Grass-Type Powerhouse

Pokemon Unite Leafeon is one of the best attackers. Find out the best held items, skills and emblems.

The new patch update in Pokemon Unite will make changes to the game’s features and content. On the Pokemon Anniversary day 2024, Miraidon Pokemon will make its way to Aeos Island and the Draft Picks feature will be added to the ranked mode as well. With new Pokemon and different rules, trainers have to tussle against players to dominate the ranked mode.

Leafeon, the Melee Speedster is a menacing attacking unit. With Shiny Rayquaza returning, it’s time to power-up your squad. Leafeon excels in scoring goals and can move faster. It is also one of the best offensive units in Pokemon Go. But Leafeon doesn’t have a good defense. To strengthen its build, you can use the best held items, and movesets. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Leafeon build, held items, emblems and more. 

Pokemon Unite Leafeon Build


Trainers can get Leafeon for 13,000 Aeos Coins. Also, you can spend 460 Aeos Gems to obtain this speedster in Pokemon Unite. To get the best Leafeon build, here are the recommended items and skills.

Best Moves of Pokemon Unite Leafeon

  • Chlorophyll – The special ability increases mobility for Leafeon
  • Run Away – When Leafeon is not in battle, the movement speed gets boosted
  • Basic Attack – Evolve Leafeon to boost its attack and reduce the movement speed for opponents. The basic attack of Leafeon will also work if the Chlorophyll gauge is full.
  • Swift – The ranged move shoots star-shaped rays and inflicts heavy damage
  • Razor Leaf – Activate the skill to launch 5 sharp-edged leaves and hits opposing Pokemon
  • Aerial Ace – Leafeon runs with speed and slash and deals massive damage to nearby targets. Aerial Ace increases damage for basic attack
  • Leaf Blade – Leafeon will dash and spin to slash targets
  • Unite Move – Emerald Two-Step – Leaps at opposing Pokemon, deals damage and reduces their movement speed

Best Held Items for Pokemon Unite Leafeon

Held items are bonus stats for each Pokemon in the game. Leafeon can use 3 held items after unlocking all the slots at rank 10

  • Float Stone – Leafeon’s movement speed increases by 20% and cooldown timer will get reduced. Float Stone also increases attacks for Leafeon
  • Attack Weight – Leafeon’s base attacks gets increased by +18 and it also boosts attacks whenever you score goals
  • Razor Claw – Use a move and get increased damage for basic attack. The Razor Claw also boosts the critical hit rate for a combat

Best Boost Emblems for Pokemon Unite Leafeon


Boost Emblems are special features that will increase stats for every Pokemon. Leafeon gets three slots for these emblems and the best are,

  • Bulbasaur – Sp. ATK  +3
  • Cubone – Atk +2
  • Jigglypuff – Hp +30.0
  • Tentacool – Sp. Def +3

Pokemon Unite Leafeon DB, Glaceon, Evolution & More


Leafeon is a part of the Eeveelution in Pokemon Unite. Eevee’s 4th stage evolution form is Leafeon. In battles, trainers will start as Eevee and then continue as other forms of it. In Pokemon Unite, Leafeon doesn’t evolve as Glaceon or any other Pokemon in the game. The other evolution forms of Eevee in Pokemon Go are Umbreon, Sylveon and Espeon.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Leafeon build, held items and emblems. Find the best build for the new Pokemon Miraidon.

Is Pokemon Unite Tier List Effective?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

Is Held Items Required for Battles in Pokemon Unite?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

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