Here is a complete guide about the Genshin Impact Orb of the Blue Depths. Learn where to find and how to use these orbs.

As Genshin Impact introduced the Chasm to the players, there are many new things the players are finding. One of the side quests players will find is “Locked Gate in the Nameless Ruins.” To unlock this, players will need the Orb of the Blue Depths. This is an item that the players will need to unlock a gate leading to a secret room. However, it can only be obtained by defeating several enemies. Here is our Genshin Impact Orb of the Blue Depths guide that will help you find it and tell you how to use it. 

Orb of the blue depths
Orb of the Blue Depths (YouTube)
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Where to find Genshin Impact Orb of the Blue Depths?

Around the Chasm, you will have to collect a total of nine Orbs of the Blue Depths. Players will need to defeat different enemies in order to find all the Orb of the blue depths. Some are very easy to find, while some will test you. Below are the nine locations to find the Orb of the blue depths. You can go to any location randomly.

Buliwyf: Guardian Of The Desolation

Follow the elevated ridge on the east from the teleport waypoint south of stony halls. You will find a room. Break it with a Geo attack. Buliwyf will be inside waiting for you. Take him out and grab the orb. 

Haltaf: The Young

You will find Haltaf in the Serpent’s cave. Go inside the cave and defeat Haltaf to get the Orb.

Skeld: Augur Of The Mirrors

In the west of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel, there will be a locked room. Get the Miner’s Key from debris in the long tunnel that is north of the serpent’s cave. The key will help you to open the locked door. Fight with Skeld to get the orb.

Skeld's location
Location for Skeld (YouTube)
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Edgetho: Breaker Of The Oath Of Silence

The waypoint at the south end of the Chasm: Main Mining Area will take you to the right location. Stay high and keep going forward. You will end up finding Edgetho. Defeat him and grab the orb.

Hyglacg: Rebuked Servant

To find Hyglacg, go to the waypoint in the Underground Waterway. You won’t find him easily. Check out the map below for an exact location. Beat him and get the orb. 

Hyglacg's location for Orb of the Blue Depths
Location for Hyglacg (YouTube)

Serkir: Scribe Of Swords

At the corner of the Nameless Ruins in the southwest, you will find Serkir. Keep moving forward and you will find Serkir waiting for you. Beat him and get the orb.

Roneth: Banished Knight

This one can be found easily. Go to the waypoint of The Glowing Narrows. Keep moving down and you will find him. Beat him and get the orb.

Herger: Jester Of Bloody Tears

Herger can be found at the waypoint in the middle of The Glowing Narrows. On the east side, find a wall with a crack and a plant that can be destroyed. Blast the plant and enter inside to beat Herger and get the orb.

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Rethel: Slain Of The Split Bow

Rethel will be waiting for you at the end of The Glowing Narrows’ long tunnel. Get your orb by defeating him.

Rethel's location for Orb of the Blue Depths
Rethel’s location (YouTube)

How to use Orb of the Blue Depths

After collecting all the orbs, you will need to take them to the Nameless Ruins in order to use them. Go inside the Nameless Ruins and move towards the east side of the room. Just keep moving inside the ruins until you reach the other area. You will soon find a square mechanism. Interact with it to put the orbs of the blue depths inside. Now the secret room will be open for you.

place orbs inside this mechanism
Place orbs inside this mechanism (YouTube)

Three Chests: an Exquisite Chest, a Precious Chest, and a Luxurious Chest will be given to the players as a reward. In addition, the players will get the “Crede Tenebrae” Achievement, and a mysterious letter too. Only 12 lines will be revealed to the players from the mysterious letter. These lines will be encrypted too.

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