These 3 Super Counters will Obliterate Cresselia in Pokemon Go

Are you looking for the best Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters? We have 3 best counters that you will need in this raid.

In Pokemon Go, Cresselia, the legendary psychic-type Pokemon, holds a significant role and presents a difficult challenge to raid players. To catch this powerhouse, trainers need to carefully prepare and plan how they will approach the situation. Cresselia was added to the fourth generation of Pokemon and is still known as a strong Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It can only be obtained through raid battles.

Trainers should be very careful around Cresselia because it has powerful moves like Psycho Cut, Confusion, and Futuresight. Trainers must carefully put together teams of Pokemon that are well-suited to the job at hand to counter Cresselia’s strengths and take advantage of its weaknesses. Each Pokemon on the team should be carefully picked based on its skills and how well it works with the other Pokemon on the team and Cresselia.

If trainees know what moves Cresselia can do and use the right counters, they can improve their chances of beating this legendary Pokemon in raid battles. So, to help you out, we have the 3 best Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters.

How to Get Cresselia in Pokemon Go

Currently, Cresselia is available in 5-Star Raids from February 20 to 21 and February 26 to March 1, 2024. You can also participate in Raid Hours on February 20 and 28, 2024, for an increased chance to encounter it.

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Cresselia Moveset in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Cresselia can do a number of fast and powerful moves. We have explained the Cresselia Moveset in the table below:

Cresselia Fast MovesCresselia Charged MovesCresselia Legacy Moves
Confusion (Psychic)Aurora Beam (Ice)Grass Knot (Grass)
Psycho Cut (Psychic)Future Sight (Psychic)
Moonblast (Fairy)

3 Best Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters

Cresselia, the beautiful guardian of dreams, has come back to Pokemon Go and is now available during five-star raids. It may seem calm, but don’t let that give you a false sense of security! Trainers who want to catch this highly sought-after Legendary Pokemon will need a strong team. Prepare to face Cresselia with these top 3 Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters! Get out your Poke Balls and make a plan for your team.

NameType 1Type 2Max CPAttackDefenseStamina
Mega TyranitarRockDark5,000300350450
Shadow WeavileDarkIce5,000300350450
Mega GengarGhostPoison5,000300350450

1. Mega Tyranitar

Rock/Dark giant Mega Tyranitar sits on the throne of Cresselia in Pokemon Go counters. Its resistances to both Psychic and Ghost attacks, which are Cresselia’s main attacks, make it almost impossible to hurt. 

When you add in its powerful Mega-boosted Bite and Brutal Swing moves, you have a recipe for victory. Mega Tyranitar is a magnificent example of brute force; it easily blocks Cresselia’s attacks and then attacks back with deadly power.

2. Shadow Weavile

Shadow Weavile, who is cold and angry, takes a different method. Because it is Dark/Ice, it is twice as resistant to Psychic attacks and doesn’t react to Ghost attacks, making it a strong candidate. 

But its real power comes from its Shadow-boosted Ice Shard and Avalanche moves, which use Cresselia’s weakness to Ice to do very nasty damage. Shadow Weavile is a glass gun that trades bulk for raw damage. However, its quick attacks can change the course of the fight before Cresselia can respond. This is one of the best Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters.

3. Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar, the naughty master of darkness, brings a special mix of strength and usefulness to the battle. Because it is both Ghost and Poison, it is twice as resistant to Psychic attacks and Ghost-type moves. Mega Gengar’s real strength is its powerful Shadow Ball attack, which is even stronger now that it has evolved into a Mega Gengar. 

This attack does a lot of damage and could weaken Cresselia’s defenses. It can also use Focus Blast to protect itself against Steel-type threats that might be able to block its Ghost attacks otherwise. Mega Gengar is well-balanced because it combines attacking power with tactical adaptability. This is the last Pokemon on our list of the 3 best Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters.

Tips for Cresselia Pokemon Go Counters 

  • Type matchups are key: Focus on Dark, Ghost, Bug, and Steel-type Pokemon to exploit Cresselia’s weaknesses.
  • Move efficiency matters: Choose Pokemon with fast attacks that generate energy quickly for frequent charged attacks.
  • Team composition is crucial: Build a balanced team with diverse resistances and attack types to cover potential weaknesses.


Are these the only good Cresselia counters?

No, these are just the top 3! Other strong options include Mega Houndoom, Scizor, Chandelure, and Darkrai. Ultimately, the best team depends on your available Pokemon and their movesets.

What about Shadow versions of the mentioned Pokemon?

Most of the time, shadow forms do more damage but are weaker. There are times when Shadow Tyranitar and Shadow Weavile are even better at fighting than their Mega versions. However, Mega growth can be useful because it gives Pokemon more defenses and better stats. Choose between Shadow and Mega based on how you like to play and the size of the raid.

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