Destiny 2’ DLC, The Witch Queen, has been released. Learn everything about this DLC in our guide, as there are a lot of changes in the game.

On February 22, Destiny 2’s much-anticipated expansion, The Witch Queen was released. The new DLC is available for Google Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and on PC. It was released in conjunction with Destiny 2’s Season 16: Season of the Chosen, kicking off the next year of content before Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Since Destiny’s introduction in 2014, at least one significant expansion has been published every year, with the exception of 2021, when The Witch Queen was postponed. Everything you need to know about The Witch Queen DLC can be found in the following guide.

Witch Queen’s Guardians

Along with the new raid, Sunken Pyramid, the Throne World will include three zones and Savathûn’s throne. Witch Queen’s Hive Guardians can wield the Light, just as the Guardians can. They will be the key enemies in the new expansion. Additionally, the Hive Guardians are able to use Super moves and resurrect like players.

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New build, weapons, and difficulty

New weapons
New Weapon in the game (Bungie)

Added to the new update is the Void Subclass, allowing players to customize their builds and rework their subclasses. Glaive, a weapon type that has parts melee and ranged, with the ability to generate a shield, will be added as a new archetype.

Destiny 2’s new weapon crafting system offers players the ability to craft their own weapons using the new weapon archetypes. Additionally, The Witch Queen features a legendary difficulty campaign mode, which buffs enemies and restricts respawns for players seeking a bit more challenge. Make custom weapons using unique combinations of mods, shaders, and advanced stat pools by mastering the new crafting system. Leave nothing to chance when facing a god.

What are the Hive Gods in The Witch Queen

Within the Ascendant Realm, each hive god has his own ‘cyst universe,’ also known as a Throne World. Throne Worlds are the domain of those who have absolute power. It may be possible to gain additional closure towards the theme of Light and Darkness upon entering the domain of Savathûn’s light-wielding guardians.

Power Level

New power level in destiny 2
Destiny 2 new campaign (Bungie)

In conjunction with the Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2’s Power floor has received a fresh update. Bungie intends to make content drops of this scale available immediately to all players. All Guardians will therefore be upgraded to 1350 Power when the new expansion launches. No matter your current Power level, you will start at 1350 Power.

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Void overhaul

Bungie will also revamp the Void-related content in Destiny 2 in addition to the Witch Queen expansion. In the upcoming release, a new coat of paint will be applied to Void, the first of a series of reworkings of all Light subclasses. Afterward, Solar and Arc abilities will be given some attention.

New abilities will be added, certain abilities will be discarded, and others will be altered. 

In Witch Queen, we won’t get any new subclasses as a result of this revamp. Bungie confirmed that Solar and Arc will undergo overhauls, focusing on burning/healing and chaining damage, respectively.

What more is added in Destiny 2’ DLC, The Witch Queen?

Legendary difficulty in the witch queen
The legendary difficulty (Bungie)

Wellspring: Matchmade activity for six players at the heart of the ongoing struggle for the Throne World. It is important to keep the balance.

A Journey of Power: You will find Exotic and Legendary rewards on the road ahead. Savathûn will learn that the strength of a Guardian goes beyond Light alone when the time comes.

Introduction to Free Story: Start your journey into a sprawling mystery, meet the Lucent Hive, and design your very own Glaive.

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