Is Azelf a good Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go raids and PvP battles? Find the best counters and moves for the Psychic Pokemon, Azelf.

Pokemon Go features dozens of units for trainers. Be it raids or PvP battles, trainers have to utilize the strongest Pokemon with high CP to win combat. The new set of events in Pokemon Go are live. Trainers can take part in the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour and add Azelf to their Pokedex. Azelf is a part of the Lake Guardians that also features two legendary Pokemon. Before the next spotlight hour event, you can take part in this live event.

Azelf is a Psychic type Generation IV Pokemon from Lake Valor in the Sinnoh. Trainers can catch a shiny version of Azelf, but chances are very low in the Sinnoh region. Trainers can unlock Azelf from raid battles in the Sinnoh Tour event. Is Azelf good Pokemon Go unit? Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Azelf moveset, playing style, CP and more.

Is Azelf good Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Azelf – Best Build 

Moveset TypeMoves
Fast AttackConfusion 
Fast AttackExtrasensory 
Charged AttackFire Blast
Charged AttackFuture Sight 
Charged AttackSwift 

Azelf is a psychic Pokemon. Azelf is vulnerable to Ghost, Dark and Bug. There’s a shiny version of Azelf. As of now, there’s no evolution form for Azelf. The best stats for Azelf are Attack, CP and Def. Here are the best movesets to unleash the strongest Azelf build in Pokemon Go,

Pokemon Go Battle
  • Confusion – The primary fast move deals psychic damage. The DPS for Azelf will be above 30.
  • Extrasensory – This fast move is boosted by windy weather. It deals with more than 20 DPS.
  • Fire Blast – The fire-type charge move deals more than 130 damage per second and this is the top Azelf moveset.
  • Future Sight – The psychic type charged attacks is another Azelf best moveset in Pokemon Go. Future Sight needs 100 energy and it inflicts 120 damage.
  • Swift – This is a normal charge move of Azelf that deals 60 dps constantly.

Pokemon Go Azelf Weakness, Counters & Strategy

Azelf Weakness Ghost, Dark, Bug
Azelf Strength Fighting, Psychic 

Azelf is weak against Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokemon. You can use Pokemon of these types to defeat the Psychic type. Azelf is immune to Psychic and Fighting and you can avoid using these. A Swing attack is always effective against Azelf. The best Pokemon to beat Azelf in Pokemon Go are,

  • Mega Gengar
  • Houndoom
  • Hoopa Unbound
  • Volcarona
  • Mega Beedrill
  • Darkrai

Is Pokemon Go Azelf Good for PvP Battles?

Azelf excels in heavy attacks. The Psychic Pokemon also gets a huge wind weather boost. Azelf has a high base CP and will be a top-tier counter PvP battle, tier raid and events challenge in Pokemon Go. Azelf doesn’t have high defense and you can use a shield to tackle this.

What is a Pixelmon Azelf?

Pixelmon has been a popular Minecraft mod for players of both Minecraft and Pokemon. Pixelmon mod allows a player to battle against their favorite Pokemon in the world of Minecraft on all biomes. As of now, the Pixelmon Azelf mod is not available to use.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Azelf guide, build, movesets and counters. With the redemption code, you can  unlock Pokemon Go Rotom.

Is there a Shiny Version for Azelf Pokemon Go?

Yes, Pokemon Go trainers can catch the shiny Azelf in the wild. Chances for shiny Azelf will be low during the Sinnoh Tour event. Azelf doesn’t have an evolution form.

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