Does Palworld have weakest pals? Can you use the worst pals for battle? Check out everything about low tier pals.

In Palworld, players traverse across the Palpagos Island, dungeons and snow biomes. With Pals, you can complete jobs at bases and progress in the campaign. The goal is to recruit powerful pals. Every pal drops resources and has different roles. But there are some pals that are totally useless in the game. Players can tame and catch pals or breed them through eggs.

The low tier pals in Palworld can be ignored as these Pals don’t have higher stats or good skills. The weakest Pals can’t be used for work at sites as their work suitability is poor as well. Capturing these pals only results in defeats. Even with the best skills, weak pals are never effective. Here are the top 10 weakest Pals in Palworld that you can ignore.

What are the 10 Weakest Pals in Palworld Early Game?


This Grass-type Pal has poor stats and can’t compete against powerful pals. Though Cinnamoth drops a couple of resources, the Pal’s work suitability limits it only to Planting and Medicine Production.


The neutral type Pal has been criticized for being lazy. Grintale is only used for Gathering works and it has poor defense. Grintale is one of the worst pals in Palworld that you can ignore in the starting phases of the game.


Gumoss is another pal with weaker defense. The Pal’s inability to dodge attacks makes it vulnerable every time. But if you want to enhance the production rate of planting crops and seeds, the pal can be effective.


The little chick is vulnerable against all Pals. Chikpi is slow and has low stats. Chikpi can be used for farming and gathering, but the Pal doesn’t fight against its enemies. With low stats, chikpi is easily the weakest pals in the game.


Being a Dark-type Pal, Depresso is deemed as one of the weakest Pals in the game. In Palworld, Depresso has poor defense and attack. The partner and active skills of Depresso are not effective and all these make this a low tier pal.


Arsox is a fire-type pal that doesn’t prove to be powerful. Even with great speed, the Pal lacks damage stats. Arsox is an ideal option for Kindling and Lumbering, but the Pal’s energy rate is low and this makes it vulnerable quickly.

Weakest Pals in Palworld
Arsox pal


The bird-like Pal doesn’t do anything. Cawgnito is a dark element Pal and it has a poor experience at the base. The production rate for Cawgnito is low and the Pal’s defense is poor as well.


Though Mozzarina boasts decent stats to tussle against pals, it’s another weaker pal to tame. Mozzarina is non-hostile, vulnerable and well-suited for farming.


Fuddler is a Ground-type pal. The Pal is not aggressive and only attacks when you are closer to an enemy. The skills of Fuddler are not so great for battles. But the advantage of Fuddler is it can manage works like Handiwork, Mining and Transporting.


Mau resembles a cat and the Pal looks menacing in appearance. The looks of Mau indicate it to be a top-tier unit, but the Pal has poor all-round stats. Players can get Gold Coins after catching a Mau and assign it to farming works at the base.

These 10 Pals are the worst pals in Palworld. With poor stats and combat powers, these Pals are the weakest in the game.

Best Alternatives to Weak Pals in Palworld 

To overcome weak Pals, you can always look for top-tier pals. The other way is to utilize these weak pals for small works at the base and use their special skills for combat. These are the hidden uses of these weakest pals in Palworld.

That’s everything you need to know about the worst pals in Palworld. The new evil boss raid featuring the Bellanoir Libero Pal is available in the game. The upcoming competitive arena mode will feature PvP battles and new pals will be added as well.


Are there any useless Pals in Palworld?

Yes, there are many useless Pals in Palworld early access. But these Pals get better with skills and upgrades. With more buffs, you can use these pals for combat.

Should I capture Weak Pals in Palworld?

No, you can focus on catching the strongest Pals in Palworld. Pals that drop the best resources and have better work suitability can be used on priority.

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