Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage Guide – Tips and Tricks

We have brought you the Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage guide with some tips and tricks. Learn more about the Red Mage.

People took shelter in Gyr Abania which is on the eastern edge of Abalathia’s Spine. They were guided from the Sixth Umbral Calamity’s treacherous floodwaters. Many people who took shelter here were refugees from Mhach and Amdapor. Slowly as time passed, new disciplines were made. This is when the red mages came forward to fight against the enemies.

A typical mage and a swordfighter together make the Red Mage. With the chain spell ability, Red Mage can attack very rapidly with a barrage of magic attacks. To know more about the Red Mage, read our Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage guide, which has some of the best tips and tricks.

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Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage Guide: Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is one of the most important things about the Red Mage because without it, regenerating MP will not be possible. Mana less than 70% is the recommended condition to use this ability. Keep in mind not to use it on cooldown. This is because, while using Lucid Dreaming, Red Mage will not be able to spend MP faster than it is restoring. 

Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage Guide: Balance Gauge

Balance Gauge is one of the factors that makes Red Mage unique because this gauge shows their accumulated White and Black Mana. Certain spells are required to obtain these two types of Mana. With the help of the balance gauge, you will be able to see the amount of Black and White Mana of the Red Mage. To collect the Black Mana, you will need to cast Verfire, Verthunder, and Verflare. On the other hand, casting Verstone, Veraero, and Verholy will give you the White Mana. 

Balance gauge at the top right corner (YouTube)
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Keep the Mana close to each other

The crystal that is at the top of the balance gauge changes color if the gap between Black and White Mana increases. This will get more challenging to accumulate the lesser of the two. How will you know about it? This will happen once the gap between both Black and White Mana is at 31 and more. This is the reason you should keep the Mana close to each other every time. 

Get more MP

As we mentioned above, Red Mage depends on MP reserves to activate the Chain spell. If you use combos at the enemy at the last moment, which is when the enemy is going to die, you can activate the effects of Ambitious edge or Will of the Blade. This will guarantee you a soul burst, resulting in more MP.

Gameplay (YouTube)

Pair with the right class

Pairing your characters with the right class is very important in Final Fantasy. A good combo will always be beneficial for you. For Red Mage, you can pair it with a class that has great ability in MP recovery. This will make Read Mage even more powerful.

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Use Diversion

The diversion will be very useful if you are not using potions. In addition, you can utilize it for jumping on adds quickly without pulling the aggro. This is more beneficial, especially in PUG situations.  

Do not use oGCDs between Hardcast and Dualcast

The oGCDs are “Off Global Cooldown” that have their own cooldown timer. You can use the oGCDs in-between global cooldown (GCD) abilities, spells, or weapon skills. However, using oGCDs between your Hardcast and Dualcast spells is not recommended. The reason is that Hardcasted spells have a 2.0s cast while the GCD is 2.5s, and this is why you can not use the oGCDs between the Hardcast and Dualcast spells. 

Final Fantasy 14 Red Mage Guide: Acceleration

Acceleration works on finishers. However, do not use it in these two cases: If you have less than 12 seconds on Impactful and both procs are still active. If you have both Vestone and Verfire proc and your Mana is between 60-60 or 80-80. 

Gameplay (YouTube)

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