Is Strong Jaw skill good for Pokemon Boss Raids? Does it help biting moves? Find out everything.

In the Pokemon franchise, there are plenty of games. Pokemon games blend all genres like action, RPG, adventure and puzzle. In every Pokemon game, players take on the role of a trainer and explore the wild regions to catch new Pokemon. The goal is to complete the Pokedex by catching all Pokemon. Every Pokemon learns movesets and these skills are used for boss raids and PvP battles.

With moves, a Pokemon attacks harder and gets boosted stats. Strong Jaw is an offensive ability that’s used by all types of Pokemon. Strong Jaw helps units that have biting moves. This powerful skill is used in games like Scarlet & Violet, and Ultra Sun & Moon. Here’s all about Pokemon Strong Jaw Boost effects, best Pokemon and more.

Strong Jaw Pokemon Skill

Strong Jaw is an ability that’s mainly used by Pokemon in Generation 9 games. Just like other skills, it offers multiple effects. Here’s how the Strong Jaw skill functions in battles,

  • Pokemon with Strong Jaw increases biting powers throughout the combat 
  • Strong Jaw boosts and doubles the powers of biting moves till the battle ends

The effects of Strong Jaw skill are similar. Pocket Monsters that use biting moves will get a huge advantage with the Strong Jaw. This ability can be used for gym battles and PvP raids in the game.

Is Strong Jaw a Hidden Ability?

Many skills in the Pokemon universe are used as status ailment effects and some are hidden abilities as well. The Strong Jaw is a moveset and it’s not used as a hidden ability by any Pokemon. Strong Jaw is a main skill and can be used by offensive units.

Which Moves Are Benefitted by Strong Jaw?

The Strong Jaw skill affects all Biting Moves and enhances their powers by 20-40%. Here are the biting moves that are impacted by Strong Jaw,

  • Bite 
  • Crunch
  • Fire Fang
  • Ice Fang 
  • Thunder Fang 
  • Poison Fang 
  • Psychic Fangs
  • Fishious Rend

Which Pokemon Uses Strong Jaw?

Many Pokemon in the Pokedex use this ability. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, units like Gumshoos, Yungoos, Chewtle and Bruxish use this as their main skill. Other Pokemon like Gumshoos, Dracovish and Boltund also use this special skill.

What Type is Jaw Lock Pokemon?

Jaw Lock is a Dark-type Physical move that inflicts heavy damage. Jaw Lock also prevents targets from fleeing and switching out. Dark type moves can be used by both attackers and defenders and Jaw Lock is a top-rated skill.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Strong Jaw skill, effects and biting moves. Strong Jaw is a great skill and is one of the best moves like Burning Jealousy.


Does Strong Jaw Support Leech Life?

No, Strong Jaw doesn’t support the Leech Life skills as it only increases the powers of biting moves in Pokemon.

What are biting moves in Pokemon ?

In Pokemon games, biting moves allow pocket monsters to bite the target and stun them.

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