Conquer PvP & Raids With The Pokemon Go Mamoswine Best Moveset

Is Pokemon Go Mamoswine good for PvP raids? How to get Shadow Mamoswine? Find out the best movesets and build.

Pokemon Go upcoming events, battle raids and challenges will be the best chance for trainers to catch new Pokemon and increase their rank levels. A Ripple in Time 2024 research tasks will be live soon and before that you can complete the current raids and add the strongest Pokemon to your party. Mamoswine, the Ice and Ground type is one of the strongest offensive units.

Mamoswine’s CP and experience in tier raids battles make it one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Be it Sierra Leader battle or challenges for the Sinnoh Tour event, Mamoswine can be a good addition to your team with its impeccable moveset.  Here’s all about Pokemon Go Mamoswine movesets and best skills.

Pokemon Go Mamoswine

Pokemon Go Mamoswine 

Mamoswine has two forms and it is also a part of the Swinub family in Pokemon Go. With 100 candies, you can evolve Swinub to Piloswine and Mamoswine. Shadow Mamoswine is another form of Mamoswine and both have the same stats and movesets.

What’s the best Moveset for Mamoswine in Pokemon Go?

Mamoswine Fast Attack Mamoswine Charged Attack
Mud-Slap, Powder SnowAncient Power, Avalanche, Bulldoze

Mamoswine has some magical skills. With Snow and Sunny weather, Mamoswine’s skills will be boosted. Trainers can encounter a shiny Mamoswine as well in the Sinnoh wild region. Here are the top movesets for Pokemon Go Mamoswine,

  • Ancient Power – The Rock type charge move attacks faster. Ancient Power has 70 dps and will be a good move for Go Battle Leagues
  • Mud-Slap – The ground type fast attack will be the best move for Mamoswine in PvP raids
  • Avalanche – This ice type charge move deals huge damage. Avalanche will be an effective move for Mamoswine in raids and gym battles. Avalanche can freeze and stun targets for a while 
  • Powder Snow – Powder Snow, the ice type fast moveset gets boosted by snow weather and this move is good for PvP battles
  • Bulldoze – The ground type charge move will be lethal and demolishes opposite Pokemon quickly with a huge 80dps

Which Mamoswine is Good in Pokemon Go?

Mamoswine and Shadow Mamoswine have the same movesets and skills. Both Pokemon get boosted with snow and sunny weather. With the best moves, you can dominate the battles with Mamoswine.

The only difference is trainers will not be able to get a shiny version of Shadow Mamoswine. But there’s a chance for players to encounter a shiny variant of normal Mamoswine in the game. Mamoswine excels in attacks and has a huge stamina as well. With the best shields, you can win raids with Mamoswine.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Mamoswine best movesets, skills and build.


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