Buddy Barrier vs. Fluffy Tail: Choosing the Best Held Item for Your Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Held Items are primary battle items. Find out everything about the top-tier moves, Buddy Barrier and Fluffy Tail.

In Pokemon Unite, there are plenty of battle items for each unit. Be it attackers or defenders, your Pokemon needs the best items to upgrade their stats and overcome weaknesses. Held items are key equipment and you can use three of these in a match. Some held items focus on increasing hp and some will enhance Sp. Atk. 

Fluffy Tail and Buddy Barrier are two top-tier held items in Pokemon Unite and these battle items are used by many Pokemon in the game. Some say Buddy Barrier is the best held item of Pokemon Unite and some say Fluffy Tail is the strongest. These competitive items get the best build for Pokemon Unite units. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite buddy Barrier vs Fluffy Tail, best held items and builds.

Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier vs Fluffy Tail – Which is Better?

The debate of Buddy Barrier vs Fluffy Tail by Pokemon Unite fans is never ending and it continues always. One can analyze their effects and come to a conclusion. Here’s what these two held items grant,

Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier vs Fluffy Tail
Held items
  • Buddy Barrier – This is a battle item that’s best used for All-Rounders. Buddy Barrier can be used when hp for your Pokemon is dropped. The held item can be used with your unite move. Buddy Barrier grants shield to self and allies with the lowest hp and it also increases HP by +600
  • Fluffy Tail – Fluffy Tail can be used by supporters, speedsters and defenders. It applies a temporary debuff to all wild Pokemon and stuns them. Targets affected by Fluffy Tail will be unable to act and receive huge damage

When to Use Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite?

Buddy Barrier can be used by Pokemon with low hp. Pokemon like Pikachu, Talonflame, Gyarados and Aegislash can use the Buddy Barrier item.

When to Use Fluffy Tail Pokemon Unite?

Fluffy Tail is best recommended for defenders and supporters like Greedent, Wigglytuff and Lapras. It’s also one of the best held items in the game.

Alternative Held Items to Buddy Barrier and Fluffy Tail 

There are many held items in Pokemon Unite. So, you can easily find replacements for both Buddy Barrier and Fluffy Tail. The best alternative held Items to replace Fluffy Tail and Buddy Barrier are Focus Band, Score Shield and Rocky Helmet. Just like boost emblems and moves, these are effective as well.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier vs Fluffy Tail guide. The best damage and support items provide a huge buff to all units in the game. You can dominate the ranked leagues with the best builds and by using Pokemon in the ideal lane.


What are Held Items in Pokemon Unite?

Held Items are bonus items for each Pokemon in the game and it transforms your units effectively. Pokemon Unite Held Items will be available from rank 1 and you can unlock all slots at level 10. You can purchase held items from the Aeos Emporium shop by spending in-game currency and resources.

How to Get Pokemon Unite Battle Items?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

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