Can you succeed with the best synergy picks in Pokemon Unite? What are the top teams for beginners? Scroll down and find everything.

In Pokemon Unite, players aim to climb higher in the ranked battles. As you progress in the ranked mode, you can secure the master rank among all top-level Pokemon Unite players. Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based 5v5 battle advent game. Finding the best moves, builds and team combinations help you progress efficiently.

You can use the best attackers, defenders and all-rounders. But only with the best synergy picks, you can dominate this game. Finding the ideal Pokemon pairs is crucial especially for the most challenging leagues. Many Pokemon go well with other units. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite synergy picks, strategies and best team comps.

Pokemon Unite Synergy – 10 Best Teams 

A team in Pokemon Unite needs all types of units. An attacker, all-rounder, supporter and defender make a complete team. You can include speedsters, mages, healers and dps. Tanks have the best burst damage and you can include the best carries as well. Once you select your team, you have to place the Pokemon in their best lanes. Here are the 10 best Pokemon Unite teams with great synergies,

Pokemon Unite synergy

Team 1

This team features Pikachu and Slowbro in the top lanes. You can include Gengar as your jungler to hunt down wild Pokemon and quickly score goals. The bottom lane has Tsareena as the All-Rounder and it’s best supported by Blissey. This team has a high winning rate with excellent AoE units and the synergy ratio for this Pokemon Unite party is great as well.

Team 2

You can start with Espeon as your mage attacker in the top lane with Greedent. In the jungle lane, you can use Zeraora and Charizard to quickly take an advantage. Wigglytuff will be the best unit for the bottom lane for its insane supporting skills and it can buff the other units as well.


Team 3

In the top lane, you can include Cinderace for its heavy burst damage along with Alolan Ninetales. The Central lane is ideal for Dodrio to farm wild Pokemon and claim points. An all-rounder like Tyranitar along with Hoops will make this a dominant squad.

Team 4 

For this party, you can deploy Mewtwo in the top lane as your carry Pokemon. In the Central lane, Leafeon and Charizard will be great with their high stats and excellent skills. For the bottom lane, Gardevoir is the best pick and Clefable can buff the unit throughout the battle. You can use battle items and moves to dominate the battle with this team.

Team 5

This squad features top-tier AoE units including Pikachu and Glaceon in the top lane. Meowscarada, the speedster charges through the mid lane and dominates it against the wild Pokemon and other units. Hoopa and Azumarill have been excellent together and you can place them in the bottom lane.

Pokemon Unite synergy
Greedent Pokemon

Team 6

Duraludon, the ranged attacker , starts in the top lane along with Snorlax. For the jungle lane, you can use Dragonite followed by Machamp and Mr. Mime in the bottom lanes. This team features units with high burst damage and these can excel in long-range.

Team 7

This dive team features Trevenant and Cramorant in the top lane. The mid lane has Absol for its remarkable scoring skills. Eldegoss and Buzzwole make a powerful team combination in the bottom lane. This is a godly team with great synergy.

Team 8

The team has the strongest dps in the top lane featuring Sylveon. In the mid lane, you can utilize Zoroark. For the bottom lane, you can go with Sableye, Comfey and Aegislash. This 1-1-3 is a rare team comp in Pokemon Unite.

Team 9

Venusaur starts in the top lane as the solo carry Pokemon along with Blastoise. Zacian, the tank can be unleashed in the centre lane. With Alolan Ninetales and Eldegoss in the bottom lane, the range of this team gets only higher.

Team 10

The best carry team features Mew and Goodra in the top lane. In the mid lane, Scizor and Leafeon will be a raging combination. Again you can include a powerful attacker like Gardevoir in the bottom lane to make this a lethal party.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite teams, synergy and strategies. Pokemon with the highest winning ratio is the best for beginners.


Does Choosing a Wrong Lane Affect a Pokemon’s Success?

Yes, Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based moba game. A Pokemon’s movement, control and attacks are all crucial for your success. It’s recommended that you choose the best paths and right lanes for every unit. You can choose an ideal lane for every Pokemon before the battle begins.

Do Pokemon with Great Synergy Help in Battles?

Yes, a pokemon in Pokemon Unite needs the best team combinations. You can match two or more Pokemon that have excellent synergy levels to dominate the game.

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