Which are the top 10 Pokemon of all-time? Can you use underrated Pokemon for battles? Find out the 10 strongest Pokemon from the Pokedex.

In the Pokemon universe, there are more than a thousand Pokemon in the Pokedex along with 9 generations and regions. Trainers can hunt for different Pokemon species in the wild regions with pokeballs, berries and other resources. Every Pokemon has powers of different elements and some Pokemon belong to the dual-type as well. Pokemon are ranked based on their stats, skills and cp. If you ask which is the best Pokemon of all time, there are more than a hundred.

The most popular Pokemon are ranked by generation and region. Also, players should use the most underrated Pokemon to test their skills against high-ranked players in battles. Pokemon with the best team and builds can be used for competitive leagues. In the Pokedex, there are numerous monsters with top skills . Here are the top 10 strongest Pokemon of all-time.

Top 10 Pokemon in 2024

There are more than 1000 Pokemon in the Pokedex. But not all Pokemon are powerful. Pokemon in their base form will be vulnerable against strong attacks. You can use skills and battle items for these Pokemon. Here are the 10 best Pokemon based on stats, cp and experience.


Top 10 Pokemon

The reptile-like Pokemon is a legendary unit and has multiple forms. Terapagos is a tera species from Generation 9. This normal type Pokemon  is an all-rounder and has different forms. The main skill Tera Shift allows Terapagos to absorb energy and transform into its Terastal Form. You can use other available skills as well.


Pokemon Mewtwo is one of the raging Pokemon units. Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokemon and has two mega evolutions. The Pokemon is strong in both attacking and support. The legendary Pokemon has many skills including Steadfast and Insomnia. These skills prevent Mewtwo from falling asleep and also boost its mobility. Mewtwo is an S-ranked Pokemon and it features in popular Pokemon games like Pokemon Unite.


Eternatu is a gigantic Pokemon that has powers of poison and dragon elements. Eternatus is a strong All-Rounder and has excellent defense rate. It also excels in Sp. Atk with great speed. Eternatus is an ideal counter for PvP battles, gym raids and other leagues as well. The best skill for Eternatus is Pressure which also increases PP from 1 to 2.


Dragonite is a pseudo legendary Pokemon and considered as a beast. The dragon and flying Pokemon from Generation 1 is a mighty attacker with some solid skills. The best skills for Dragonite are Multiscale and Inner Focus. These skills reduce the damage taken level for Dragonite and make it immune to all types of attacks for a short time. Dragonite is a beast that can hunt down multiple targets on its own.


Known as the Sea Basin Pokemon, Kyogre is deemed as a top-tier water Pokemon. Kyogre has dominated Groudon and other top-rated Pokemon in several clashes. The domination of Kyogre makes it one of the best in the game. Kyogre is a legendary and primal Pokemon. The drizzle skill creates rain and allows Kyogre to attack for a long time. Kyogre is a generation 3 Pokemon from the Hoenn region and will be an excellent counter to beat firetyp Pokemon units.


The story of Arceus Pokemon has been astonishing. This Alpha Pokemon was launched in Generation 4 and it’s also placed in the mythology. History says Arceus Pokemon was born in the Hisui region even before the Pokemon world existed. It’s also said the Pokemon shaped the entire universe with its 1000 arms. Arceus is an all-rounder and has incredible stats. The Multitype skill lets you change the skill type with the type plate items.


Dialga is a destruction for its enemies. This steel and dragon Pokemon attacks faster and deals explosive damage to enemies in long-range. Dialga has the ability to control time and time starts moving when the Pokemon’s heart beats. Dialga’s best skills are pressure and telepathy. Dialga also has an Origin Forme in the game.


Palkia has powers of water and dragon. The Pokemon is resistant to all types of attacks and it comes from generation 4. Palkia is strong in both atk and sp. atk. The Spatial Pokemon has two skills including Telepathy and Pressure. Palkia’s special skills allow the Pokemon to distort space. With the best skills, you can increase Palkia’e weaknesses like defense and speed.


The strength of Giratina is it can endure attacks and deal heavy damage at the same time to enemies in long range. Giratina possesses ghost and dragon skills and is known as the renegade Pokemon by fans. Confuse Ray and Dragon Claw are the best moves for the Pokemon.


In the Pokedex, there are plenty of strong offensive units. Rayquaza is one of the most strongest attackers that hails from the ozone layer. Rayquaza has godly skills and can tussle against all units and bosses in raids. The mega evolution of Rayquaza is more powerful. The Air Lock ability suppresses all weather effects and boosts damage.

These top 10 Pokemon are available in one or two Pokemon games and they have powers of different elements. Our listicle also includes the underrated Pokemon you should use for raids and PvP battles. Strongest Pokemon always help you win battles and underrated Pokemon will stun opponents.


How are the top 10 Pokemon ranked?

The strongest Pokemon are always ranked based on their skills, playing style, effectiveness and stats. The most popular Pokemon are ranked based on their fanbase and fame in anime and games.

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