The Most Underrated Delphox Build in Pokemon UNITE!

Do you want to unlock the best build for Pokemon Unite Delphox? Find out the top-rated movesets and battle items.

Finding the strongest attackers in Pokemon Unite is important for all beginners. You can only win these 5v5 battles with unique strategies and meta units. Delphox is an excellent pick for beginners and the Pokemon is strong in Sp.Atk. Delphox is a ranged Pokemon and it has some weaknesses as well.

In Pokemon Unite, players can overcome weakness by unlocking the special skills and picking the strongest battle items. Pokemon with higher stats and winning ratio make it to the tier lists. Delphox deals lethal damage and the Pokemon has a high scoring rate. Here’s all about the Pokemon Unite delphox build, held items, counters, strategies and more.

Pokemon Unite Delphox Best Build & Moves

Pokemon unite Delphox build
Delphox Evolution

Before starting a battle, players have to pick their Pokemon. From the Battle Prep tab, you can pick your best moves and change the map path as well. Here are the recommended skills for Delphox that can be used for all leagues,

  • Blaze – Whenever Delphox runs out of hp, you can use a move and deal extra damage by rolling out a fireball
  • Ember – Shoots a small flame in the path and attacks nearby targets
  • Fire Blast – Launches intense fireball in the forward direction and detonates all units. The fire that’s released will create zone of flames and an explosion will occur in the area of effect
  • Mystical Fire – Releases a special hot ball of fire and explodes after hitting the target
  • Will-O-Wisp – Conjures three sinister flames and launches them forward and explodes. It also reduces mobility for targets
  • Fire Spin – Creates a vortex of fire and deals damage over time to Pokemon in the area of effect
  • Flame Charge – Charges forward in the designated direction and summons three flames to attack enemies in range
  • Fanciful Fireworks – The unite move deals damage over time in the area of effect and reduces mobility for enemies

Best Held Items for Delphox

Pokemon Unite offers plenty of held items for units. As you reach new ranks, you can unlock all held items. Delphox’s 3 best held items are,

Delphox License
  • Focus Band – As delphox has a poor defense, Focus Band can be used to increase its endurance. Delphox will be able to retrieve hp three times when it reaches the low level. This held item also increases Def and Sp.Ded by +30 each
  • Assault Vest – The top-tier defensive held item grants a shield and increases hp by +270. The Sp. Def also increases for Delphox 
  • Wise Glasses – Wise Glasses focuses on Sp. Atk. Use this to get enhanced attacks

Top Battle Items for Delphox

Just like held items, you can use battle items. But a Pokemon can use only a single battle item during a match. You can use the battle item that boosts the poor stats of Delphox.

  • Potion – The potion increases hp throughout the battle 
  • Full Heal – Delphox becomes immune to all attacks and status ailment effects will be removed as well
  • Shedinja Doll – Makes your Pokemon immune to all attacks for a short time

Pokemon Unite Delphox Counters

Delphox is vulnerable to all-rounders and defenders. The Pokemon is also strong against many attackers in the game. Here are the top and worst picks for Delphox,

  • Delphox’s Best Counters – Cramorant, Blissey, Dragapult, Lapras, Tsareena
  • Delphox’s Poor Counters – Wigglytuff, Glaceon, Leafeon, Goodra, Snorlax

Is Delphox Good for Pokemon Unite Ranked Leagues?

The ranked battles are the most challenging leagues in the game. To dominate the competitive mode in Pokemon Unite, players have to utilize the best attackers and all-rounders. Delphox is a menacing unit and is an ideal pick for ranked matches. With the best team comps, you can dominate the global leaderboard charts of Pokemon Unite against the top-ranked players in the world.

That’s everything you need to know about the strongest build for Pokemon Unite Delphox. The strong attackers of Pokemon Unite go well with the defenders and supporters.


What are the Strong Boost Emblems for Pokemon Unite Delphox?

Horsea, Sandshrew and Dragonite are the top three boost emblems for Pokemon Unite Delphox. These can be used to enhance its defense rate.

Does Choosing a Wrong Lane Affect a Pokemon’s Success?

Yes, Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based moba game. A Pokemon’s movement, control and attacks are all crucial for your success. It’s recommended that you choose the best paths and right lanes for every unit. You can choose an ideal lane for every Pokemon before the battle begins.

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