Pokemon Unite Draft pick is finally arriving in ranked mode. Find out the new changes to ranked mode and everything about the draft picks.

Pokemon Unite has a plethora of unique features and trainers take part in 5v5 ranked and custom battles against online players. The Ranked mode unlocks at level 6 in the game. Before Pokemon Day, there will be a new addition in Pokemon Unite for the ranked mode. Apart from the draft pick, trainers can add Miraidon to their squad. The Draft Pick feature will be incorporated into the ranked mode of Pokemon Unite from February 27, 2024.

Pokemon Unite Miraidon Unlock Options
Unlock MethodRequirements
Aeos CoinsSpend more than 10,000 Aeos Coins.
Aeos GemsSpend around 800 Aeos Gems.
Free Method UnavailableThere is no free method to unlock Miraidon.

Makers of Pokemon Unite are coming up with new changes frequently and trainers can battle against the Shiny Rayquaza as well. The draft pick mode will bring lots of changes to Pokemon Unite ranked battles and it will have several phases as well. Pokemon Unite Season 18 ranked matches will begin with the draft pick. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Draft Picks, rules and more.

Pokemon unite Draft pick
Draft pick mode

Pokemon Unite Draft Picks, Ranked Mode & More

Draft pick has finally been announced for the ranked mode. The primary rule for Pokemon Unite Draft is the last 2 players from each team will get a chance to ban a Pokemon. A total of 4 Pokemon will be banned in a ranked match. The Pokemon you choose to ban can’t be used by other players for ranked battles in Pokemon Unite.


The fourth and fifth players can select a Pokemon to ban and other trainers will be eligible to give their suggestions. Draft pick doesn’t allow you to pick Pokemon that’s already chosen by the opponent. Trainers who have more than 1,400 Master Rank ratings in Pokemon Unite will be able to use the draft picks from the season 18.

Pokemon Unite Draft Pick Rules

Ban PhaseLast 2 players from each team have the opportunity to ban a Pokemon. 4 Pokemon will be banned in a ranked match.
SelectionTrainers cannot pick a Pokemon already chosen by the opponent.
EligibilityTrainers with more than 1,400 Master Rank ratings can use draft picks from Season 18.
Ban DurationEach player has 15 seconds to vote for their Pokemon bans.

Pokemon Unite Draft Pick Voting 

Voting AccessFourth and fifth players have the authority to ban Pokemon for ranked battles.
Voting TimeEach player has 15 seconds to vote for their Pokemon bans during the Ban Phase.
ParticipationAll players can participate in the voting process, but only certain players can ban.

The draft pick allows players to vote and select the Pokemon to ban. Everyone can vote, but the access to ban Pokemon for ranked battles will be given to the fourth and fifth players. The Ban Phase duration will be 15 seconds for each player and the trainer has to vote for their Pokemon within this time.

These are the major rules for Pokemon Unite Draft Picks for the ranked mode battles. The draft pick will be an exciting addition to Pokemon Unite ranked mode matches. Draft picks will not be available for Standard game mode matches, but they are available for custom and tournament mode battles.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Draft Pick mode and new ranked changes. Fans of Pokemon Unite are in for a massive treat. The Shiny Rayquaza return, new Miraidon Pokemon, Draft Pick mode, and a couple of new held items will be added as well.


How to Unlock Pokemon Unite Draft Pick?

The draft pick mode will be available in Pokemon Unite master level ranked matches. Trainers above 1,400 master level rank ratings can utilize the draft pick feature. Draft pick makes ranked challenges interesting and difficult.

How to Unlock Pokemon Unite Miraidon?

Trainers can unlock Miraidon by spending in-game currency in Pokemon Unite. You have to spend more than 10,000 Aeos Coins to add Miraidon to your party. The other option is to spend around 800 Aeos Gems. There is now free way to unlock Miraidon

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