Do you want to find the best counters and strategies for Pokemon Go Great League battles? The tier list features the top counters for this Go Battle League.

Pokemon Go new season commenced and trainers can tussle against a plethora of Pokemon in gym raids, events, PvP battles and Go Battle Leagues. The Great League for Pokemon Go is live and you have to utilize the best counters to win these challenges. The Great League is one of the most difficult challenges in the Go Battle League as the rules are different for this league. You can increase xp with the Lucky Egg feature.

You can complete special research tasks in the new World of Wonders season to maximize rewards and level up your Pokemon. The Great League is an excellent opportunity for trainers to prove their mettle in the PvP mode. Trainers can only choose Pokemon with a maximum of CP 1,500 for the Great League battles. Here’s the Pokemon Go Great League Tier list featuring the best units.

Pokemon Go Great League Tier List – All Units Ranked

Pokemon Go great league tier list
Great League
  • S Tier – S Tier features destructive Pokemon for all roles. The list includes the best leads, attackers and defenders and can be the best counters for the Great League
  • A Tier – A Tier features the strongest Pokemon after A Tier. Here, you can find both offensive and defensive Pokemon that are well suited for the Great League
  • B Tier –  B Tier Pokemon don’t possess high stats, but you can select units that have the strongest moves. 
  • C Tier – These Pokemon are vulnerable against all attacks and can be ignored for the league 

 S Tier 

Pokemon Role
Steelix Lead

A Tier 

Pokemon Role 
Umbreon Attacker 

B Tier 

Pokemon Counter 

C Tier

Pokemon Counter 
Dragonite Defender 

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Great League 



 Lanturn has great CP and ATK. The Water and Electric Pokemon gets boosted by Rain weather and will be a great counter to beat Fire, Fighting and Ice type Pokemon. Water Gun, Surf and Thunderbolt are the best movesets for Lanturn.


The water and ground Pokemon excels in attacks. Swampert gets rain and sunny weather boost and is stronger against Steel, Grass and Electric Pokemon. Moves like Hydro Cannon and Water Gun boost its damage.


Lickitung is an offensive unit and will be lethal against Ghost and Flying type Pokemon. You can use the Hyper Beam and Lick moves to double its base damage and win battles.


Mandibuzz is another excellent counter for the Great League. The dark and flying type Pokemon gets increased damage during Fog and Windy weather. Snarl and Foul Play are the two best movesets for Mandibuzz.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Great League tier list counters, and moves. Defeat the Sierra leaders with these strategies.



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