Do you want to find the best Pokemon for Pokemon Unite Panic Parade 2024? Find the strongest units from the Pokemon Unite Panic Parade tier list and unlock exclusive rewards.

Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 Moba where trainers fight against online players in ranked and custom battles. With the draft picks feature, the ranked mode in Pokemon Unite will be more challenging as players can choose a Pokemon and ban it from the current battle. Though there are many PvP battles, trainers get only limited PvE raids. The Panic Parade is a PVE event in Pokemon Unite.

In this limited-time event, trainers have to defend an NPC boss called the Tinkaton against other Pokemon. The Panic Parade mode challenges are difficult and players have to save Tinkaton and evolve it as well. With the right strategies and moves, you can dominate the Panic Parade event. With the latest patch update version, the Panic Parade mode event has gone live again. Take a quick look at the Pokemon Unite panic parade tier list.

Panic Parade tier list

Trainers have to recruit the best Pokemon to their squad and upgrade their skills to win this PvE raid against waves of Pokemon. You have to unleash the best All-rounders, Attackers and Defenders with high mobility and scoring rate. To win the Panic Parade mode, it’s essential to find the tier list featuring the best Pokemon. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Panic Parade mode event 2024 tier list and rewards.

Pokemon Unite Panic Parade Event Tier List March 2024

Pokemon unite panic parade tier list
Panic Parade event

Trainers can unlock the Panic Parade event at trainer level 4. This Pokemon Unite event will be available till March 24, 2024. After unlocking the Panic Parade battle pass, challenges will begin. The only task is to defend Tintakon against wild Pokemon and their attacks. Here are the best Pokemon from each tier for the Panic Parade battle raid,

TierPokemon Strengths Weaknesses RoleBest Movesets 
SInteleonThe best attacker for raids. Can run faster and inflict heavy damage constantly Doesn’t support and has average scoring skillsAttacker
SGlaceon One of the strongest attackers and can attack from long-rangePoor support and scoring rate Attacker Glacial Stage, Icicle Spear, Icy Wind
DecidueyeStrong in offense. Excels in scoring and supporting.Poor mobility, healing and defense skills Attacker Nock Nock
ADragoniteCan quickly score goals and unleash heavy attacksDoesn’t heal and has poor support skillsAll-Rounder Dragon Breath 
ACinderaceLaunches heavy attacks and moves in a flashHas poor defensive skills and statsAttackerFlame Charge, Feint
BCramorantStrong in both attack and defenseWeak support skillsAttackerFeather Dance 
BDragapultThe best tank with high damage stats. Can move quickly and stun opposing Pokemon Doesn’t support other Pokemon Attacker Astonish, Shadow Ball
BZacianThe best offensive unit with powerful moves and skills Scoring rate is average All-Rounder Metal Claw 
BMiraidon Can deal lethal damage and move faster Scoring rate is poor and doesn’t have the ability to endure strong attacksAttacker Hadron Engine 
CTrevenant Has the best shield and skills to survive for a long timePoor offensive skills and inability to survive against powerful moves DefenderWill-O-Wisp

Tips to Win Panic Parade Battles in Pokemon Unite


Panic Parade is a massive PvE event. Here, each team with 5 Pokemon have to save Tinkaton and survive 15 waves against wild Pokemon attacks. You can climb rankings after securing higher points in the Panic Parade battle. Here are some key tricks and strategies to win this epic challenge,

  • Use boosts. Aeos Shooter are boosts for the Panic Parade mode PvE event. You can spend points in the Event Points Shop and unlock different boosts like Attack, Sp.Atk, Critical Hit Rate, HP and Movement Speed. Aeos Shooter boosts work effectively like boost emblems and stats keep increasing at different levels.
  • Battle items are available for the Panic Parade mode event. You can use items like Recovery Bomb, Gravity Smoke, Electro Wall and Snow Wall to stun enemies and win raids quickly.
  • Go with the best party with all Pokemon units. Attackers, defenders and supporters will make the best team for the Panic Parade mode event 2024

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Unite Panic Parade event tier list for March 2024. The Pokemon Go day event has begun, trainers can unlock a new exclusive Sparkling Holowear Effect Spray by simply logging in. Miraidon has been added to Aeos Island and you can take part in the new Miraidon’s Sandwich challenge as well.


Is Pokemon Unite Panic Parade Event Tier List Useful? M

The panic parade tier list features the best Pokemon in the game for this PVE raid. With the tier list, you can win challenges easily as this is one of the most challenging events in Pokemon Unite.

What’s Pokemon Unite Draft Pick Feature?

The draft pick mode will be available in Pokemon Unite master level ranked matches. Trainers above 1,400 master level rank ratings can utilize the draft pick feature. Draft pick makes ranked challenges interesting and difficult.

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