Here is the Genshin Impact Stone Slate Puzzle guide for the Bunkoku Enigma quest. Read on to find out how to solve the puzzle.

The Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma is one of the most difficult puzzles in the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. It’s not just about collecting Stone Slates; you’ll confront opponents, solve puzzles, and solve a mirror puzzle along the way. 

Remember that the Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World Quest is only open until March 30. Here is the Genshin Impact Stone Slate Puzzle guide along with all the Bunkoku Enigma information.

stone slate puzzle
Stone slate puzzle (YouTube)
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How to start Bunkoku Enigma

Starting the Three Realms Gateway Offering itself is the first and foremost step. As you complete the first questline, Enkanomiya is yours to explore at your leisure. You’ll find an NPC called Yabe next to a grand stone staircase if you visit the Statue of the Vassals and then go one level higher. You can ask him all about Bunkoku’s Secret Treasure when you speak with him. The Bunkoku Enigma World Quest will appear in your Journal after the conversation ends.

Stone Slate Puzzle guide: Location

talking to yabe

To begin, you must follow the markers to find a secret room and then speak with Yabe again. There are a total of seven Stone Slates to find in Enkanomiya. The one in the south is the easiest to find. To find the Stone Slates, enter the old chamber through the square opening in the ground. 

Go to the northwest location where there is stone slate. There are two of them inside the library, south of the teleport waypoint. Activating the Electro mechanisms opens the entrance, but you need to complete the two Three Realms Gateway Offering challenges first.

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The two challenges are:

  • A parkour task is one of the event challenges: Collect Electro orbs within the allotted time. 
  • You have to hit the barrels before the timer expires on the second challenge. Equip a Bow beforehand to save some time. 

The library will open after lighting the mechanisms with Electro. Located in the same room, there are three Damaged Stone Slates.

Solve the mirror puzzle before going for other Stone Slates

mirror puzzle
Mirror Puzzle (YouTube)

You have to solve a mirror puzzle before you can reach Stone Slate. The steps are as follows:

  • There’s a mechanism that shoots a light beam. Using the Bukosu Box, you can trigger it.
  • Each Hydro mirror passes through the beam, but every Cryo mirror reflects it. 
  • Pyro or Cryo attacks can be used to either freeze or unfreeze the mirrors. Mirrors can also be rotated. In this way, the light beam can be planned.
  • When you manage to hit the floating stones, then you’ve solved the mirror puzzle.

After you align the mirror on the left with the square, change the mirrors in the middle to Hydro to complete the first mirror puzzle. The mirror in the second is still Hydro, but the rest must be Cryo. Turn all to cryo after you gain access to the underground area, and rotate the middle one so the beam of light will travel in the proper direction. 

Puzzles and such are not required for the final location. Simply fly toward the marked location until you reach underground ruins. You can grab 2 stone slates by entering the ruins at that location and checking the square floors. Continue with Bunkoku Enigma after collecting the two stone slates.

Stone Slate Puzzle guide: Arranging the stone slates

Stone Plates puzzle guide to arrange the stone plates
Arranging the Stone Plates (YouTube)

You’ll need to arrange the stone slates once you have them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Move up to the middle left slate
  • Move up from the left bottom slate
  • Move left on the middle bottom slate
  • Move left on the right bottom slate
  • Move down the middle right slate
  • Move right on the middle slate

An entirely new location will open after completing the picture. Locate the ghost there to obtain the final piece. Place it in the mechanism to unlock it. It opens up a hole where you can find enemies you need to defeat. Complete the quest by speaking with Koyanagi and Yabe.

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