Pokemon Unite Cinderace Lane Control: The Ace of Lane Domination – Mastering Blaze Kick and Flame Charge for Maximum Pressure

What’s the best lane for Pokemon Unite Cinderace? Will lane control impact Pokemon’s progress? Find out everything.

In Pokemon Unite, strategy is the success for everything. In this 5v5 game, players have to form a squad, use skills, and unleash held items  to dominate the battle. Getting the best build helps you progress in the competitive mode and increase your rank levels. Apart from skills, players have to pick lanes for every game.

The battlefield has three lines. Attackers play in top lanes, all-rounders play in mid lanes and supporters play in bottom lanes. Some units also play in two lanes based on their skills. Cinderace is a slashing Pokemon and one of the best attackers in the game.   Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Cinderace lane control, playing style and skills.

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Lane Control

Pokemon Unite Cinderace lane control
Map path

Cinderace is an attacker and plays well in range. Attackers in Pokemon Unite can play in two paths. Cinderace is well-suited in the top lane and the Pokemon can play in the bottom lane as well. Using Cinderace in the center lane is not recommended considering its playing style, movement speed and powers.

While you play Cinderace in the bottom lane, the unit gets buffed by a supporter. Cinderace’s poor defense is its main weakness and thus it makes the unit vulnerable in the mid lane. You can simply choose your preferred lane from the map path settings before starting a battle. The path settings can be changed everytime.

What’s the Best Ability for Cinderace?


Cinderace is a powerful attacker with poor defense. With great battle items and top-tier held items, you can enhance its defense rate. The top 2 skills for Cinderace are,

  • Blaze Kick – Cinderace unleashes a heavy flying kick and jumps forward. The move transforms itself as a critical hit and shoves targets. At the end, Blaze is burns opposite Pokemon for a while
  • Flame Charge – The Pokemon charges forward in flame and unleashes fire attacks. Boosted attack reduces the mobility for targets

Along with these skills, you can use the unite move and boost emblems to enhance the abilities of Cinderace. With the best supporters and defenders, you can form the best team comps for Cinderace and the Pokemon is a meta unit and it’s highly recommended for ranked leagues.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Cinderace best positions, lane control and skills. Dominate the ranked battles with these Pokemon.


Does Choosing a Wrong Lane Affect a Pokemon’s Success?

Yes, Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based moba game. A Pokemon’s movement, control and attacks are all crucial for your success. It’s recommended that you choose the best paths and right lanes for every unit. You can choose an ideal lane for every Pokemon before the battle begins.

What’s the Best Lane for Pokemon Unite Cinderace?

Identifying the best lane control for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite helps a lot. Cinderace is a top-rated attacker and it can be played on top and bottom lanes for effective results.

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