In the new Pokemon regionals tournament, a player has knocked out own teammate. Find out everything.

Pokemon games have always been exciting and engaging. Since the launch of Pokemon Red and Blue games, the franchise became bigger with every new release. In Pokemon games, there are many genres. If you are a fan of action, RPG, strategy, or MOBA, then there are lots of games like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, & Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As Pokemon games started growing, TCG was launched and it became viral as well.

Apart from these, Pokemon tournaments have become popular over the years and players focus on improving ranks. There are regional championships and special events where top-ranked Pokemon players participate from all over the world. The Pokemon Los Angeles Regionals tournament 2024 is the new event and fans have witnessed a strange thing.

Los Angeles Regional Pokemon Tournament 

Pikachu in Pokemon game

Los Angeles Regionals tournament for 2024 has ended and some players have deployed a unique strategy. In an unexpected event during the Swiss Round 7 and 8, players like Alex Underhill, Joseph Ugarte and Andrew Ding started attacking their own teammates. These players used a move to knock out their own Pokemon to unlock a new skill and buff.

Regionals is a popular Pokemon tournament where top players will participate in TCG, VCG and Pokemon Go game battles. Teams that get the best score in Pokemon battles will progress to the next rounds and will have a chance to win the ultimate championship title.

Pokémon Los Angeles Regional Championships 2024 – VGC

Los Angeles Regionals tournament for 2024 is a 1v1 battle. The VCG features Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Also, there are TCG and Pokemon Go in the Regionals. Montana Mott from America has won the Los Angeles VCG 2024 and claimed a cash prize worth $6,000 along with 200 CP. The remaining winners of Pokemon regionals have also received their prizes.

Ryan Haig was the first runner-up and he was rewarded with $4,000 and 160 CP. Third place winners Aditya Subramanian and Kian Campbell won $2,000 and 130 CP. All major Pokemon VCG tournaments are over and the next set of events will start in the second half of the year.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Regional championship tournament 2024. With many events and tournaments, the Pokemon gaming series has reached the next level.


How to Participate in Pokemon Regional Championships?

Players have to increase in-game rank levels and play regularly. Pokemon regionals have open registration and anyone can participate in these tournaments. With a Pokemon trainer club account, you can complete the online registration for these premiere Pokemon events and esports tournaments.

How to Win Pokemon VCG?

To dominate Pokemon tournaments, you have to utilize skills and deploy the best strategies with your teammates. Also, you can watch videos of pro Pokemon players on Twitch and YouTube.

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