The best movesets for Grotle Pokemon Go in PvP battles include Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Return, and Body Slam. Each move has its own damage and energy output.

Grotle is a grass-type Pokemon that can be found in the Sinnoh region. Grotle in Pokemon Go was introduced around October 2018 as a part of Sinnoh’s main release. It has appeared multiple times in various Sinnoh-related events like the Road to Sinnoh in February 2024. Turtwig Is the unevolved version of Grotle, and upon feeding 100 candies, grotle evolution to Torterra can be achieved. The table below will give you a quick view at the movesets and their type with the damage.

MoveTypeDamage (PvE)Damage (PvP)
Razor LeafGrass1310
Solar BeamGrass180150

You’ll likely encounter a shiny Turtwig during your hunt in the Sinnoh region. A shiny Turtwig isn’t much different than the normal Turtwig, besides the fact that they have more green and are less yellow. It evolves into a shiny Grotle in Pokemon Go, and a shiny Grotle evolution in Pokemon Go results in a shiny Torterra. Here in this Grotle Pokemon Go guide, we’ll walk you through the best Grotle PvP movesets, their stats, and the various Grotle weaknesses.


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Best Grotle Pokemon Go PvP movesets

Grotle Pokemon’s best moves for both PvE and PvP include the Razor leaf, Solar Beam, Return and Body Slam. Let’s have a look at the Grotle Pokemon Go movesets:-

MoveTypeDamage (PvE)Energy (PvE)Damage (PvP)Energy (PvP)
Razor LeafGrass137104
Solar BeamGrass18010015080
Energy BallGrass90509055
Body SlamNormal50336035

Razor leaf: Razor Leaf is a fast move of the grass type. It does 13 damage and expels 7 energy in Gym and Raid battles. Razor Leaf is a GO Battle League character that delivers 10 damage and produces 4 energy.

Solar Beam: In Pokémon GO, Solar Beam is a Charge move of the Grass-type. It requires 100 energy and does 180 damage in raid and gym fights. Solar Beam costs 80 energy and delivers 150 damage in GO Battle League.

Bite: Bite is a fast move of the Dark type. It does 6 damage and expels 4 energy in Gym and Raid battles. Bite in GO Battle League has a 4 damage and 2 energy output. 

Energy Ball: The Energy Ball is a Charge move of the Grass-type. It requires 50 energy and does 90 damage in raid and gym fights. Energy Ball costs 55 energy and delivers 90 damage in GO Battle League.

Body Slam: In Pokémon GO, Body Slam is a Charge move of the Normal type. It consumes 33 energy and does 50 damage in raid and gym fights. Body Slam costs 35 energy and does 60 damage in GO Battle League.

Grotle Pokemon Go Stats

These Grotle attacks in Pokemon Go proved to be very effective in battles against enemies. Now let’s look at some Grotle Pokemon go stats:-

Max CP2137

Grotle Pokemon Go Weaknesses and How to Defeat Grotle?

Grotle is weak to the following types:

  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Bug
  • Ice
  • Poison

Since Grotle is a grass-type Pokemon and therefore it is weak to Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice and Poison-type moves. If you’re in a battle against Grotle in Pokemon Go, you can use Pokemon of the mentioned category to effectively tackle your opponent. However, it’s essential to avoid Grass, electric, water, and ground types of Pokemon since Grotle can easily resist their damage.

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How can I evolve Turtwig into Grotle and then into Torterra?

To evolve Turtwig into Grotle, you need to collect 100 Turtwig candies. Once you have Grotle, you can evolve it into Torterra using the same method.

What are the differences between a shiny Turtwig and a normal Turtwig?

Shiny Turtwig has more green and less yellow compared to its normal counterpart. Similarly, shiny Grotle and shiny Torterra exhibit similar differences upon evolution.

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