The evolution of Pokemon Go Dragonite can be challenging. Find out the best ways to evolve Dragonite.

Pokemon Go is an amazing battle adventure game. In this AR and RPG, trainers explore the wild regions and catch Pokemon monsters using battle items. There are thousands of units and many have powers of two elements. These dual-type Pokemon are always stronger and can be primarily used for boss raid battles in the game. Dragonite is an S-ranked dual-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is a Gen 1 pocket monster and it’s mostly found in the Kanto region.

Dragonite is the final evolution form of Dratini. Evolving Dragonite is easy and you have to catch a Dratini to unlock this Pokemon. Dragonite breathes fire and deals heavy damage frequently. Dragonite also has a Shiny form and it gets boosted stats during windy weather. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Dragonite and tips to complete evolution.

Pokemon Go Dragonite Evolution

To unlock Dragonite, you have to catch a Dratini in the wild. The spawn rate for Dratini is low and you can frequently find it during battle days. Here’s how you can complete evolution for Dragonite,

  • Spend 25 candies and evolve Dratini into Dragonair 
  • With 100 candies, you can evolve Dragonair into Dragonite

That’s how you can evolve Dragonite. The evolution is simple and you have to accumulate candies by completing raids.

Is Pokemon Go Dragonite Good?

Pokemon Go Dragonite evolution

Yes, Dragonite is a beast. With excellent stats, Dragonite can be used for gym raids, go battles and PvP battles. Dragonite is strong against many units and it’s also vulnerable to some attacks. Dragonite weakness against Ice-type units can be exploited and it’s also weak against Dragon, Fairy and Rock. The top counters to beat Dragonite are Baxcalibur and Shadow Mamoswine.

What’s the Best Moveset for Pokemon Go Dragonite?

Dragonite has some raging movesets. You can use these skills on priority,

  • Draco Meteor – The Dragon-type charge move is the best skill for Dragonite and it deals more than 150 DPS. Special effects of Draco Meteor will reduce the attacks of targets 
  • Outrage – Another Dragon-type charge move that inflicts massive damage
  • Dragon Tail – This is an ideal skill for Dragonite during PvP raids
  • Hurricane – The Flying-type charge ability deals 100 dps on average and is a powerful skill without any special effects

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Dragonite evolution, skills and counters. With a beast like Dragonite, it’s easy to dominate the boss raid battles in the game 


Can you Beat Boss Raids with Dragonite?

Yes, Dragonite breathes fire and is a monstrous pocket monster in Pokemon Go. It has high stats and top movesets to counter opponents and win raids.

Is Shiny Rotom Available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there’s a shiny version of Pokemon Go Rotom. Trainers can participate in the Sinnoh Tour raids and challenges and unlock Rotom as well. The Sinnoh Tour event can be unlocked through a redemption code.

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